Cheney Vows To Lead The Fight To Break Trump's Grip On GOP 1

Cheney Vows To Lead The Fight To Break Trump’s Grip On GOP


The Morning Joe panel continues its discussion on the House GOP's vote to remove Rep. Liz Cheney from GOP leadership.

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    1. @Filip dahlberg I don’t understand how, over my 70 years, I’ve seen Congress people, Senators and Presidents driven from office regardless of party for minor things like marital affairs or moral violations but when Trump and his followers actively try to ignore an election and actively attempt to overthrow our government nothing happens?! It’s like there aren’t any moral people left in Washington D.C. willing to stand up for the people….They’ve all afraid of Trump, WHY?

    2. @Paul Taylor why indeed friend, why indeed… i would argue though that much has simply come into the open in this era of information than was known in the past

    3. NOT FINES – these can be paid out of “campaign or lobby money” PRISON 20 YEARS WITHOUT PAROLE, we put our trust in these elected officials when we are lied to the punishment must be severe.

    4. They take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, but that doesn’t stop them.

    1. Lovecraft did say that some of his gods were as mindless as they were destructive, more like natural disasters than divine beings. Trump fits the bill. An unthinking mass of discoloured flesh who inflicts insanity and misery with every inhuman noise it makes.

    2. @Lewis Fraser omfg now I will have nightmares!
      I’m a lifelong Lovecraft fan…..and that was distinctively Lovecraftian

    1. ​@Wolf Plate They are right at least to most republicans. In the end truth does not really matter to them.

    1. @Joe Fernandez Who cares about that? You need to pick subjects that
      are interesting, Jose. You must be a real hoot at your drunken fiestas….

    2. @thom wessels PATRIOTS, democracy vs. Autocracy, unlimited authority, power, or influence of one person in any group. ORIGIN OF AUTOCRACY
      1645–55; Greek autokráteia power over oneself, sole power.

      INTO REAL FACTS via non-fraudulent “BALLOTS” in Arizona, Michigan, Georgia and more STATES are coming.

  1. Elected officials should be under oath in all forums and held accountable for there word’s.

    1. @MrSnicker14 Flag burning is protected speech and I do it to hear “Free Speech Most of the Time-ists” lose their minds.

    2. @jimmyvegas1000 his report was never intended to clear the Orange Man. It’s sole purpose was to demonstrate or not demonstrate Trump’s guilt. Which of those things happened? Did it show he was guilty or nah, fam?

    3. @Hankakah ummm … Okay? Why does everything come back to Trump? Do your arms ever tire from beating that dead horse?

  2. Laws need to change that they hold liars and thieves accountable within Government not just at the ballot box – Accountability should be part of the Constitution and Rule of Law!

    1. But it’s not. If you want accountability, educate yourself and vote for what matters to you in State level politics.

  3. Thanks Mika! I’ve been asking this question for forever. Why is there no mechanism/no checks and balances in place in the US to address the issue of misleading politicians.
    …Btw, not sure why Steele took that so personally. She wasn’t asking what he personally would do, she was asking about processes!

    1. @Matt D That is exactly correct. As I wrote elsewhere here, convincing people not to believe what is in front of them is a hallmark of fascism, a method of obtaining power, not an ideology. Over and over in the red states where I live, pols resort to red meat, this year it’s transgender athletes–they don’t do anything about real issues, and voters keep putting them back in office because of “family values”. Mika should really know better, I detect a whiff of ingenuousness here, inappropriate for the utter danger our nation faces.

    2. Our country was founded in a way that gave only rich white male landowners a vote, and manipulating the poor and uneducated masses was at its core.

    3. hew195050 I’m not saying they aren’t. But he could’ve just said “the constitution hasn’t provided us with other mechanisms” or something along the lines. Instead he said “what do you want me to do?”

    4. Because it has been controlled by a centuries’ old , globally embedded, satanic cabal until now. Exciting times !

  4. We need a new law: any elected official who knowingly lies to the public goes to jail. The only exceptions would be provable matters of national security.

  5. I think it has gotten to a point where the electorate is not necessarily buying into the lies, but voting for people who will further those lies in what is a misguided effort to get their way.

  6. I really find it almost impossible to even believe that anyone continues to follow trump. And even worse there is no consequence to any of their corrupt lies.

  7. It amazes me how a modified golden Bob’s Big Boy Hamburger’s statue sporting a gold spur has so much power! Wow! That’s impressive. Rub its belly and get a free combo.

  8. Mika’s point was a good one. If the recourse is the ballot box and the voting public is flooded with disinformation, the mechanism fails.

  9. Ahead of the vote to oust her, during Cheney’s historic house floor speech she spoke about goodness, decency and truth as the GOP all fled. Just like the devil flees when one mentions Jesus Christ. Just like darkness flees when light enters the room. They even did a ‘voice vote’ that took place behind closed doors where no roll call was recorded. Still waiting on their debate with her regarding the Rule of Law and Constitutional Self Government they seem to keep dodging.

  10. Michael, you say the ballot box is our recourse. Didn’t we just try that? Not good enough my friend. The liars are ignoring the ballot box, or haven’t you noticed.

  11. Vote them out at the ballot box isn’t good enough! We should have laws for this kind of blatant lies during a hearing! We all know that they know they’re lying

  12. In 1987, Reagan got rid of the FCC Fairness Doctrine. If we still had that Doctrine Sinclair broadcasting, Fox, NewsMax, and OANN would not be allowed to do what they are doing and they would have lost their broadcasting licence.

    1. Yes and Reagan was a snitch in Hollywood. Communist California’s was who he was trying to expose but not all were . Never like him or his movies.

  13. Maricopa county sweating… Looks like there’s some funny business going on there ?? This is just the beginning !!!

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