Chevron CEO: ‘Painful’ energy crisis could push Europe into recession

Chevron Chairman and CEO Mike Wirth speaks with CNN anchor Poppy Harlow about Europe's energy "vulnerability" and responds to calls for an export ban on US oil. #CNN #News


  1. The petroleum corporations CEO loves this energy crisis because they are going to have a bigger bonuses .

    1. @David Trindle Made perfect sense to me!!! And do you really think oil companies should go without some profit? They have investors to pay. They are not a charity.

    1. @hwilmore Yep, bro their losses were 76 billion in 2020. And they had tremendous losses in 2014 and 2015. Don’t you think they have to have years where they make money, or why be in business?

    2. @arizjones Coal, oil, and natural gas received $5.9 trillion in explicit and implicit subsidies in 2020 and that’s according to the IMF. Thats sounds like a lot more than 76 billion. If private corporations receive this much money from the government, they should be nationalized.

    3. @hwilmore So which is it 30 billion in subsidies or $5.9 trillion? You can’t seem to get your leftists talking points straight.

  2. If it’s one thing that the energy crisis should teach people is to diversify energy and not rely on 1 or 2 suppliers of energy. The amount of $$$ oil companies have profited during the crisis is ridiculous and record highs with some companies. The industry as a whole is broken in the USA. He lied straight to her face when it comes to cost of gasoline. Gasoline IS set in countries and could be lowered if oil companies didn’t profit as much. Cost per oil barrel is global. To refine it and get it to the pump is not.

    1. @kay armstrong Kay, what are you talking about? I am totally in agreement with you that Biden does not have a solution. In fact i would take it farther than you. I believe this is intentional.

  3. In other words; we are in a global market and we have no patriotic duty to the USA or to advance citizen’s welfare.

  4. 40 yrs in Chevron and what is he worth?
    How about your record PROFITS? Big deal that they lost money during covid, they absolutely made it up now and then some..

  5. CEO: Not how energy markets work…

    Aka it works by making as much profit as possible therefore we can’t set it any lower without it affecting our product line.

  6. Oh, is Chevron going to do something to help out? Of course not! Is Chevron profiting from the situation? Absolutely, like all the other private energy companies!

    1. @kay armstrong Nobody said his admin didn’t. Chevron and other are still profiteering unchecked right here in the US. Don’t you people read?? πŸ˜‰

    2. @Muru Roa They have investors/shareholders to pay. Do you know of any company that doesn’t make a profit??????? It’s not what you think. The oil companies go in cycles and they also lose money. That’s what Corporations are about.

    3. @kay armstrong Lets all shed a tear for the poor poor investors who multiplied by 7 their revenue on our backs over the last 6 months.

  7. I wish that fusion energy and extensive energy storage devices would give these people no manipulative tools to stand on. This man will be dead having lived his life while future generations deal in the aftermath.

  8. There is no energy market, there is a monopoly on supply, and production, it’s not a market. We are at their whim

  9. Y’all remember that time Trump was laughed at for saying this was gonna happen?? Hahahah blahahaha πŸ˜‚ it’s not up for debate. It can’t be changed. Yes Trump was right… again.

  10. It’s good this happened now instead of years from now where the dependence on Russian energy would be a complete stranglehold.

  11. When we want to win, the result is that it is not good, we should find a way to reconcile so that our world can be safe.

  12. πŸ€”Because a corporation is asked to pay taxes that somehow disincentivizes investment? I don’t quite understand how that economically, systematically, or financially works. EVERYBODY has to pay taxes.. and it hasn’t proven to inhibit growth, whether individually or institutionally. so I’m not quite buying his argument that corporate taxes are somehow a disincentivizer for Market investment.. no one’s going to stop buying Chevron stock, which pays dividends btw, because all the sudden their net income is slightly down by .02-.07%.πŸ™„

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