Clyburn On Jan. 6 Commission, Police Reform, Confederate Monuments 1

Clyburn On Jan. 6 Commission, Police Reform, Confederate Monuments


House Majority Whip Rep. Clyburn (D-SC) discusses Jan. 6th commission committee picks, police reform negotiations, and the removal of Confederate statues from the Capitol.
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    1. We could also celebrate the abolitionists and civil rights leaders that made that voting possible for so many.

  1. Nancy needs to call the GQP bluff and put Liz Cheney on the Jan 6 Committee. See how well the republicans defend their stance against protecting the Capitol police.

    1. The funny part of it all is that none of these people will be charged with anything other than trespassing lol.

    1. @ElderBishopPastorReverendDoctorEvangelistOssie Lee I’m betting trump will not be the only high ranking republican implicated.

  2. Why appoint Chaney, or Mitt Romney , the republicans will add 5 more giving them 7 republicans.. Why trust them, to do the right thing, they are in the GOP, first and foremost ..

    1. @TY2 S. republicans will never do that??? The GOP, is capable of doing anything, nothing is to low or dirty .. That’s okay as long as they follow Trump . he destroys everyone around him..

    2. Pigheaded, lacking insight and the ability to adapt to new circumstances or evidence is by no means a strength!

    3. @donald norlie What I’m saying is that the Republicans will never allow a Democrat to be on their panel.

  3. Republican members voted no too the committee now Republicans are saying the committee in not bipartisan. Give Americans a break!

  4. From the UK
    Without consequences, January 6th was just a dress rehearsal, how do Americans NOT know that?????

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  6. There are only seven GOP Senators who stood for American Democracy…they are the only GOP Senators honorable to serve… McConnell and McCarthy should have no input… America doesn’t need bipartisanship, we need honorable Congress and Senate politicians to protect our democracy

  7. Police Unions and Sheriffs Association shouldn’t have any input in Police Reform, because there failure to do reforms internally have not changed outcomes in policing. Now because of the failures of police and Sheriff’s departments not holding there own to account, means that Congress has make them accountable. So there opinion are not needed, but the only reason they even have a seat at the table is because on the money they give to the politicians. It’s time the people in power understand that it’s time that the American people need to be granted there seat at the table and remove law enforcements power over them.

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  9. I have had people shot dead right outside my door on the curb on the gutter, we need to be tough on crime too

  10. Nancy Pelosi should hire a Special Prosecutor to assist with the investigation so that the GQP are forced to comply with subpoenas and testify “truthfully”. At this point the entire GQP are knowingly guilty of obstruction of justice as well as aiding and abetting those within their own party who instigated, planned, conducted tours and currently attempting to re-write the facts of the violent insurrection. Trump is continuing to spread the Big Lie and incite violence simply because none of those currently sitting in the House and the Senate have faced absolutely NO consequences.

  11. Dumplicans are not interested in being bipartisan, their only interested in obstructing, then whineing they are excluded. Disgusting.

  12. The thing is the American swastika. It is a symbol of the enemies of American equality and democracy.

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