Dr. Fauci Reacts To The Release of Thousands Of His Work Emails 1

Dr. Fauci Reacts To The Release of Thousands Of His Work Emails


NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci joins Morning Joe to discuss the release of thousands of his work emails from March and April 2020 via FOIA requests. Dr. Fauci discusses the search for the origins of the coronavirus and what he expects from this summer.

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  1. Most are too young to remember what he did during the AIDS epidemic with the drug AZT. Everyone should watch or re-watch The Dallas Buys Club.

    1. @Duramax Dad he was head of research creating the drugs that prolong people infected with aids.. they worship the ground he walks on.. thanks to his work and studies they have more time to spend with loved ones…

    2. @Duramax Dad sure, I can prove that Fauci saved lives. He invented the treatment for ANCA associated vasculitis- that has definitely saved lives. You realize he’s been a doctor for a VERY long time, right?

  2. He lied to us all. I can’t believe it. Trump was 100% correct. I’m sick to my stomach.

  3. Didn’t everybody bash people that thought that before now he has an open mind?? This worlds crazy

    1. @science works in mysterious ways There is no mention of masks in the study. The author of the original tweet later explained on Twitter in a comment that it was her own paper that made the connection between bacterial pneumonia and masks, that this paper has not been peer reviewed, and ResearchGate took it down from its website. Had you actually READ the 08 study, you’d know the finding is that bacterial pneumonia, preceeded by viral damage to the lungs, was responsible for deaths in the Spanish Flu.

      Fauci makes it very clear in his description of the study that bacterial pneumonia was preceded by the influenza virus: “The weight of evidence we examined from both historical and modern analyses of the 1918 influenza pandemic favors a scenario in which viral damage followed by bacterial pneumonia led to the vast majority of deaths. In essence, the virus landed the first blow while bacteria delivered the knockout punch.”

      I’m not going to spend time debunking the rest of your claims as it’s evident your research extends no further than Facebook memes. If you claim he recommends HCQ to the publics’ detriment, then cite your sources. The entire released document is online; provide us with the time and date or page number of said email.

      It’s no wonder you think science works in “mysterious ways.” You’re too stupid to understand the fundamentals of the scientific method.

    2. @Mike Szabo Since there is currently no way to find out anything, I don’t know what you expect me to do. Do I believe you? Why, when I can find 100’s of differing opinions. Just like you, I believe what I believe. The internet is totally useless now.

    3. @John Appice I’ve yet to see any evidence, just speculation. And you too are a captive of your political beliefs. Why should I listen to you? The internet is dead to information because there is now no longer any way to know what is true. We might as well stick to cat videos.

    4. @Cory Walker i read it. it lays it out plainly and has nothing to do with a tweet. but a cpl things. ‘bacteria knowckout punch’ YEAH exactly. what grew the pneumonia? the masks, thats exactly what this is saying. if they didnt wear the masks, they wouldnt have incubated all that lol. also. people like to use fauxi’s own paper to get it through to people being tricked by profiteers. but this is far from the only paper and far from the only science on mask harm. also. you’re blatantly ignoring what fauxi said over a yr ago in the begginning. he said on the news they dont work correct? course he said this in line with the science on it and tons of dr’s said the exact same thing. and look he said it in an email. they do nothing and just make people feel better.

      and you can read him recomending hcq and his mask flip flops. if fauxi is not a good source for fauxi saying its a cure and he has another med which is a double as cure-prophylactic. he said this to certain people and then told you hcq was bad…when alllllll these other dr’s said it was a cure.
      because if they cure the rona, no profit on the rona.

      and regardless of fauxi…why did you believe him over dr’s who arent profiting tell you masks dont work. why not believe them over someone with a blatant conflict of interest? did you tell people to try and get HCQ? the science proved its a cure. or did you believe a profiteer recomend an ineffective much much more expensive drug HIS OWN COMPANY MAKES! that literally is not news. its a commercial. there was a certain politician who told the country about the dr’s studies on HCQ…..now….who was that guy…who listened to dr’s without a dog in the fight….and told the country.
      go look at dr’s in front of congress BEGGING to let them use this CURE!

