1. When you’re corrupt and act pious. You’re own institution has screwed itself. Tuff ain’t it? Get rid of the 4 other liers too.

  2. A true infidelity would be if a judge refuse to recuse himself from cases in which he or someone close to him had an invested interest in. It is well known that judges are supposed to strive to eliminate even the hint of impropriety in the courtroom.

    1. @David Fromberg It literally isn’t in the Constitution. The 1st Amendment contains the Establishment Clause, which basically says Congress is forbidden from establishing a state religion. Historically this meant prohibiting state sponsored churches, like the Church of England.

  3. The Court has been changing for a long time. When a minority in the Senate can simply refuse to give a nominee a hearing because he/she was appointed by a President they did not like, that is a change. When a party will vet and choose a list of judicial candidates to have ready for potential appointment, prior to having a President to elevate them, that is a change. To have a Justice, with a wife working with and for the Chief Executive to coordinate actions in times of a national crisis, that is a disastrous change.

    Then the Court wails and gnashes teeth when a draft opinion is leaked.

    They filled the swamp, they too have to swim in it.

    1. @Patt Henry Picking a nominee based on physical characteristics rather than their qualifications is idiotic.

  4. Imagine being so disconnected from reality that you go on the news and cry about how your public service job is suddenly under the scrutiny of the public that you serve.

    1. They do this for every case. Its their job to bring forward an argument, and then read it, argue for or against it. This is why there is no such thing as a case brought before them that is done in a day. They argue all sides. This was clearly done to try to give the Democrats a push for what is going to end up being a large loss at mid-terms.

  5. What happens in real life when you lie to an employer to get a job (such as your resume etc…)

    1. What you’re talking about is “consequences.” The Supreme Court has decided they don’t like consequences, and they will just do without. Lol

  6. This guy has been silent/invisible for decades. Suddenly he’s in the spotlight daily? Suddenly he has something to say? Uh huh. Right. Far right. The leak was meant to get out ahead of the story. KGB 101

  7. I realize the abortion question is difficult, but taking away what so many see as a Constitutional right is unprecedented in our history. This is about more than half of the population. Look, if the Supreme Court were trying to take away voting rights based upon race, that should be leaked. Men do not experience pregnancy directly, bodily, intimately. It is beyond rare for a man to die in an act of reproduction, but women have been facing death in childbirth for millions of years. It’s hard to worry about SCOTUS culture when all of that is kept in mind.

    1. Well, people thought it was their right to own slaves at one time. Things got a little heated over that topic for a while.

    2. @Terry fox — The 4th Amendment states:

      “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, ……….., shall not be violated, …..”

      There is of course ongoing argument about the meaning of this amendment, but the Constitutional right of privacy, which is viewed as the basis for the abortion right, is seen as largely arising from the 4th.

    3. “inalienable rights” apply yo everyone including babies. And who thinks that they deserve to live but not others??? When pro abortion say “women” then we should look at that little woman in the womb too…so simple and crystal clear.

    4. @Darryl Edington Because when you limit speech.. it gives the okay to take away more freedoms.

  8. He used “infidelity” twice, a really interesting choice of words. Sounds more and more like Ginny is involved.

  9. Thomas has no right to have a voice in this game when he along with others on the Court created this and exacerbated this to go along with want the Republicans want and Not the people in Our Country. His comments about too bad if People don’t like Our rulings says it all. While his wife was heavily involved with the Mega people he had No business being involved with any rulings at all in the Court he should have recused himself from that process. He did not do that!!! He should have.

  10. The “leak” didn’t change the Supreme Court, the content of the document that was leaked is the game-changer!

  11. I agree – The “leak” didn’t change the Supreme Court, the content of the document that was leaked is the game-changer! they just do Not want to talk about it

  12. Don’t blame the “leak” – it is the content, the judge’s words, that are hurting the court. Lawyers are trained to handle either side of an argument, and how to twist things to their benefit. Thomas is a lawyer, twisting responsibility to the messenger – shooting the messenger. Pathetic immoral behavior.

    1. Not just the conclusion – it was a poorly reasoned argument presented in the brief. It would have brought serious protests whether it was leaked or presented as official opinion.

  13. I would argue that the reputation of the Supreme Court suffered a greater stain when Ginni participated in fomenting the insurrection against the Capitol. More will be detracted from the court when Kavanaugh, Gorsuch and Barrett vote against RvW after calling it ‘precedent on precedent’ and ‘law’ during their confirmation hearings suggesting that it was unchallengeable.

  14. So it appears that Justice Thomas is experiencing some grave difficulties in coming to grips with the consequences.

  15. The cognitive dissonance coupled with the self righteousness this man exhibits is enough to make me goddamn puke.

  16. Clarence Thomas is one of the chief reasons concepts like “trust” and “respect” no longer apply to the Supreme Court of the United States. Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Barrett, and McConnell are 5 other reasons.

  17. Oh, yeah. Everything was going just great with the Supreme Court until this happened. 🙄

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