Chuck Todd: Senators 'Discovered Water' Announcing Infrastructure Deal 1

Chuck Todd: Senators ‘Discovered Water’ Announcing Infrastructure Deal


President Joe Biden backs bipartisan infrastructure framework after meeting with senators at the White House. 
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  1. Call me cynical but I count only 5 Republicans. Where you getting the other 5?!? This DOA I guarantee.

  2. “‘Bipartisan’ usually means that a larger than usual deception is being carried out.” George Carlin

    1. @Bill Burgess lmfao their view is childish and divisive. if you can’t see that you likely have a similar IQ.

    2. @BTCZ Btcz LOL, “indecent”… you are all so blind. You have a multi multi multi millionaire in the office who has never had a real job in his life. His son’s dealings alone are so hypocritical, it defies logic. I really hope that some of you are able to recover from being so brain dead from TDS for the past 5 years. It’s like talking to children.

    3. @BTCZ Btcz That’s all you guys can say because his actual policies were stellar. So you have to fall back on your brainwashed “unfit” fairy tale. The current person in the office doesn’t know what year it is. Talk about unfit.

    4. @Bradley Boyer you’re brainwashed. Joe Biden can read, talk and doesn’t whine every time you stick a microphone to his mouth. It’s a relief not having to hear the whiner in chief whining day in and day out 🙂

  3. Holy Mary mother of baby jeebus they think they’ve parted the Atlantic because they might have done something.

    1. Yep, watered down bill that achieves nothing more than feed the major civil construction companies, all of whom are republican donors. The programs to ensure inner city water supplies are safeguarded, that EV’s are practical and that America can compete in the 21st century were all lost.

  4. When they get together and decide on something…. you know we are about to get f’d. SMH

    1. @Bobby Zepeda We’re complaining about the do because they never actually do anything we need. We can watch the world do things that work and we refuse to follow them

    2. @Veganpotter Thevegan Except, they are actually doing exactly that, passing legislation we need, in a bipartisan manner.

    1. @Davian Wht Yes, we just get nearly nothing. Which in turn, results in complacency.
      *Oh…who needs universal healthcare? You (but not that guy) have the incredible ACA

  5. I will believe in this bipartisan “framework” when I see 10 or more GOP votes for it. I’m not holding my breath.

    1. @The Morose Pittbull Had to look that up, obscure much! You nailed it, I’m a Chinese troll, tens of thousands of us in Scottsdale. All the more surprising that there isn’t a decent Chinese restaurant this side of LA.

  6. Yay! All the old white elites came to an agreement on fleecing the American people! I can hardly wait to see my taxes and inflation go up!

  7. McConnell pooping in his pants screaming no no we need to keep the people begging and crying

  8. Yeah, Moscow Mitch knows he needs to destroy everything Biden wants to do to help the US even if it destroys the US in the process or the Trump seditionist party is dead.

  9. This is the bipartisan bs that will keep Democrats futilely negotiating on other bills, Republicans have no intention on compromising.

  10. “Compromise” is the wrong definition. In a democracy it is called “Consensus” . Painstaking as it is unfulfilling as it may seem “no clear winner or loser” but it is the only way we can have real peace and freedom for all. It forces creativity and helps us as a country find new solutions. Something Trump and his cronies are to dumb to understand.

  11. That wasn’t the look I was seeing Todd. I was seeing, “We had to agree or our butts will be out in 2022.” Don’t ever trust that Republicans do anything for the good of the country. Manchin or Senema either.

  12. This is where we’re. Joe does the best he can. Now I hope NY will succeed w/trump. After that things get easier.

  13. What are the actual polices? “Bipartisan” “happy go lucky teamwork friendship hour,” is nice and all, but. What, if anything, are they going to pass?

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