Fareed on Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause: The damage has been done 1

Fareed on Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause: The damage has been done


CNN's Fareed Zakaria discusses the CDC and FDA's recommendation to pause and then quickly resume the use of the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine, which has been linked to 15 cases of a rare blood clotting condition.


  1. All anyone with eyes and/or ears needs to do is to look or hear the devastation now going on in India

    1. @the Best 6 days ago — More than 109 million people have received one dose, and over 17 … vaccine drive in many states with second doses being deferred.

    2. @Sparkof Divinity You meant only 17 million are completely vaccinated right?
      It’s still miniscule compared to it’s population.

    3. “All anyone with eyes and/or ears needs to do is to look or hear the devastation now going on in India” Well, that eliminates the all-to-vocal, brain-dead anti-vax brigade.

  2. I feel like it’s a damned if you, damned if you don’t situation with J&J. If they don’t address it, everyone will accuse them of turning a blinds eye to safety concerns just to get ppl vaccinated. If they take precautions they’re ruining vaccine safety reputation. At the end of the day I’m happy they are taking the necessary steps.

    1. @Indy and Jazmin
      Yeah I get censored alot, you know from the serpents wiping out freedom of speech

    2. @Twixxie Snitz
      I truly feel sorry for people like you.
      It’s funny how you bring your religious dogma into the conversation and then turn around and try to put it on me, bet you’ve probably been doing the same to countless others who were unfortunate enough to have crossed your path in the past as well, lol. What I truly find amazing is that you and your blabber sound almost identical to what those poor brainwashed JWs are trained/forced to spew all across the globe. Now please try and think about that, ‘you sound just like those poor weak minded brainwashed cultists.’

      How unfathomably sad, smh.

    3. That’s right all you fools line up for the JJ shot. More than 6 dead and doesn’t matter to anyone just one death is important

  3. Personally I don’t blame politicians for how they feel didn’t want anything bad happening on their watch because they already know that trust in them is already being shaken they don’t want to make it worse


  4. Funny, we apparently had 6 cases over here tpo, prompting a pause. Numbers are such difficult, slippery things.

    1. @Richie Rich because our state has been open for months. And we don’t have a mask mandate. Our unemployment rate is at 4.6 percent. And we are no longer excepting any more vaccines. Because nobody else here wants one. In order for america to have a 1 percent death rate. 3,400,000 people have to be dead. How many have died so far? I guess math wasn’t one of your strong points. There is 340,000,000 million people in america. Fyi.

    2. @Richie Rich I know, and if 1900 more people with covid die that would be a 50 percent increase. Made up numbers but the same point. You can mulipulate the numbers any way you want. Less than 600,000 out of 340,000,000 have died. That’s the real numbers.

    3. @Richie Rich I had pointed out early on another post the stats on how many polio patients there are.. (sorry dont have the numbers right now) that went HIGh. And why? Because people got vaccinated as soon as they could…. no one politicized that vaccine. They couldnt get their shots fast enough.
      Same with small pox. And that has since been eradicated

  5. I thought the pause of J&J was mostly due to fear of certain treatment that could worsen the situation of blood clots. and they needed time to inform all the drs not to use that treatment if they come across a blood clot patient who had take J&J.

    1. @Philip Abeyta Literally no one I know that has received the vaccine has any side effects. I keep seeing the same opinions voiced all over social media so I know I’m not alone.. Yet 3 out of the 10 people I know that had Covid almost died. Your experience is not typical.

    2. @Jacqueline RimmerI’ve had Covid as did everyone in my family. I guess we were amongst the 99% who survived.

    3. I don’t think they need any time to tell doctors anything. They stopped usage of the vaccine in a single day with a single announcement. If it were a simple education issue then they would have just told the doctors what they needed to know.

  6. The Good are seldom rewarded, and that is not their goal to begin with, the Good is done because it is uplifting

  7. I can not hear much, it is very hard to hear your voice. Johnson and Johnson re-opened on April 24. I don’t know when was this video. I just made an appointment Johnson and Johnson, because I am over 50 years old..J&J was dangerous for young people, that CDC said. Because people got Blood clots , between age 18 to 48.I should be fine, because I am over 50 years old.

  8. Thank you!!! This logic has been lost on most ppl. I pray your words are heard by politicians, pundits, policy makers and the people.

    1. Totally agree. But I am not having my hopes up high for your prayer. Perhaps better education in school would help

    1. @Gghjk Ghj The risk of blood clots is much higher from covid 19 than it is from any of the vacs. Take what ever vac you can get your hands on the fastest

    2. @Gghjk Ghj and you choose wisely too. All the vac are 100% effective from death or hospitalization due to covid . Choose truth over conspiracy every time!

    1. My wife was an epidemiology nurse for 15 years. She said to me, “If I have a choice why would I choose the J & J?”

  9. i got the Jand J shot about a week ago and it kicked my butt bad for about 2 days – still glad i got it though – my aunt whos 60 got it and felt fine weird how it affects people

    1. @Gghjk Ghj ya heard that too – good luck if you get the 2nd – if it makes you feel better my dad was in the same boat but said the 2nd was actually easier

    2. @Farthing J&J shot. There is no second shot. But I’m sure you must have known that right? Or are you just not sure?

    3. @SlowPaddle nah i got j and j , dad got phizer – and lol that gives me an idea i think i may get a 2nd j and j to see what happens lol

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