Chris Matthews Calls Trump’s Speech ‘Extraordinarily Partisan’ During Crisis | Hardball | MSNBC

On President Trump blaming the Obama Adminsitration for the current tensions with Iran, Chris Matthews says "That's an extraordinarily partisan attack amidst an international crisis right now." Aired on 01/08/20.
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Chris Matthews Calls Trump’s Speech ‘Extraordinarily Partisan’ During Crisis | Hardball | MSNBC


  1. Why is Trump saying it appeared Iran stepped down? I didn’t get that impression at all. And I don’t know how they think they’re any different, they’re Muslims and Pence is Christian but they both want a theocracy.

    1. @Kevin NYC And you keep watching FOX. Every minute kills off another thousand brain cells. You gotta be running low by now? 🤣🤣🤣

    2. Kevin NYC your due diligence to make us safer is to stand right in front of a rocket that’s about to be launched…plz I need a good night’s sleep

    1. @Happy Dee Obama inherited the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and two wars. He never blamed his predecessor or anyone else. Can you find one quote where he blamed anyone in prior administrations for something that went wrong during his administration?

    2. So why is the left mired into blaming trump for everything that moves.
      Trump derangement syndrome or …

    1. @Paul Belardo

    2. @Donald Dorsey And where exactly do you come up with Racist? Did the Media stick that word in your brain? Kind of like Impeachment lol which by the way Is fake

    3. @Gregg Hey Gregg…. You wouldn’t believe all the insane Greggs I’ve met in my life. If there is a “landslide” victory for Trump in 2020, it’ll be the end of a free America and the true beginning of your desired fascist regime. Have you ever read any history of the fall of Rome? Good luck with that love for guns with no bullets left in the looted stores.

  2. If there was only the possibility of stopping the Iran by a treaty!!. oh wait, we had one till the orange PoS trashed it.

    1. @Bumble Blimfield you mean Obama who released his tax returns was bought, who by, who is it you think bought him, over your fuhrer trump who is so afraid to release his finances that he is refusing to release them. Or the same trump who lied about Russia meetings or psyong off strippers . The ssne guy who has cheated on all his wives, bankrupt more times that most. Defrauded a charity organisation and a university scheme… tell me more how trump is so clean and Obama is the one bought🤔🤣 trump-cultist officially the stupidest cult followers on earth

    2. @Jonathan Herbert look man. When you run a freaking nuclear reactor for 6 years, the Uranium decays into PLUTONIUM-244 wich can be used to make nuclear bombs. It only takes to modify these rods into a ball to make a nuclear weapon. Japan doesnt have a bomb but they do have enough plutonium for making 6,000 bombs as a result of running nuclear reactors.

    3. Its ends in Nov.. then what? also wasn’t law, Obama was corrupt he just past a treaty, that would fall apart on its own…so dumb, so Obama. Like Obamacare, now its gone.

    4. @Jonathan Herbert So because they were killed outside of war with Iran it excuses Iranians killing Americans?

  3. I never view when that monster speaks. I wait until the commentary afterwards. I can’t stomach trump

    1. Finally Aware Me, too. I can barely look at his face let alone listen to his voice. I’m at that point with his sycophants, as well.

    2. He made a peace offering. You wouldn’t know that by viewing these comments or this news source, however.

  4. Iran asked yesterday after the attacks that they want the US OUT. since they are not moving out, I expect more of this to come

    1. @AppropriateAdam The last deal was not being followed at all? They vow to launch a bomb when they get it ! Obama was sneaking them 1.5 billion in cash AND got caught. He also gave them 150 billion too! The ignorant left
      is clueless. So you ask where are we now??
      Their economy is crumbling . if they blink we will take out there oil fields AND their nuclear sites immediately! They will fall immediately afterwards. The iranians want to EAt you! get it in your leftist head!

    2. Most Americans heard an offering of peace today. Some people found out that their tax dollars were used to pay for the missiles fired at Americans. These guys heard something else. TDS level 10. Hard to trust media that bashes a President that offers peace after being attacked with missiles.

    3. Treasure Trovel This is the problem with not knowing anything about the country. It is split between the Shia and the Sunni, the Sunnis hate Iran, it was the Shias who were protesting outside the American embassy. Iraq is a country that was carved up by the British and the French who determined the borders. Same goes for Syria. The trouble the western countries have caused in the Middle East has been terrible for the populations of both those countries and Palestinians who have also been pawns in the west’s greed. You cannot help but see why people in the Middle East are so fed up with all interfering of the west. In a strange way having oil has been a bit of a poisoned chalice. The Saudis and the Emirates are the only countries that haven’t had any kind of unrest (that we know of) and we know why, the stranglehold of the Saudi and Emirate families. To be honest I can see a lot of problems for the future of those countries if they don’t allow their people more freedom, especially when the oil begins to run out.

    4. @thiskidkatits Who is telling you our tax dollars paid for those missiles? President Trump never said it, because it is not true, the money was already theirs, it was frozen to get them to sign the deal. We should not trust anyone, the media, congress, police, the President, none of them, all we need from them are the facts, everything they know that is safe to disclose to the public.

