1. Cliff Reeser You get to sit around all day, and get OVERTIME PAY for it. And get to cash out with a $100,000 a year LIFETIME pension. At age 45.

    2. Good pay, benefits, a PENSION, you know how rare pensions are these days? Police union pay legal fees, free perks from local business, no tickets ever i mean it goes on and on. Being a cop is a good job. And Its not THAT difficult to become one.

  1. Mayor: Black. Congressman: Black. Superintendent of Police: Black. President Obama (from Chicago): Black. Will they do something for Black Community? YEP, BUST COPS FOR POPCORN!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    1. but youre 100% right. and just like the bad cops make cops in general look bad, these black leaders can make the black community seem pretty racist

    2. Plus, it was a set up … the president of Chicago’s police union has the communication evidence – that *they were invite to rest/recoup after working a war zone for 72hrs,* bc it had calmed down at the time they were in there, Monday June 1st 1am – 6am. But wud CNN air the police unions comments? No. I wonder why

    1. I understand this is a very serious matter but seeing that made my stomach hurt from laughing so hard lol

  2. If your protesting, you don’t want police men getting in your way. And now you want them in your way. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

  3. It’s official: 2020 is the year that our grate descendants will read about in their history books! This year will never be forgotten.

    1. They heard the message loud and clear: “We don’t want any of you militarized, steroid-addicted thugs around our neighborhoods anymore” and they said “You’re right. We *are* that way. All the departments are now. The Patriot Act mandated it. Your representatives in Congress tried to pass an extension of that law in May to give you *even* *more* mass-surveillance in a nation patrolled by a military police.”

      The Patriot Act extension vote was led by the Democrats from November 2019 onward – it was all their idea – but was joined in by the Republicans. And they said “You want reform? You fools! The representative you voted for are the ones who are keeping it all alive! Only a veto-threat stopped the vote from passing. While you were all getting distracted with yet another impeachment scam – for the 2nd time in 20 years – they were both working together to extend that very law which gave you us, what we are today.”

      Right here *READ* ! How the War on Terror Has Militarized the Police (Atlantic, 2011)
      Minneapolis was called out in it. You were warned.
      They talk about mini-tanks in it. Wanna see what one looks like. Go over to Facebook and check out the cover page of the “Brown Deer Police Department” where they proudly display theirs. That’s a tiny quiet municipality.

      So, they said “You’re right. We *are* that way. You don’t want us. We’ll stay away.” and they did. And this is what happened:

      June 8: “18 murders in 24 hours: Inside the most violent day in 60 years in Chicago”

      This is not about defunding and getting rid of all the police (because that’s what happens when you do). It never was about that. It’s about setting things straight and rolling back all the nonsense that led to this (the military police, the mass-surveillance like this is some kind of *god* *damned* *Communist* *state* ) — all of which the Democrats and Republicans tried to push you even further into. That’s what needs to be done. A lot more (like making full use of the law #18USC242, using Willful Blindness against Qualified Immunity and just getting rid of Qualified Immunity … which is what gets the cops off for free when they abuse their power.)

      There is only one party that has *ever* and *always* made standing up to the abuses of those in power its #1 issue from its very beginning. And it is sure as *hell* not the one who brought you all of this. Until you step away from those traitors – the Democrats and the Republicans – who gave you all this, then you’re part of that crowd, and you’re just as much a party to what they did wrong, as they are.

      And if you, or anyone on *my* *land* – the world who have been on the wrong end of all the abuse by those in power – have to think about whose side to be on, then you ain’t black, and you ain’t any other color or creed that’s been on the receiving end of those who violate your human rights, be they here or in a totalitarian state, like the Communist state I once lived in. The choice is clear: dump them, and come on in and join those who have always made this their #1 issue, no matter where you are or who you are. Because we’re going global #Libertarians

      And maybe, then, you’ll make it to 30. And by the way, we don’t have a senile old or fat white man running; but a woman who comes from a place called Libertyville.

    2. FazzBroGaming 777 The Civil War was more epic and harder fought for. The dues of slavery were paid for with the deaths of over 300million Americans. This is peanuts.

  4. Leftists: “Police go away!”
    Police: “ok i’ll be on the couch”
    I think the police are overfunded and under qualified to protect human lives, but guys, this is some hysteria and the local gov’t trying to pretend as if they have any control on the city whatsoever. Mayor Lightfoot is doing a pretty bad Liam Neeson impression here. How about come up with a plan and then the officers will know what to do… ??

  5. > Politicians & Protesters: “NO COPS! NO COPS! ACAB!”
    > Cops: “Okay, sure”
    > Politicians & Protesters: *surprised Pikachu face”*

    1. Sorry to tell you but the police is a service povided by the state and is officially under the control of civilian authorities, they are called law enforcement for a reason . They are not the law but the enforcers of the law.

    2. @Santiago Katzenstein I’m having trouble understanding the point you’re trying to make, could you expound?

  6. Liberals: Defund the police!

    Also Liberals: How dare the police not show up to provide security during our so-called peaceful protest against them! 😅

    1. Defund the police so the policemen who actually do their jobs get paid and we can get rid of THESE guys.

    2. Really, you don’t see a problem with taking a five hour lounge break in someone elses office- taking their food and getting paid by the city for it? Wow. Do you have employees??…because they must love you.

  7. I’m sure these officers don’t give a Sh— anymore because of you mayor. Good luck finding any who want to work in your city or state anymore

  8. ” An internal investigation has been initiated, and we found there was nothing wrong ” 😂 you know the usual.

    1. I want answers, the real truth and corrective action plans. Aren’t there minority police officers witnessing abuse? These cops must step forward and clean up their community.

    2. I had a bet with myself that some of those cops would lie and say he invited them.

      I guess I owe myself a Million Dollars now! 😏

    3. @mrclueuin
      Yea … it is a good thing the president of Chicago’s police union has the communication evidence – that *they were invite to rest/recoup after working a war zone for 72hrs,* bc it has calmed down at the time they were in there, Monday June 1st 1am – 6am.

    1. __Brewing the Congres smans coffee, eating his popcorn, sleeping on his sofa, he really mad, wanna kick butt!. Lottering N his office 5 hours, Somebody gonn a pay for this!. Sign. Bobby Rush!.😡 06/12/20.Fri.

  9. OH NO: police are stealing popcorn and coffee – call out the National Guard and the Texas Rangers! And to have the unmitigated gall to rest on someone’s couch after days of 12 hour shifts. FIND OUT WHO THESE THIEVES and SLACKERS ARE ASAP!!!

  10. PUG Beetlejuice like school principal: YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂 I need smoke WEED and watch this again high. 😂🤣😂🤣😂

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