Chris Matthews: ‘I Felt Violated’ By The Capitol Attack | MSNBC 1

Chris Matthews: ‘I Felt Violated’ By The Capitol Attack | MSNBC


Andrea Mitchell is joined by the creator and anchor of Hardball on MSNBC, Chris Matthews, to preview his new book, "This Country: My Life in Politics and History." As a former capitol police officer, Matthews also shares his initial reactions and analysis of the January 6th attack on the Capitol, which he considers “a cathedral of democracy.”

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Chris Matthews: ‘I Felt Violated’ By The Capitol Attack | MSNBC


  1. This guy is awesome! So brilliant! Just plain speaking and down to earth just plain speaking that truth and those facts. Republicans need to be brainwashed by this guy. And by brainwashed I do mean educated in what truth and facts and reality actually are.

    1. @Digital Tog not all where rioting at the capitol, did you miss the footage of the capitol police letting people in? Something is very fishy here.

    2. No one in this thread has been violated or otherwise..I love how leftist throw out the phrases, insurrection and sedition without any facts or evidence to prove that any of that occurred..
      Yet, a bipartisan investigation of over 200 pgs was already conducted on what happened and found that the only issue was poor security..
      Now the dems want to play the double jeopardy game and control the outcome of a 2nd investigation?

  2. We should all feel violated about an attack on our democracy. Unsurprisingly the perpeTRAITORs won’t

    1. Lol no you cretin.
      Our founding fathers sacrificed everything for a White republic.
      Not so that Shaniqua and Paco felt equal in a multiracial democracy.

    2. @Niech Zyje Polska The rioters and looters were sent in by Trump along with his “secret police” who attacked peaceful protesters. Even when mayors and governors told Trump not to send people in because it would cause problems, Trump called on his supporters to go to those locations and “protect.” Protect from nothing. Just to cause problems.

    3. @J W Wrong. That bipartisan research was only on how to fix security. They specifically said that. There has been no bipartisan commission on what happened during the attack on the Capitol, how, and why because so many Republicans voted against it. Why? Because they don’t want to be investigated for their part in the coup attempt. If you were an American, you would understand why we care that anyone would attack the Capitol and threaten our government officials. Maybe some day you can visit and get an understanding of how important our country and our Constitution, and our Democratic Republic is to us.

    4. @American Artist wrong it was a bipartisan investigation that determined security was at fault..
      But, keep thinking you know different..if it makes you feel better

  3. Yeah, we all felt violated. And we still do as the seditionists haven’t been arrested, are still voting on laws that affect the rest of us, and without consequences, they will surely try it again.

    1. @J Groovy The other point I keep making is the media needs to stop calling it a “riot”
      Riots are people expressing anger in a mindless way.
      This was an attempt at a coup, an insurrection. It was organized and paid for and had specific goals in mind.

  4. I loved Mr. Matthews’ idea to call out all Senators & ask them about their broken down roads & bridges & ask them if the bridges are safe for the school buses to use everyday. Good call.

    1. @Douglas Lowe those aren’t infrastructure but democrats and the media ignore that and pretend it’s not in the bill

    2. @Sean Hovan guess you don’t know, but people able to work helps with infrastructure, and that means child care being available. Green companies and racial organizations also contribute to infrastructure,
      Infrastructure is NOT just roads and bridges.

    3. @Sean Hovan guess you don’t know, but people able to work helps with infrastructure, and that means child care being available. Green companies and racial organizations also contribute to infrastructure,
      Infrastructure is NOT just roads and bridges.

    4. @Sean Hovan Soft infrastructure is all the services which are required to maintain the economic, health, and cultural and social standards of a population, as opposed to the hard infrastructure is the physical infrastructure of roads, bridges etc.

  5. January 6, sedition and insurrection incited by President Trump, period. Prosecute them all, insurrectionist, insurrection supporters and the politicians that incited them.

    1. Meanwhile, your side gets a free pass after burning down entire cityscapes nationwide for 6 months. Lord, the hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds!

    2. @michael dileo blah blah blah protesting IS NOT equivalent to committing INSURRECTION! End of story

    3. @Susan Hewitt So you call burning down buildings, mostly small businesses IN BLACK NEIGHBORHOODS just “protests”???
      I think you need to look up the definition of both the words protests and riots. They are two very distinct and different words. It’s not the end of the story until you come to the conclusion that burning down black cities is NOT a form of protest. I can’t believe you can be serious right now. I mean, come on!!! Read back your comment and truly evaluate what you just said!!!

    1. @valgehiir I mean, he was a public mouthpiece who was helping his brother with a political issue and didnt tell anyone. Getting him out because of that isnt “woke”. Its been happening for decades as it should.

    1. @Borvo
      The only fight I see goings on is the fight over the lies, and disinformation coming out of the democrat & rino Communist party.

  6. It’s all about telling the truth! About time It’s said outloud. We all as decent Americans feel violated.

  7. It’s good to see Chris Mathews back. And most of us felt that way watching the Capitol being violated by the red hats.

    1. Yes and the republicans Refuse to admit that they were striking at the heart of American Democracy making themselves an enemy of Freedom

    1. What you see may be less than what truly happened. It’s more like who or what lead up to the illusion. It was set up, and suckers played into this hand. It could have been much more tragic.

  8. What a smart & intelligent man. Not only does he know history he combines it with what is happening today.

  9. Every American should feel violated over this attack. An attack on the Capital is an attack on democracy.

  10. LBJ said the Civil Rights laws “lost the south’ for a generation — he vastly underestimated hate.

    1. Wait… isn’t LBJ the leftist white knight who said he’ll have them N-ers voting Democrat for the next two hundred years?
      Yep. That was him.

    2. Funny how these “Civil rights” leaders were viewed as “revolutionary”, when the entire corporate media and federal government supported forcing whites to integrate with blacks by force.

  11. I miss Chris and “ it’s Hardball” I watched so often my young daughter learned to do an impression of him.

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