Sen. Murphy: 'When You Live In A Democracy You Have To Trust Voters’ 1

Sen. Murphy: ‘When You Live In A Democracy You Have To Trust Voters’


Andrea Mitchell is joined by Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) who unpacks the future of the filibuster and the For the People Act, responding to fellow Democratic Senator Sinema's argument that abolishing it would lead to wild swings in policy by saying that "when you live in a democracy you have to trust voters. Murphy also addresses the Supreme Court ruling in favor of college athletes in a case tied to education-related benefits, saying “I think this is the beginning of the end of this current model in which adults get rich off of the unpaid labor of college athletes.”

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Sen. Murphy: 'When You Live In A Democracy You Have To Trust Voters’


  1. “Trust the voters”. Republicans think they should be able to choose their voters instead of vice versa.

    1. @Benjamin Webb Me ,my wife,my 2 grandkids, and my 88 yr old mother in law ( who has Heart disease and respiratory disorder)
      Tested positive for the covid.
      Not a single symptom of any kind. Never knew we had it. Never knew when it left.
      You can take the vaccine and shove it

    2. @Chris ONeill Of course;
      > “Some party hack decreed that the people had lost the government’s confidence
      and could only regain it with redoubled effort.
      If that is the case, would it not be be simpler, If the government simply dissolved the people
      And elected another?”
      ― Bertolt Brecht

  2. When you hear a Democrat talk about consistency they are an undercover agent for the Republican party. The consistency she is trying to keep going is the power of Republican party to stop the forward momentum of the American people with jobs and taxes and voting rights. When she does not get reelected in Arizona so ask yourself why and she better look back on this point in time.

  3. I don’t know if America can still be called a democracy when it is not even able to hold to account the people that threatened it.

    1. Mitch would not end the filibuster. You democrats have a very short memory. When Trump was president, republican party controls the house and senate, democrats begged them not to end the filibuster

    2. Mitch would not end the filibuster. You democrats have a very short memory. When Trump was president, republican party controls the house and senate, democrats begged them not to end the filibuster

    3. @MRJTV Mitch will change and do anything if he sees fits. We’ve seen it. And we remember. SCOTUS, anyone?

    4. @Helene Flamand Mitch only followed Harry Reid footstep. Harry Reid of Nevada reduced the number of votes for judicial confirmation during Obama administration and when republicans took over, Mitch Mcconnell extended the Harry Reid number to supreme court confirmation. He didn’t do anything strange. He just followed the paths democrats used before.

    5. @MRJTV That does not explain how Mitch could stall a SCOTUS nomination, creating a precedent he himself will not follow. We won’t forget that.

  4. Sinema: You need to trust the voters.
    Maga cult: The election was stolen! We need to find the secret watermarks! And the bamboo ballots!

    1. @Billithekat this was released last week as a preliminary finding. You won’t find that on msm..

    2. @Pamela Williams sayin’ what? You didn’t say anything. Are you with hunter smoking stuff right now?

    3. @Scientific Methodologist I Swear all Republicans ask the dumbest questions and are the dumbest people on the planet.

  5. Democrats need to get it together. Moderates need to wake up. Their is no middle ground to be had right now. A place for that exists but it is not right here right now.

    1. Thank you! Yes, the Senate is structurally flawed, and undemocratic. It’s baked into the cake. So, this is NOT an even playing field for Democrats. This makes people ask “why do Democrats lose all the time?” With the electoral college, plurality voting, and the bizarre, overpowered Senate…how do you not know?

  6. Free and fair elections would spell the end of white christian dominance in America.

    And the Republican party knows it.

    1. The Democratic party was formed in 1829 to expand slavery, the Republican party was formed in 1856 to abolish it! The players are the exact same as that fight continues today.

  7. It is insanity to pretend we are still two functioning parties. How dare people in Congress accept lies and an attempted coup as normal behavior to accept.

  8. Sinema and Manchin need to find those 10 votes. Put up or shut up. Letting the bill die to save the filibuster is not an option. I don’t want to hear “It’s not our fault if the GQP won’t work with us”. We know they will not work with you. I want to hear their contingency plan, cause we will not shut up. Sinema and Manchin need to understand this is not going away

    1. They just needs to throw out every Republican traitor in the house and senate. We literally don’t have any other option because the they won’t play ball, and sleeper cells like manchin who’s not even a Democrat, blocking everything the dems do.

    2. I’m an Independent voter who supports my Republican Senators. They are doing the job that we elected them to. Democrats only make up 31% of the voters.
      Republicans make up just 25%.
      Yet the Independents make up 41% of the voters.
      Democrats need to realize that they are not running this country. There 31% is not a majority

  9. ”Without reforms, future criminals could exploit the powers of the presidency to even more dangerous ends” – The Boston Globe

  10. How many times do we have to ask the same question…… Republicans need to explain their obstruction to change, and their allegence to undermining the security of the Democractic process.

  11. The House is majority Democratic, and the Senate is tied. Why does it feel as if the republicans are still in charge?

  12. Let the republicans try to defend their objections to Voter Rights. To American’s Faces. Moscow Mitch is the worst.

  13. *U.S. ROYALTY: How much did I loan the people of the United States of America since 1977? I purchased a Country that was not delivered and now I want my money back.*

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