Chris Cuomo: Donald Trump got the defense he deserved 1

Chris Cuomo: Donald Trump got the defense he deserved


CNN's Chris Cuomo takes a closer look at former President Trump's legal team's argument on the first day of his second impeachment trial.
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    1. @Chrisgerald Byrd LOL!!! You trumplicans are fed a daily diet of fear until you lose your minds and try to overthrow the government based on a lie. I’m laughing and enjoying every moment of this winning season

  1. Let’s be clear, the only reason we’re going through a 2nd Trump impeachment, is because republicans in the Senate REFUSED to do their jobs in the 1st impeachment trial. If they had had even a modicum of courage, integrity, and the moral fortitude to uphold their oaths, and put the country and the Constitution before their own morally bankrupt party, we wouldn’t be here today.

    1. The logic is Simple.., the math too..
      There is a substantial percentage of Republicans out Here, who still believe in QAnon n MAGA. They were part of the voters who voted for this Republican Senators. If the Senators says ‘Yes’ to this impeachment their political career is Done…
      For these Dump slave Republican Senators, it’s their political career more important than Our Country / it’s construction / the Oath they took. PERIOD…
      Their back bone will bend in front of Trump and his insurgents…

      watch Michael Cohen

      Why he spend 3 years behind bars???

      Trump was/ is a liar..
      The True patriots in the Republican Party Should speak louder for our nation
      Or else the GOP will RIP in another 10 years and that will be Bad for our Country…

  2. He said he would March with them and then ran! And, these maga did all that for a man they would never met! How silly do they look now!

    1. Trump is GUILTY! Organize a march in your town and demand accountability from Donald Trump and his minions and justice for Officer Sickinick! Sign the petition American democracy needs you! Everyone involved or who incited the Jan 6th insurrection should be charged with accessory to murder in Officer Sickinick death.

  3. That deeply sophistic spectacle (45*’s “defense”) is an insult to any person of normal intelligence and intellectual maturity (fair, honest, reasonable, etc) and any real American.

  4. Proud of Cassidy. Look at his body language. He looks like a man preparing to face terrible retribution, but he sounds like a man 100% sure of the ethics of his decision.

  5. Whatever the result of the trial, the verdict is already in for the senators who refuse to hold the seditious Trump responsible for the greatest betrayal of office by any president.

    1. Yeah, Trump was the one who inspired his supporters to go out and attack the Capitol. He wanted the siege to happen along side Republican house members and senators thst are loyal to Trump.

    2. Seems to me the opposite – based on WY, OR, NE, GA etc. the verdict is in for any who cross Trump; ie. they will get censured by their state GOP, who will rile up state Republicans about their traitor senator. And maybe challenged in primaries…. So I’m not sure how you get to any of Trump’s senate supporters getting any real punishment. I wish it were so….

    3. The Republicans will not convict Trump so ORGANIZE A MARCH in your town to let them know Donald Trump is not above the law! Hold him and all the politicians who are documented spouting the same crazy crap as Donald Trump to account! Remove the seditious politicians who signed against the election and constitution to account sign the petition

    4. Hi namur 1990, I bet the conservative party can come back. It won’t take long for people to realize that the policies of the left will be good for no one. It is becoming obvious to most people that they are just using social issues to gain support rather than help the less fortunate.

  6. why 44 Qtrumpublicans voted no? because they are just like him. They are scared of losing their seats.

    1. @kelperdude We were not thinking of China. The US is our country and we got the man we needed for president: Joe Biden.

    2. @kelperdude a) he has to work somewhere and b) he isn’t the POTUS and he isn’t a public official.
      I don’t know why people keep talking about Hunter Biden like he can’t do anything because his father is the President. It’s ridiculous.

  7. The Devil defends himself.
    The Devil response: I’m guity, because I’m who I ‘am..The Devil wearing prada…
    Guilty, as charged. Period.

  8. All because one man’s sick ego wouldn’t allow him to simply accept that he f’ed up 2020 in every way and lost a shot at a 2nd term as a result.

  9. Cuomo’s righteous anger is exactly echoing what tens of millions of real American citizens are feeling today, again, at the unAmerican GQP.

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