Joe Manchin: I'm not a 'roadblock' to Biden's agenda 1

Joe Manchin: I’m not a ‘roadblock’ to Biden’s agenda


Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) tells CNN's Dana Bash that he is not a "roadblock" for President Biden's legislative agenda, even as he uses his unique voting power in the Senate to push against some aspects of Biden's massive infrastructure proposal.



    1. Joe sh**bag Manchin is the most civilized hard Right Republican that ever served the DONORS in congress.

    2. @Joe Skins He wasn’t talking about where the food comes from? Food will still come from where food is grown no matter who the president is.. Now if your talking Socialist subsidies Wanting free money To grow food Then trump is your man.. But now were back to you can’t please everybody…

  2. Oh right. The poor IRS. They can’t go after the poor. Because they don’t go after the rich because the rich have the money to fight the government

    1. That’s Exactly what it is and also the same for the judicial system, I mean ffs people are still asking y chauvin can be allowed under house arrest while he appeals incase he gets it overturned and hell have waisted 2 years WOW, how often does the average person get home to wait money talks

    2. The IRS can’t go after the rich, that’s the problem. The IRS is underfunded, understaffed, and lacking the teeth it should have. There is some truth to his claim, though he isn’t exactly advocating for strengthening it.

    1. Joe Manchin is a Republican in everything but name. He is a wolf in sheeps clothing, I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.

    2. @Deborah Freedman I have seen his voting record and he has sided with the Republicans more than he should. Look at what the Republicans did with two Obama terms they stopped everything that they could, they didn’t want to cooperate even if it was in the best interests of the people in their own states, they just wanted to stop Obama from getting anything passed. If you think that attitude has changed with Republicans, it hasn’t, since Trump, it has gotten even worse. Most of them won’t even state that Biden won the election and here is good old boy Manchin voting with Republicans, thinking he can work with them. They don’t want to work with Democrats, they want to stop them, period. Manchin looks like a fool for thinking he can get them on side. Look how old turtle Mitch McConnell threatened Democrats if they got rid of the the filibuster. Republicans don’t change.

    1. @George Onyango He’s Center Left, and disagrees with some of Joes policies. He is Dem in every other field.

    2. Joe sh**bag Manchin is the most civilized hard Right Republican that ever served the donors in congress.

    1. Joe sh**bag Manchin is the most civilized hard Right Republican that ever served the DONORS in congress.

    2. @KayOS Code If the cities where primarily red, and at their height as you say, then I would guess, that schools have been in disrepair for years, the lead poisoning has been rampant in Detroit, for example, for years and the division of rich and poor have increased horrifically. Are you saying that since then, the democrats are at fault because they aren’t prosperous anymore..

    3. @joyce roberts I didnt say all red counties were prosperous, just that all economic potential comes from red counties. As a result of its success, it inevitably turns blue and the glory days fade. I also didnt say texas was already as economically prosperous as cali, just that its getting there. Its 2/3 of calis gdp

    4. @joyce roberts no, im not saying they’re rich because theyre red, im saying they turn blue because demographic and lifestyle shifts that occur between prosperity and their humble beginnings. All im doing is countering your claim that democrats bring prosperity because its not the case

  3. Here is a novel suggestion, lets have the two parties work together on a singular goal, you know kinda like it’s supposed to be.

    1. @Name Name no you are brain one has gone fascist but antifa.the right has not moved remember we dont like a lot of radical change. Dems have gone full throttle with a 1200hp nos spray to the left. So when yall want to work together pull a u turn we will be right here as always.

    2. @metalmauler Chill out there McCarthy.
      First of all, hanging onto a mythical past of perceived greatness is one of the first tenants of fascism.
      Second tenant is extreme nationalism
      Third is outgrouping based on vague generalizations whether it be racial, ethnic, religious or political.
      Fourth is aversion to modernity
      Fifth anti-intelectualism
      I can go on but I think you can tell by now where this is going.
      If you are actually interested in what makes a fascist a fascist instead of using it as a vacant slur you can check out Umberto Eco’s Ur Fascism
      Fingers crossed that you might see the err of your ways but I won’t hold my breath

  4. The fact that he said “who would have thought that” when speaking about hate crime legislation tells me everything I need to know about him.

    1. @Lost One Shutting down flights didn’t stop the virus. You only like it because you ARE xenophobic. Trump failed utterly to control the virus. But you don’t care about that because you love Trump more than America itself

    2. @Andrew JenkinsonIt’s not racist when you say Asian Flu but it’s racist if Trump says Chinese Virus?

      The commonly accepted theory is that the virus came from a virology lab in Wuhan that has been doing research on bat strains of coronavirus. CNN won’t report this because Trump suggested it came from a lab. You should try to inform yourself better instead of making assumptions.

    3. You sir need to be voted out next year or better NOW. You have always taken the republicans side shame on you.

    4. So yelling fire in a crowded theater – causing trampling death is OK too? Moral? Ethical? Saying things that can cause deaths should be suspect! By the way yelling fire in a crowded theater IS illegal, even if no one dies.

    5. @Andrew Jenkinson Please excuse our not so enlightened (intelligence) citizen Lost One. We have a deep desire to continue our country’s and our people’s friendship. Please continue to post your views as they are important to us – Me.

    1. Isn’t it sad. The stupid doesn’t know they are stupid. That’s why you can NOT debate or argue with idiots, you will NEVER win.

  5. Manchin I support my donors! And I talk softly cause I think it makes me look thoughtful… UGH

    1. Exactly! She could have asked him what he finds so funny and absurd about people making a livable wage or why he is headlining events one of the biggest union busting orgs in the country.

  6. God it drives me crazy to watch them wave their hands around while they tell us anything that makes our lives better isn’t important.

  7. “I’m not a roadblock to Biden’s agenda.”
    ‘So you are going to support his initiatives?’
    “I will not.”

    1. @R S – yea, his plan to try to give people infrastructure and family paid leave is diabolical

      Edit: realized you may have meant Manchin. Apologies if so.

  8. No matter what this guy should be primaried along with Sinema. He’s looking out for his businesses and family members first — of course there’s the donors.

    1. PLEASE PLEASE primary Manchin and beat him. Then he can run in the general election as a Republican…and win by 25 points. Mitch will welcome the additional GOP senator. But good thinking on your part to primary Manchin.

    2. In his state, unfortunately he’s the closest we’ll get to a democrat. We need to replace Republican senators in other states. Such as Florida.

    3. he is a effin “dino”mole thinks an actslike a tru republican always lookin aftr his donors abig piece a trash in a suit

    4. @Laura Weaver Jon Tester also represents a red state but he isn’t afraid to support his party.

  9. He like being the center of everything and being the face for anything to get passed. You can’t tell me lobbies are not breaking down his door to get stuff passed and his pockets are getting heavy.

  10. Yep Manchin. Not ONE Repub voted for the latest stimulus bill. They are not going to vote for any bill, Biden thinks is good.

  11. “Can’t we just fix what’s broken?” Translated to “can’t we put another bandaid on it and kick it down the road?”

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