1. Loose lips sink ships and I am saddened to hear an Intel slapping his lips. I know the world wants to know but page 2 paragraph 2, need to know.

    1. Money to the very brave little Ukraine! Give Ukraine your money, immediately! Why are you writing nonsense here? Just transfer your savings to Ukraine right now!

  2. That’s not the flag of the Belarus opposition, it’s the flag of the rightful government of Belarus which is currently in exile.

    1. @Ronza S6 If you are going to post links to your channel your videos need to have English subtitles otherwis nobody can follow the recipe . It looks tasty though

    2. Provocation indeed, LOL! Provocation is allowing Russia to build up forces on your border; so they can invade Ukraine.

    3. @hymns4ever That border and others have been heavily fortified after the initial invasion. Anything coming from that direction can expect a very stiff resistance

  3. The US and UK are supposedly training Ukrainian pilots but refuse to send them planes. Haven’t we learned that fighting with one hand tied behind the back as we did in Vietnam does not work? I echo what people say, aid to Ukraine is NOT charity, it is an investment in continuing democracy and freedom. Let’s go already!

    1. So this is my thought on what is going on we are wearing down the Russian so the don’t pos a threat ever again if we just went all in pushed them back across the boarder they could simply attack from their land with rockets if we returned fire they could use their laws to launch nukes

    2. What democracy and freedom? Are you lunatic? They prosecute political parties and religion, prohibit language, jail journalists and politicians, grab people off the street to throw them to the frontline.

  4. Belarus should have stayed out of this conflict, because this is going to bring a lot of trouble for the Country…

  5. Belarus being such a nice host to the aggressor Russia, gives their complaints about that flag a foul stench of hypocrisy.

  6. This time last year russia did 3 things. 1 rows and rows of trucks. 2 rows and rows of helicopters. 3 field hospitals.

    1. God bless the Mexicans crossing US “borders” in millions, god bless Russians crossing Ukraine’s “borders”

    2. @1glassMilk Ukraine became independent of the Russian Empire/Soviet Union on 1 December 1991. Ukraine seceded legally from the Soviet Union, per the 1977 Constitution of the Soviet union, “Article 72. Each Union Republic shall retain the right freely to secede from the USSR.” Ukraine was recognized by the United Nations the following day as an independent country.

    3. @1glassMilk The people who have occupied Ukraine for the longest consecutive period were the Greeks. Look it up. Russia has no claim on Ukraine.

  7. No matter what Russia would lose. even if they conquered all of Ukraine you cannot keep people under your control forever that don’t want to be part of your country. history repeats itself over and over and over again.

  8. “See what CNN reporter noticed at key border in (blessed) Ukraine” and “Convince It Forward” with Slava BOHU

  9. ‘A provocation’, yeah… that would be using your territory as a staging ground for the invasion of your neighbour and launching missiles on their cities. If the only response is a flag on a borderpost, your lucky.

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