Chris Matthews: The January 6 Insurrection 'Got To My Heart' | MSNBC 1

Chris Matthews: The January 6 Insurrection ‘Got To My Heart’ | MSNBC


Chris Matthews, former Chief of Staff for Tip O'Neill and former President Carter's speechwriter, joins Morning Joe to discuss his brand new memoir 'This Country: My Life in Politics and History' and to share his thoughts on the January 6 insurrection.

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  1. Hey! We Americans who are sickened by the lack of righteous accountability for the Jan 6 insurrection led not Trump have not been silent! I resent that statement. We care enough, do our representatives?

    1. He is. Losing his show probably saved his life. Chris was looking pretty rough towards the end.

  2. I miss Chris Matthew so much regardless what he does in his private life. He is an excellent commentator and reporter. Wish they would put them back on.

    1. He himself admits that he did the wrong thing and owns it. I wish someone had taken him aside and explained the impropriety of his behavior long before it got to that point, but they didn’t and here we are. I get why they fired him, but I do wish that someone had educated him and that we still had him on the air.

  3. Chris needs to be a guest more as his insight comes from years of working in and out of Washington.

    1. No-where near as good as Ray. Ray is something else! Always so calm, concise as she interviews big shots. Never seen anything like her.

  4. Chris Matthews is cool. Start your own Youtube channel Chris. We want you to help, the country needs you.

    1. Yes and the females on his show “hardball” were harassed and threatened for years by him before MSNBC suggested he retire.

    2. Same here. He didn’t back down on anyone and he asked the hard questions and he would call out Trump and his stooges for their corrupt activities.

  5. I believe I’d like to purchase this book as Chris Matthews is the one I remember listening to and believing over the past few decades as he brings out and forth the truth affecting our nation and our world. I admire him!

  6. “WHO DID IT” ? referring to the January 6. WE ALL KNOW THE ANSWER TO THAT: It was THE RIOTER IN CHIEF.

    1. @Elaine Burnett, trump wanted to be President for life, when he wasn’t qualifed to be President for a day!

    1. @Gecko Scout Oh shut up!!!! The Republican party couldn’t stop talking about and investigating, Benghazi, Uranium One, or Clinton’s Emails. You all made those three events your top concerns for many years. Every time the investigations shown nothing wrong happened you investigated them yet again. On January 6th, 2021, our capitol was attacked by a seditious MAGA crowd, empowered by the “BIG LIE” that Trump some how won an election the whole world knows he lost. Police officers were brutally attacked and officer Sicknick died in results of those attacks. Someone on the inside helped those insurrectionists with the location of congressional offices, this needs investigating. This is not being “Hyperbolic”.

    2. @Anita Bruton i didn’t personally make then up… you see unlike the Democratic party we actually have some diversity of thought in our party We’re not all just the same head, Clinton scurried to delete all those emails for a reason don’t you think?

  7. When news was news . . . Chris Matthews . . . a central character in the history of American Broadcast Journalism . . . nice to hear and see you, again.

  8. To quote Calvin Coolidge: “The chief business of the American people is business.”
    That’s why the chief leaders of the American people are business leaders. And America’s (business) leaders have decided that if they need to turn America away from democracy and toward Fascist oligarchy in order to keep their tax cuts, then, by God, America’s (business) leaders are going to turn America into a Fascist oligarchy. The only thing that matters is those tax cuts.

  9. Hey Chris, from Ireland, always loved your take on Hardball. And you’re looking great !

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