      DOH! if we did that silly dr man, we cant unleash experimental genee therapy on the public! NO HCQ FOR U PEASANTS! hcq is for the elites friends and family!

    1. What was the evidence for Pangolin being an intermediary host ?

      Why was it so shoved down our throat ?

    1. @Acer Rome His conflicting remarks before and after lab-leak is indicative of his betrayal of the country he vowed to serve.

    1. @scarcroBF3 and im not doing a pro-trump thing. he won by a landslide but im skeptical of this whole thing. see the great awakening has their reset too. the GCR and wtvr the klaus/gates world economic forum reset is doing apparentyl they already started working out exchange rates on the GCR. again. great awakening. not the great reset. the great reset, reset is basically the stright totalitarian nwo. search “reset, you wont own anything”. meaning we’ll be eternally leasing our toaster. we will pay payments on literally everything. forever. this is the rotchild version. shwab literally wrote how to use the rona to do it. but the rockefeller report out lined this in 2015. klaus schwab said they will chip every person in the world. these are the people creating fake scarcity with thier own companies claiming “cyber-attack”. its just blatantly tranparently them.
      the great awakening however is this promised utopia. now. some ideas sound great. but the new tech? thats ALL OURS! its our stolen tech given back to us so they look like saviors! look up med beds. this is royal reifes and bob becks work with billions put into it. the free energy coming? if theres a single person who falls for that and doesnt know its teslas stolen work……
      theres no aliens doing this and giving it to us. we KNOW we already made this stuff. and we KNOW who took it! but only the alien part of the alien invasion will be fake. im 99% sure theres going to be an invasion. they’ve been making hybrids for 70yrs.
      lastly with the great awakening. if it comes with a matreyah/st germaine to lead the world? run. everyhting out of the great awakening sounds VERY much like a certain groups messiah. they believe their messiah is triggered when humanity reaches a certain conciousness level. the awakening folks think in christ conciousness/5d conciusness. now with christ conciousness they dont mean the person of jesus who died on purpose and god brought him right back. im increasingly concerned the awakening will come with the noahide laws. this makes it literally illegal to believe jesus was real. they will say something like every few thousand years this matreyah/st germaine comes back to save us and this one is the last one.
      run from this. it wont be fun, its going to be a glorious impossible to refuse NWO. but if it doesnt come with that stuff, idk, its way better than the great reset that comes with chips and the experimental gene therapy they are giving out lotteries for people to take it.
      but for real. all this is comin. the exchange rates are discussed right now. the currency itself is a rainbow currency meaning its not backed by one metal like gold, but this will be based on all metals so its extremely difficult to influence. also its block chain. but if this comes with a chip requirement….
      for real tho stay strong. and if this all happens and the noahide laws, even if it means risking and leaving stuff, id try and find people who believe jesus

    2. @Make_Me wait til the truth comes out that trump was right about hydroxychloriquine and ivermectin.

    3. @Bill Derberg
      But our great reset is still going
      So much better than the 4 years preceding it.

  4. Why did he scrap that book deal. we need to find out if anybody at the lab is guilty because you know at the end of the day I funded that gain of function research so we need to take a closer look at that. this man needs to be in jail.

  5. Feb 2020: “The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through material. I do not recommend that you wear a mask.” – Anthony Fauci

    March 2020: “The epidemic will gradually decline and stop on its own without a vaccine.” – Anthony Fauci

  6. Sure has a lot to say about the lab leak. One thing I’ve found to be true is liars talk a lot to convince you they’re being open and honest.

    1. The fact that CCP have to wait a year to allow investigation at the crime scene is indicative of their intent to hide the truth.

  7. Yeah let’s make sure we “keep looking” for the link between animal/human transmission and NOT continue to “keep looking” at the lab leak theory

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