1. “I am afraid that there is a certain class of race problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well because as long as the disease holds out, they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.”
    – Booker T. Washington

    1. ATTN: don’t click on any links… they are identity theft phishing attempts by sodomy loving communists

    2. @Mary Last HAHAHAHA your account was made this year…. I don’t except a reply…. ps. don’t jump…(I’m an animal, not a monster)

    1. @Glocks and the Good Book A lot of people died from it so no one gives a f*** if it barely made you sick. Its disrespectful to the dead. & this is coming from someone who agrees with you that you need to just live life & not worry too much about covid to the point of losing your life but still this point needed to be said. You are not the only human in the world, your reaction to covid is not that important

    2. @Frank Marano it’s not our job to look out for other people’s health, I won’t let my heart strings be played to with that disrespectful to the dead bulsh, I didn’t know those people and our lives shouldn’t be put on hold ie our jobs, masks, limited capacity to look out for others. And MSM puts their little death ticker up and crams it down our throats everyday so I’m allowed to do the same thing and voice how dangerous I think this virus is, sorry if it hurt your feelings….


    2. She plans to fly over it on her way to help Guatemala, then plans to go on vacation to Australia so she doesn’t have to fly over it again on her way back to America

    3. u guys should really take this more serious. U act like we won’t ever lose a war or battle. You could wake up one day, glance at a new map and notice the USA no longer in text. If that day were to ever come, good luck getting it back, same for your beloved freedoms

  2. Youtube needs to get rid of this dislike/like button. It is making it harder for the media to lie.

    1. Lefties be like CNN is God everything CNN says becomes fact.. they could make their brainwashed zombies believe the earth is flat then we’d have riots in the street about it lol.. its truly amazing how blind ppl are.

    2. @thatflyguy Yes all good options. Because of Alphabet (Google) monopoly power over the Internet some good people created Panquake and with coding help from great American patriot Bill Binney. Check them out.

  3. ..” and my take on it is… i have to use us tax dollars to buy and ship my books to them”
    lining her pockets so quick in the game, damn that was quick

    1. @Gabriel Stephen same with trump nobody wanted him now they kneel to him period and if your not seeing all the good things that are happening promises have been being met then there something wrong wit ya by the sounds of your Comment your problem not even an American if that’s the case I’d say stuck with your political issues webhave our own to deal with

    2. @Gabriel Stephen I don’t care who you’re talkin about. Using the last one as our gauge that is simply

    3. @edwin nieves Seeing all the good things happening? Where? All I see on CNN is racist are around every corner, riots all over the country still. Murder rates and violent crimes are way up in democrat areas. Biden just extended the Afghanistan war for over 4 months. Trump had full withdrawal by May 1st, it wasn’t Biden’s decision to end the war. The deal was reached to get us out last year by Trump.

    4. @edwin nieves Using taxes to fund unnecessary golfing trips? Welcome to most Presidents, including Obama who was spotted doing this constantly, yet I don’t see you bringing him up. And during the start of the lockdowns back last year, he was spotted still out golfing in public regardless even though people were supposed to limit non-essential travel and activities. And that money he used to go on that golf trip was probably out of his *taxpayer paid* salary he saved up over the years, plus the Secret Service that travels with him (they travel with every past President) are also paid by current taxpayer dollars as well. So yea, if you’re going to call out Trump for that, you should call out Obama as well. Yet, you phrase it like this is some special transgression that is unique to Trump. They all waste our taxpayer dollars and go on unnecessary personal trips at our expense.

    1. @Floyd Fluffnstuf The fact that his policies now are allocating funds on the bias of skin color, is enough for people to se how racist he and his admin are..

    1. Shes also living to spend your money to buy her own book and give it to illegal immigrants…. so they can learn English and be indoctrinated with racisim, all at the same time.

    2. @Matt Russillo Trump is irrelevant now. We have a new administration, they are the only ones guiding the future of our nation. The message that I’m trying to get through to so-called progressives is that the behavior of this new administration should not be justified simply because they have a (D) in front of their name. I’ll give you that we have a mess to deal with right now, but Biden ran and campaigned BECAUSE he said he could fix this. If he fails to do so he’s just as in the wrong as Trump.

    1. @Larry Capija I believe in science, I just don’t care. I don’t care about you. Population decline is a wonderful thing. For all your talk of science, you conveniently ignore the science of resource drain and the economics of your own panic. Did you plan on answering any of my questions directed towards you or were they too hard?

  4. Flashback to her screaming about shutting down all the facilities pre-election. Now they have reopened facilities that were shut down.

    1. @victor armand I bet I can find your name on Twitches petition to have the words Virgin/incel/simp censored.

  5. “Pride Goeth before the Fall” ! Words to live by from
    goodness, intelligence & mercy. Amen? Amen!!

  6. The problem with politicians now, is the learn to talk like this, they learn to “act” sympathetic, empathetic, but they truly really don’t care. They just want to fill their agenda in being a “top” politician.

    1. @Christopher Jones Are you crazy? he said he wasn’t going to pack the courts, cut energy jobs or try to make DC a state.. he lies lies lies and dumbos like you actually believe him? HAhaHAhaHA

  7. She’s so gangster, she was smoking weed in college while listening to Tupac and Snoop at least 3-4 years before they even dropped an album. Gangster shizznit right there.

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