Raskin reveals heartbreaking, personal story about Capitol riot 1

Raskin reveals heartbreaking, personal story about Capitol riot


During former President Donald Trump's second impeachment trial, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) reflected on the loss of his son and how his family joined him at the Capitol on January 6 to be together during a time of grieving, not knowing they would all be put in danger by the mob riot and insurrection.

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  1. Democracy is the part of life most people take for granted until it’s gone.
    The GOP is dead. It will not find it’s conscience now. It’s been taken over by a cult.

    1. Unlike the forgetful Republican elephants, I remember how they told us all during Obama’s tenure that they and only they have morals, family values, respect for law and order, and love the constitution. Time to live it.

    1. Not really.. Biden wants to destroy the industry my career is built on and make me a felon for a rifle I bought legally.

  2. When my brother died I saw first hand the damage that did to my father that week and how he told me he wanted to be buried with my brother as they laid him in the ground. I can see this mans pain, the pain of a father.

    1. @Elias Salcedo Absolutely appreciate that! When a brother sends his own brother off in a suicide vest, to kill hundreds of civilians, it can be a rough scenario. We all get it. How about not planning to murder civilians in the first place…good start…if you’re not a Democrat drone-pilot, just sayin 🙂

    2. @Rebecca Pelfrey I’m sure you are sorry. Use an unrelated tragedy to make impeachment emotional. You are disgusting.

    1. @Calvin Parish The police Officer that they are honoring didn’t even have any cuts or bruises on him. They only dragged officer sick Nick because the other police officers started firing at the protesters killing one woman.

    2. @You Tube She didn’t die, that was fake lol
      Not a single medic attempted to stop the bleeding or even check the wound, they literally just lay her down and call it while there’s somehow no blood anywhere even though she apparently bled out in seconds
      You can see all this easily in the video footage never mind the stuff like the fake hollywood breakaway glass in the windows they were “trying to break”

    3. @Stannis Baratheon You’ve never seen somebody shot like I have. And in a mob of people they aren’t going to work on her they are going to take her some place. I’ve almost had my leg ripped off and did not have one drop blood.

    4. @You Tube this is never minding all the hand signals the people in the room are giving each other, their obvious body language that they’re waiting for and giving directions, the fact that multiple parties start the scene off as friendly but end up fighting each other, the fact that we can see the instant the bullet fires and the frame of the door so we know a bullet moving out of that pistol wouldn’t have hit Ashli in the neck, etc
      There’s just too much evidence against it for me to believe this without an investigation

  3. This trial needs to be held, if only for one reason – *To have on record, those Senators who dishonor their oath of office.*

    1. @john kempf “Would you chance a secret ballot in hope of conviction.”

      It behooves us to do this publicly for the record, imo

  4. Republicans won’t care. Emotions like this are lost on them. I’ve learned personally how unimpressed by emotion they are form my own experiences. NONE of this matter to them unless it hurts their profits.

    1. @Robert Allred WTF are you talking about? Just dems? FFS, you don’t even call out the ones who STARTED the wars we’re in right now??? Jesus Christ. Your one-sided nonsense is disgusting. You just proved everything I said.

    2. @Max Covfefe We”re not in any wars right now. Oh wait Biden just sent Troops back overseas. Give him a few weeks.

    1. Stop calling people nazis and lying about trump everyday and people won’t be do upset.
      They still won’t tell the sheep this capitol cop wasn’t murdered.

  5. A moving speech. I hope those who participated in the 1.6 activities listen to this and realize the great damage they have done.

    1. Some will listen while most won’t care. Afterall, this is today’s republican party, their ever changing belief system and their devout followers who never question why.

  6. People died that day , there for, everyone there that day should be held accountable. Everyone there that day is guilty of, at least, Unintentional manslaughter. The very least they should be allowed to hope for is five years & five more probation.

    1. I rather see people taking it to these politicians and storming the capital like they did then antifa and BLM burning down hard working americans businesses they spewed hate for 4 yrs I’m surprised it disnt happen sooner to be honest

    2. @Matt Dreyer where is the responsibility of every citizen for the damage of the riots? Why were there riots in the first place? Inequality. Can we trace all forms of inequality to just the capital politicians? No, it is all of us not choosing to be better people, and to call for changes in every level of politics including/starting with our neighborhood community, cities, counties, states, and nation. How is your comment changing a thing if your not researching, using the laws, the processes of voting to do your part. Complaining after the fact won’t change a thing. An insurrection will not change inequality in a community, city, state, or a nation. It will destabilize all the processes in place that can be used to change for the better the issues of inequality.

  7. Thank you Senator Raskin. If only the hearts of the R Senators would open up and listen to this. Please, if you have an R Senator, please contact them now to speak your mind.

    1. Why would I do that for a man that just confessed that a day after burying a child, when he thought the remnants of his family were in danger, he didn’t ask for a vest and a weapon to go get to his family and protect them, he instead cowered behind a desk, leaving them to possibly die as he was escorted away by security.

      When you reward cowards in office, you just get more cowards in office.

    2. @Calvin Parish And when those methods (including a damning video) have proven guilt; and the guilty have been convicted and punished by standards that go beyond conservative, or liberal, or any other political designation; maybe then those resulting and inevitable “felly feels” can find some sort of relief.

    3. @Calvin Parish proven methods, logic??? Then how did Trump ever get into office??? He’s not conservative at all. If conservative means elitist liar, manipulator, tax evasion, incitement to insurrection, denying his friendship with Epstein, and all the other inherently evil the man hides then I want no part of your idea of conservative. Trump lives the pork barrel life style. And everyone that believed him was sold a media lie. That is my opinion, has been my opinion since he became a candidate.

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