Drone images of mass cremations as India battles Covid-19 1

Drone images of mass cremations as India battles Covid-19


With a rising death toll in a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, authorities in India have been forced to hold mass cremations at makeshift sites. The country has seen more than 16 million confirmed cases since the pandemic began.


  1. I am heartbroken watching this video.. I lost my father January 6th to Covid.. My heart goes out to all of India and to the many other’s going through this terrible time.. Prayer’s for all of the people who are going through losing loved one’s

    1. @Vivek Choudhary but Modi spread the corona this time.. everyone knows first wave it was china 2nd wave it was Modi and his saffron armys like u

    1. @Indian Scammer (1:04) At this low pile height, corpses would not burn completely in the middle. The heat would be too little.
      I am German and know how to clear away corpses.

    2. @Indian Scammer LOL… you have more than enough money from Microsoft tech support and IRS scams to buy oxygen from other nations XD

      Thank You, Come again!

    1. @BBQ BEER FREEDOM well that’s what happens when you listen to orange trump. Anything he says is fake news.

    2. @James Smith ya and who’s gona pay for the highways, sewage and all the public stuff like library? you will pay? its all tax that helps

    1. @QuincyBear Its because Jesus loves conservative states and FL and TX lead the way. Hes letting the rest of you progressives die off. 🙂 Wrath of God N all.

    2. @B Prathe Its a figure of speech, just letting them know that I sympathize with them. I have a buddy whose Indian and has family there.

    3. @Chris Dykstra I’m in texas and everyone I know from Texas never denied Covid. There are thousands of physicians in Texas that don’t deny covid so don’t overgeneralize the population without actually being there. Sure the governor is trash but that does not mean everyone here is.

  2. I can’t imagine the nightmares taking place in India. It is especially painful to hear the impact this retched virus is having on children. My heart goes out to all of the families and first responders.

    1. @QuincyBear You still haven’t answered any of my questions. You refuse sources, because you know there aren’t any to give that are verifiable. You are a troll.

    2. @QuincyBear I would love to see your sources on Bill Gate experimenting on people… How exactly is a software engineer authorized to practice medical experiments on people?

    3. @kaseydeshner It was really easy to figure out who you are. You use your actual first and last name as your username for everything. That’s not smart to do, dude. You’re 32 years old, you should know a little better. Once I found your FB, I used your info there on peoplelooker.com. For free, I can see your address, phone number, relatives, social media links, assets, and any crimes committed, etc. So how is the military life?

    1. @Hugh G Rection Huh, you must remember the beginning of the pandemic wrong, because if I remember correctly, Trump imposed a travel ban to China and Sleepy and all of the other libtards called him Xenophobic… Also, Fauci came out in an interview and said Trump did everything Fauci recommended to stop the spread of the virus, but It’s easy to “forget” facts when the don’t fit you’re narrative, isn’t it?

  3. this is absolutley horrific. not only do the people in this city have to cope with the deaths of their loved ones. but they have to constantly be reminded of it with the smell and the smoke of their cremations. im crying right now, this is so sad

    1. @RockYou so mr.extra intelligent can u explain to me whats going in India? Did they hire thousands of people to stage all that drama?

    2. @The Banas Chronicles If you believe The Flu and Cold are a new virus then you are a clown, or a crook working side by side with our crook leaders who lied us into forever wars and have been fucking over and pulling strings in post colonial developing countries like India for centuries.

    3. @Umair Munir I would first suggest you actually learn about India divorced from any framing by our corporate news, then you go learn about how much money US spends on “defense” and their past false flag campaigns and lying narratives. That will answer all your questions.

  4. This is truly heartbreaking, prayers and thoughts to the people of India during this dark times. India Strong!!!

    1. This is a normal thing over there. India, the country of over a billion people. Cnn just twisting the truth to fit a narrative they want to perpetuate.

    2. @Nun ya Of course – people die every day. Years ago I heard stories of the Ganges River being log jammed with corpses.

    3. @paul sawczyc Who are you, that you are so great not to care? Are you the universe, then? Compassion and empathy are both good things – you would do well to have more both.

  5. I’m so sorry to the ones in the world suffering and passing, I love you and my condolences to you and yours

  6. My heart goes to the families of the victims, RIP for people who lost their lives to this horrible disease.

  7. I want to send my condolences to the citizens of India who had people they loved, pass away from this deadly virus.

  8. I am muslim but no matter for religion we are all human and i always pray for india that allah save people in india

  9. My heart falls to our Indian brothers and sisters. So sad for the of family members. I hope we through this faster. .

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