1. Of course he attacks, that’s all they’ve got. Whenever anyone brings up and tries to hold them accountable for their misdeeds their answer is whataboutism

    1. @MrEkzotic stop snitching. If you get caught, you don’t tell on other people doing stuff, or you’re a rat! If you do something illegal, that’s the risk you take! Imagine me killing someone and using a defense that cops kill people all of the time and go free…..

    2. His base got that message loud and clear as well. Next time a maga cultist says “what about the BLM and antifa burning down buildings and looting” just say “yeah that was wrong too just like this. Both are wrong. Wouldn’t you agree?” They Can NOT for the life of them bring themselves to even ADMIT the painfully obvious answer.

    1. @BostonBruins 88 He didn’t lose his net worth, it expanded during his term. Secret service had to pay to stay at his hotels whenever they went, he also had foreign government officials pay to stay at mar a lago as well. Rest assured, the man was making money and we were paying for him to play golf

  2. Sadly even if one of the senators would have been harmed or even killed, this would still be the same defense with the same votes…

    1. @Jack Schoon as a vet and lifelong republican who is disgusted with Trump, your statement is also disgusting. Those riots were awful but have absolutely nothing with the impeachment. This is about a president who carried on with the same lie he falls to every time he loses to the point that he radicalized his supporters and attacked the capital as the certification was happening in an attempt to change the elections outcome. If you’re so blinded by your love of a failed president that none of that bothers you then we’re in a very scary place as a country.

    2. @Jonnyboy 2645 as a lifelong libitarian i can say, the impeachment of a president who is out of office and never DIRECTLY incited vilionce is a bad example as it will allow for the further restrictions of the born rights of “life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, speech, and property”

    3. @Jonnyboy 2645 Deflecting is what they do best. And I agree. We are talking about the actions of an American President here….

    4. @Jack Schoon how in the world would it do that? There is precedent for impeachment after office, the sitting speaker was Thomas Jefferson the first time it happened. And I can also tell you I signed up for all of Trumps 15 a day emails in which he carried on with his nonsense about the election and continued to radicalize his supporters talking about anyone who opposed him as enemies of America. He pushed that weird qanon alternate universe where he was somehow both the hero and victim and needed his supporters to make a civil war like effort for him to overthrow an election. My family was home on the 6th because it widely known before then that something was happening that day. If that’s not impeachable in your mind that’s just sad. Just that phone call begging for fake votes is impeachable. And given that there’s precedent for impeachment after office yes he needs to be impeached. Following a law that has that precedent behind it in response to the violence that took place is nit somehow going to infringe on your rights.

  3. “Don’t show the horrifying videos.” Argues the lawyer who argues in defense of the person who incited this horrifying violence.

    1. But shows videos of Dems asking for impeachment years earlier. Wow wow wow. 🤦🏽

    2. @S.G Life, Learning Lessons with S.G because he tried to coerce a foreign government to lie for him. What is wrong with Republican tRump cultists?

    1. The Republican party that was HAPPY to stoke divisions and demonize the other side wants everyone to get along now? I call bullshit.

  4. This is simple. It’s a rendition of the old “if the facts and the evidence are against you, try to distract and sway the jury by pounding on the table and being loudly indignant” defense tactic.

    1. That’s an Orthodox Jewish belief. They do that. I don’t know the exact religious meaning behind it, but that’s what they do.

  5. Due process is reserved for individual when there. are questions of guilt; but, we saw, heard, and knew he was in the throws of the criminal offense- DT DID IT

  6. When the defense team provided the brief that missed spelt “United” States…that showed that he got the 2nd class defense!

  7. This trial needs to be held, if only for one reason – *To have on record, those Senators who dishonor their oath of office.*

  8. “We should wait for a complete investigation.”
    Ummm…that’s what we’re doing now. We’ll hopefully convict the criminals once completed

    1. Exactly, we *know* who incited the riots, the continuing investigation is to try each and every insurrectionist that entered the grounds of the Capitol.

    2. The facts are already known, we have Trump’s tweets, we have his speech on video or tape, including the incriminating phone call to Georgia, trying to disenfranchise the voters of Georgia.

  9. I’d say we see this for what it really is: A chance for partisan politicians seeking to sweep criminal activities under the rug

    1. According to: Article 1 Section 3 & Article 2 Section 4. You can not Impeach, Convict, or Remove an EX-President or FORMER President.

      Trump Patriots: Pelosi wants to CONVICT Trump. You can ONLY CONVICT someone who is PRESENTLY/CURRENTLY in Office!! This tells me Trump is STILL in OFFICE!! Checkmate!! We WIN!!!

      You NEED two-thirds of the SENATE (67 VOTES) to CONVICT Trump…Democrats ONLY have 55 Votes!!! Checkmate!! We WIN AGAIN!!!


    2. You listened to this idiot to the detriment of your common sense. He can be tried or there be a disqualification action. The first time it happened the founders were still alive. It’s Constitutional. Besides it was mcconnell that held it up until Donoccio trumputin was out.

  10. Mitch: I’m not going to reconvene the senate to try the president before the inauguration
    Also Mitch: You cant try the president now he’s left office


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