CNN anchor presses EPA chief on water testing after toxic train derailment

CNN's Jason Carroll speaks with residents in East Palestine, Ohio, who have concerns about the air and water quality after a train carrying hazardous chemicals derailed on February 3rd. The, CNN's Erica Hill speaks with EPA administrator Michael Regan about the local and federal response. #CNN #News


  1. Until the governor drinks water from a faucet in that city on multiple cameras, no cuts, on IG live until then I won’t believe it’s safe

    1. Our borders are not secure
      Our air space is not secure
      Our transportation system is not secure.
      Under the Biden regime, Americans are not secure.

  2. No matter who’s controlling the executive branch, don’t trust anyone when it comes to this type of situation. The reflex action is to minimize and mislead.

    1. @dave diamond You mean the COVD virus we’re now founding out wasn’t killing as many people as thought?? Or the COVD that created 9 new Billionares while the world was shut down?? Or the COVD that got people censored for calling out Big Pharma for vaccines not stopping the spread of the virus?? You mean the COVD that if ANY POLITICIAN running for office even mentions COVD mandates would lose in a landslide?? Ooooh you mean that COVD. #sheep

    2. @Kit Ingalla rail companies donated 7 million dollars to the RNC which lead to the repeal of an Obama administration law to replace civil war era breaks with electronic breaking on hazardous material.

    3. @dave diamond where is the secretary of trans at? Maybe if the toxic spill happened in ukraine it would get more coverage and money. Why do you guys always bring up trump and im not a supporter an independent. dems hypocrites and rep. Are ignorant.

    1. The answer is simple but no one wants to head it. “All of you Americans are the problem. And you’re all disposable.”

  3. Hang in there. Hold their feet to the fire on this. Some of these answers were obtuse and evasive. Doing an “investigation” is not the same as specific testing. I’m learning there is a lot of fracking in the region. That could be a big factor in this story. Speaks to a lack of care and concern about their environmental issues. So what if a horrifically toxic flume is headed toward the Gulf of Mexico – so long as we can make our money. I’ll ask again – where does that Governor’s funding come from?

    1. It’s called gas lighting, The guy did not specifically answer any of her questions. The spokesman was feeding out generic information I could read in a pamphlet.

    2. I’m really getting tired of it. Badda boom badda bing. Not worth a row of beans in a world that is more and more in need of concrete answers.

  4. Hey CNN, interview ANYONE from Norfolk Southern, company reps are conspicuously absent from any news conferences & TV interviews about this event. Weird.

  5. Typical politician doesn’t actually answer any questions. I also give this CNN reporter props for asking actual no low ball questions for the most part.

    1. You’d think they’d talk to Pete Buttigieg. A thousand train derailments in one calendar year. But hey, good job CNN 🙄

    2. @Mr Pickles  So are you giving Pete credit for reducing detailments? For the last 30 years there has been an average over 1000/year, with only 12 so far in 2023 js your point is moot.

  6. Smells like a cover-up. Why can’t he answer a simple question as to when the results of the water testing will be available.
    Also, buttigeg has done a terrible job as transportation secretary.

  7. More accurate title: “CNN Anchor Sorta Presses Back Against EPA Chief But He Gives Her Non-Answers And The Runaround To No Avail”

  8. when train companies actually add medical facilities on a train and even afford trained professionals to actually test all tributaries and water lines running through and add on a better brake system on the trains, nothing will change. It would be good that corporate social responsibility America supports small towns, as much as small towns support corporate purchasing power.

  9. Epa says they need more testing yet they already told people it was safe to go home lol. Honesty and government are like oil and water

  10. You FINALLY run a story over this, but in a way that makes it look like you originally covered it… but you didn’t. Better late than never I guess.

  11. 8:50 so he spent the first part of the interview saying it’s safe and then says he can’t send his people into harms way?!?!

    1. 😂😂😂 That’s how this works. It’s safe for YOU and your family. But for them it’s “harms way” 😂 Madness….

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