Cheney Hits Trump On 'Big Lie' Of 2020 Election | MSNBC 1

Cheney Hits Trump On ‘Big Lie’ Of 2020 Election | MSNBC


We are more than 100 days into President Biden's administration, and House Republican leadership is focused on Donald Trump. NBC News Capitol Hill Correspondent Garrett Haake, and Politico Playbook Co-Author and White House Reporter, Eugene Daniels join Katy to discuss.
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  1. the last time somebody crossed a cheney, they got shot in the face, and he wound up apologizing to cheney

  2. They never ask Cheney what her views are of any policies that are in debate, they only want to hear about how she opposes trump.

    1. I only want to know why people are still on Trump’s leash sitting and staying and waiting on a…good boy.

  3. They may be more human than the bootlickers. They may be nice, even. But they voted against the stimulus package, don’t forget.

    1. Then there’s trump’s utter inability to deal with the pandemic, and the GOP’s years-long attempt to dismantle the Affordable Care Act without having any alternative to offer.

      Democrats have now won the popular vote in seven of the last eight elections, something no party has done before in U.S. history. This is also their fourth consecutive popular-vote victory; the last time that happened was the party’s run from 1932 through 1948.

      Summary of Executive Branch corruption
      Reps (28 yrs) ………. Dems (25 yrs)
      120 indictments……..3 indictments
      89 convictions………..1 conviction
      34 prison sentences….1 prison sentence

      Republicans are the most criminally corrupt party to hold the office of the presidency.

    1. @Cary Francis Not at all…but they get comfortable collecting their $ for doing nothing!
      We need people who care about the PEOPLE in the country…not YES men who don’t care!

    2. Not saying your wrong, but more effective would be politicians in fear of losing their jobs in fair (non gerrymandered etc) elections.

    3. I’m more worried about the base the KKK are back bigtime..they are the cause Trump is the leader..

  4. I suggest Grain Berry instead of Cocoa puffs however I like the way this lady says that!

  5. ‘ There is ‘ No Honor ‘ in a Cheaters Chair ‘ ! ” Responsibility Matters for All Lives ” !

  6. Thank you, that guy. That one guy that you can hear above the den yelling, “Have some respect!”. Thank you Liz Chenney & Mitt Romney, for having enough respect for our country, AND yourselves, to tell the truth!

    1. John 8:44
      Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    2. @fish lancaster he is speaking to the people who are booing over someone speaking

    3. To be honest about their vision.. It’s peace & love.. however tuff it is,, they put their political career second too Democracy… that’s a god Damm hero…

  7. We need to build high definition cameras that record in detail all the biological phenomenon going on with a politician. We will study the reaction a politician makes to signs which pops up saying: “Are you being blackmailed?”. “Are you being bribed?”. Patterns will emerge indicating yes or no answers to these questions.

    1. Give them the same battery of tests of the CIA and FBI give! The post on the internet! Then let the People be the Judge! A truly informed Voter!

  8. The GQP are going to push the “moderates” a bit too far, I am thinking…and you will see a LOT of them leave the Party.

  9. Romney was invited there to speak. They should at least have the civility and courtesy to hear him speak — whether they agree or not.

    1. Because they are dumb and when you call them dumb they get . Instead of behaving in such a way to prove they aren’t dumb, they get dumber. This is beyond ridiculous! Next level is to get all of them to anger management. Because they will obviously lose the White House again.

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