  5. I thought the speech sounded alot like Stephen Miller as well.
    He always writes using the most extreme hyperbole, even when it’s unnecessary and descriptive words are subjective and inappropriate.

    1. @Misael Ortiz I didn’t say only the party of the Angry White Male, I said it’s the only way they can win. I really don’t care if you’re black, white or polka dotted…I am not going to vote against my own interests. I am not going to support a party whose rhetoric and policy is discriminatory towards the vast majority of the population (women and non whites). I find it interesting, though that you want to argue about which plantation is better.

    2. @5Fifths there is no plantation on this and that is a fact.I really thought there was for many many years and maybe there was at one point or another but now I have not seen a movement with such tolerance and compassion as well as camaraderie as I have experienced with MAGA. it’s the liberal-left that constantly brings up race or feels like they have to defend me or my people and to be honestno one asked for them to stick up or defend us to be honest that just makes us seem weak and like we can’t help ourselves. The last eight years under Obama and I voted for him twice we’re huge disappointmentand that was extremely skeptical about Trump until he gave my people and many others and opportunity to work again and build up our communities and that right there is something that I have yet to see any politician do left or right. to be honest I think he’s just a good guy who’s misunderstood or just been labeled something he’s not and believe me I know exactly how that feels and settle many others in my position so it resonates well with us.

  6. Regime change in Iran… history has shown us how well that has worked. First the US ousted the (democratic and secular) Prime Minister Mosaddegh in favour of strengthening the rather unpopular Shah’s power. Then the US was surprised by the revolution in 1979 when Khomeini seized power. I believe that if the US hadn’t involved itself with ousting Mosaddegh, we wouldn’t have a theocratic Islamist government in Iran today.

    1. Johan, the Iranians have extremely valid reasons for their hatred of the U.S. I do not think that they would be living under the tyranny of an Islamic theocracy had we simply stayed out of their internal affairs

    2. The coup that brought back the Shah was orchestrated by Big Oil via the CIA. Like all interference by foreign governments it’s about corporate greed.

    3. John you exactly right, but let me tell that khomenie was kept in France with us, cia, and British also, because, shah of Iran was getting, little powerful, that is how America for 450, was operating his forgin polecy , look what us did to anvar Sadat of Egypt, because, Israel and Egypt conflict over sayana dessert, and Golan hight , or, killing of momar Gaddafi of libia , and so on and on and on, now world already got smarter, they don’t believe, in us politics, any more, us over through many other countries, for own spacial interest, by the name to bring democracy to that country, Wich is only there is OIL.

  7. How many of a Trumps people in the Administration, other than those in the Pentagon, have served in the military.

    1. We can rule out Biden’s son… he was kicked out on drug charges and under two criminal investigations and there is at least one treasonous whistle-blower

    2. All swamp creatures. That’s why he doesn’t listen to any of them. Like when pompeo n bolton were pushing for war w iran over the summer. Must be hard to run the country when your getting advice from people who have a separate agenda. Look at todays defense briefing. They had no proof of an imminent threat because there probably wasn’t one. Just trying to get this guy to go to war so they and their defense contractor buddies can get rich. Also, their ds pals could use it to argue for impeachment. The swamp is deep

  8. SNL will have a field day with this…. Trump descending from the heavens Light, to save the world…
    Wow what a stunt….

    1. Baby Balls Barry Ovomit Fear-Mongering Democrats. A ploy to turn voters against President Trump. All your Hen House Squawking, will not keep Trump from the WIN in 2020…

    2. I still don’t understand why the media are surprised by this fact… I am really worried, the media treats this the same way they did in 2016..

    1. Trump better hope to be cremated. Otherwise his corpse is at risk of being posed and used as a prop for pictures.

    2. @Speak_the_ truth so envious of Obama. Smart educated well respected elected state and us senator good husband and father. All things sharpie mcBone spur could never be. Ever.

    1. @Maga 4Eva3
      Oh you mean the evil conservative republicans and their lieing compatriots the alt right theorist who’ve created constant dual lies? Yes.

    2. @Maga 4Eva3
      Sorry pagan. Moloch was a fire god of pagan islanders millenia ago. Why would you even pick up his name in your mouth. Oh that’s so right pagan cave dwellers can’t help themselves. Oh btw…biblicly speaking Molech in the book is a symbolic representation of Satan so…

    3. Why must we solve problems with wars?I know this has been going on since the beginning of time and yet supposedly we’ve evolved? I’m not talking about any country or nation specifically I mean in general we solve or want to solve anything with violence? I’m just a dreamer and pacifist I guess to believe that we still can change violent ways.

    1. Probably didn’t sleep. Big speech too, id be pretty nervous. Glad he’s trying to make peace 🙌🇺🇸

  9. He lying that money was funds that was frozen previously as sanctions on Iran, Obama lifted the sanctions n unfroze the money that was basically theirs anyway🤔

    1. @D You mean a forced piece of land that America uses against the country it’s in?

      There were violent protests and as far as I am concerned. Protesting is an American idealism in nature.

      Btw, if this happened during a Obama presidency, the right would be screaming benghazi again.

  10. I am old enough to remember when the GOP and conservative groups talked on “personal responsibility”, “moving forward”, and “get over it”. Now they blame, and deny

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