Children Make Up 21 Percent Of New Virus Cases, According To Report | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Children Make Up 21 Percent Of New Virus Cases, According To Report | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Doctors Richard Besser and Julie Morita join Morning Joe to discuss children and coronavirus cases. Aired on 04/21/2021.
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Children Make Up 21 Percent Of New Virus Cases, According To Report | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Parents proved they dont want to parent during the pandemic, they wanted the status symbol and whomever will take their kids off their hands for a few hours is appreciated by them. Pay teachers more, they don’t deserve to get crippling health bills because parents won’t pay more for their kids in school…

    1. @E E Well … He could have gotten op for incorrect ellipses spacing and number. Sounds pretty merciful to me.

    2. @Sam Harris Actually have spent way to much time at worldometer. And your little trick of dividing total number of children in US by number of deaths is totally meaningless and less than useless. Obvious that you are just trying to avoid the facts that since schools started reopening and with the new variants the number of infected children are shooting up. And with more infections there will be more deaths among children and vulnerable adults that they spread it to.

    1. By guinea pigs, I assume you mean sending children out into an infected community to go to school. Of course you will protect your children with vaccinations as soon as one is available.

    2. @puddin cup
      Oh pudding cup I don’t understand your Idiocracy … They just stated that covid cases are higher in children now as we’re sending kids back to school and you’re telling me that my homeschooling isn’t worth it you send your kids back to school I’ll be fine with my kids being alive

    3. @reality
      Hey a****** you joined YouTube one month ago you shouldn’t even reply into anything

    1. Lucky you. My state waited until they had all the teachers, child care workers, and grocery store clerks vaccinated, before they started on those over 65. My daughters, both in their 30s, and I have each had the first Pfizer dose. My older daughter wants her two year old vaccinated, he is a magnet for every cold or flu out there, and always gets ear infections when he has a cold.

    2. Pfizer? Excellent choice! : “Pfizer has been a habitual offender, persistently engaging in illegal and corrupt marketing practices, bribing physicians and suppressing adverse trial results.” – PubMed (fully sourced)

  1. Remember when Donnie said children were “almost immune” to covid because they have a “much stronger immune system” and that it wasn’t a problem? Yup.

    1. @Deborah Freedman The point being we haven’t faced a major pathogen since. Nice to see that you’re just going to make a wall of text about stuff that doesn’t matter to the point.

    2. @Gage King In some states, Covid is not under control, mostly because of bad behavior. Every selfish jerk, who refuses to be vaccinated, allows the virus to replicate and mutate. If we have enough dangerous homegrown variants arise, states will start mandating vaccination, just as they did for smallpox over a hundred years ago. And, as the Supreme Court has already decided that states have that right, everyone will be vaccinated.

    3. @Gage King Your response makes no sense. You said few people died, yet more soldiers have died, from this virus, than from the forever wars people are always going on about. You’re clearly never studied epidemiology, when you make a moronic comparison to plague. I suggest you read _Rat, Lice and History_ as it is a good starter for a complete novice like you.

    4. @Deborah Freedman When the virus actually threatens all of America we will love a vaccine. People are not dropping like flies and a vaccine forced without reason is asking for trouble.
      Those selfish jerks have a right to decide what goes in there body. Most of America doesn’t want to care about covid anymore. They still can’t explain how open states have it better than closed ones if we should all be so fearful

    5. They ARE almost immune. The PCR test is not an appropriate diagnostic tool. The inventor explains why in several interviews. The “cases” are false. Last call.

  2. Just as a virus doesn’t care about political affiliation, it doesn’t care about gender, ethnicity or age. It may affect some people more or less than others but that may only be down to factors like genetic predisposition or exposure. A lot of harm was done by Trump & his gang during the first year of the pandemic and it’s making it drag on well into the second.

    Stay safe.

    1. @Sam Harris And, according to the VA, more *veterans* have died from Covid than from both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

  3. Im sure another 20% of new cases are those kids parents, grandparents, and everyone else they associate with.

    1. The teachers have got their shots in NC so they opened schools full force ,only one of my grandchildren are old enough for the shot. The other two are 6 and 11. It’s like, the adults got their shot so who cares about the children. Typical bs!

  4. We’re only starting to learn about the long term affects of being infected by C-19. 21% is a catastrophe and repubs want to get rid of the ACA. SMH

  5. Children were never immune from virus especially with the variants out there and the children who have died. Boost their immune system, make sure they’re eating appropriate nutritional foods and make them take covid-19 test even if you suspect they just have a cold or flu.

    1. Top of the list is better health practices with nutrition, but Fauci and company ignore killing ever so many

    2. “Children are practically immune!” Trump said, and his sycophants echoed.
      Last time I checked, children eventually become adults.

  6. I remember specifically Trump and Melania going on national TV, saying parents must put their children in school….during the height of the pandemic.
    Trump specifically stated that “children were likely immune to getting Covid, and at most, all they will get is the sniffles.” Trump demanded parents put their children in school and threatened to cut all funding to schools if they did not comply to his demands.

  7. That’s why most of us Parents and Grandparents keep saying keep the schools closed! We all knew this would happen!

  8. I recall last year kids were considered safe . IRRESPONSIBLE THINKING! FRIVOLOUS ! And why we won’t be safe for a long time.
    Now parents working have to go back and play parent.
    Being Childfree by Choice , I’m fed up with parents that inflict this on the rest of us. I ride the bus a b d its getm central kids in NO masks.
    People move from here because they don’t want their IQ lowered any more.

  9. You have a large nearly untouched pool of potential hosts for the virus so all it takes is a mutation to take advantage of that group.

  10. Tennessee went back to in person schooling months ago. Business means more to the people running Tennessee than the lives of it’s citizens.

  11. *Dr. Fauci:* Any PCR-positive with a CT over 35 is “just dead nucleotides, PERIOD.” – TWiV # 641
    *ALSO Dr. Fauci:* Let’s keep testing everyone with the PCR-positive cutoff at 40 CT, guaranteeing massive false-positives!

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