President Trump: No Americans, Iraqis Harmed In Iran Missile Attack, New Sanctions Coming | MSNBC

President Donald Trump spoke from the White House Wednesday after Iran fired more than a dozen ballistic missiles at two Iraqi air bases housing U.S. forces in retaliation to the killing of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani. Trump said no Americans or Iraqis were harmed in Iran's attack, and Iran appears to be standing down. The U.S., according to Trump, will impose further economic sanctions on Iran, and that the "United States is ready to embrace peace." Aired on 1/8/20.
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President Trump: No Americans, Iraqis Harmed In Iran Missile Attack, New Sanctions Coming | MSNBC


    1. @Dave Schultz My quote is my own. Yours is not. Try to learn to think for yourself. But thanks for stepping up and making my point….lol.

    2. @Tucker Carlson “After Iran’s escalating terrorism, Trump takes out Soleimani The number one terrorist on the planet.”
      After Trump re-neg’d on our deal and then egged them into it.
      AWAG… America Was Always Great
      “winning biggly”
      Trump’s whole shtick’s billing losses as wins, what makes this different?

    1. TwelveStep He’s the leader of the free world he sounds like his jaw is sore from giving Putin head in Helsinki
      Your addressing the nation yet speaking in gibberish that’s the problem you oaf?😳

    1. @B Phill This statement makes you look like a fool as Obama was known for giving great speeches. He was attacked at the time for being a great speaker only when using a teleprompter. The irony was that W Bush was still President and couldn’t with one and Trump is worse. He screwed up yet another word during this speech. What is he saying at 7:00 and there was at least another as well.

    1. @My Goddess Shasta Thanks Goddess. It wasn’t very challenging. Like the Prez debates will be for the Trumper.

    2. @Dave Schultz 40 hour work week, OSHA, social security (currently getting sucked dry by Republicans)…

  1. The General on the right, appears to be deeply concerned; the one on the left, pretending he’s not here.

    1. David and the progressives want all poor people in the administration like the ignorant Democrat bartender AOC. Is there any more proof of liberalism is a mental disorder?

    2. @PDIDDYSWORLD did you see Pence mouth a few words like he was keeping Trump on track of what they wanted to tell us?

    1. @Dave Schultz – Auh yeah, Big “D” sounds off. You keep hammering that noise home, big “D”….you da man. But you should understand, the Impeachment is Donald’s stain….not yours. There is still time for you to get out and join the real world….you know, live a “normal” life.

    2. @rapunzel eh? “try looking at the monosyllable knuckledraggers at his rallies”
      You mean: your fellow Americans?

    3. @Dave Schultz “Stock markets up in record territory.”
      Thanks to the recovery under the Obama Admin
      Is complete. Trump’s officially impeached.
      “Iran is still licking it’s wounds and burying Terrorists”
      Obama got Osama Bin Laden that Bush, Jr. tried for over a decade to get.
      “The DEMOCRAT have ZERO accomplishments and TRUMP keeps WINNING”
      This must be more of that Trump “truth hyperbole”.

    1. Tracy Stone
      LMFAO STUPID DemonRats he’s drug free !!! Don’t even drink!!

      Not like Nancy Pelosi total alcoholic!!!!LMFAO 😃😄😄

    2. @John Is going to make you mad Your text just proves you belong in his cult. I think your text is just about the ONLY one pro-trump on this page.But the dumber the better he says.You must be at the top of his club.

    3. Trish6704 wait that’s laughable that you say I’m the only pro trump on this post , yet right above your post is a pro trump. That’s what you call irony you moron .

    1. @Dave Schultz “Peace through strength. Because of Trump, there is no war.”
      Yea, we should all thank the draft dodger for not starting, or serving in, a war.

    2. @Tucker Carlson “You did not get the nuclear war you wanted”
      Yer ability to think clearly’s a mess.
      “Trump wins again and wins in November”
      We re-elected Bush, Jr. after we knew we went to Iraq for less than truthful reasons… we’re certainly dumb enough to re-elect this clownshoe.

    1. @bob si dog
      Go read the comments section outside this thread. It’s mostly nuts. Literally people making malicious and negative comments about Donald Trump.

    2. @Dianne Fulton
      All I’m saying is that people can be mistaken in some situations about something being from God. When Democrats and Republicans both claim opposite things about trump and both claim the spirit told them. I didn’t say you specifically. Please calm down.

    3. Pray Unceasingly
      yep, people use a fictional god claim to push their agenda ~ from parents to church leaders to politicians. Manipulators, cons, and controlling abusers all the way down.

    4. @bob si dog
      Unfortunately! Yet I still believe there is a creator and Christ did come from the creator, even is the creator.

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