1. @Republicans are terrorists. Change my mind. You better start caring or brushing up on your Chinese. The Pentagon voiced concerns about that today.

    2. @Dickmond Dickelheimer That’s not what he said. You’re spinning the context for your own political motives. Stick to the facts.

    3. @Harry Farber Still not what happened. When she asked that question, she would only accept her own spin. Pathetic.

    4. @L. Diaz Yep. It’s political spin to fit the radical right narrative. This is what they mean by kangaroo court.

  1. In fact, we’re currently living through the deadliest avian flu outbreak in history.
    “Once one bird gets the flu, they all get taken out in short order,” Michael Swanson, a Wells Fargo economist, said on TODAY Thursday. He noted that the bird flu has reduced the overall supply of laying hens by 5% percent, year over year. Last year, the flu claimed the lives of more than 53 million birds

    1. Actually, the foundation first bought a stake in Pfizer back in 2002 It’s not surprising that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation also owns shares of BioNTech.

    2. The Gates Foundation first bought a position in BioNTech in September 2019, well before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. It invested $55 million in the biotech, with the potential for total funding to reach $100 million. The foundation’s goal with this investment was to work with BioNTech to develop vaccines and immunotherapies for preventing HIV and tuberculosis (TB) infection.

    3. CureVac
      BioNTech wasn’t the first German biotech to attract the attention of the Gates Foundation. In 2015, the foundation committed to investing $52 million in CureVac (CVAC 0.73%). In addition, the Gates Foundation agreed to provide separate funding for several projects to develop vaccines based on CureVac’s messenger RNA (mRNA) platform

    4. The Gates Foundation was one of the lead investors in Vir Biotechnology (VIR -0.30%) at the biotech’s launch in late 2016 and early 2017.

  2. I’m not eating eggs……I eat oatmeal. And I’m pretty sure that the people who must be in the limelight in DC, can’t understand that the average American is twice as intelligent as they are.

    1. I am one of the lucky ones.
      I live in Montana
      My friends have chickens.
      I help clean the pens in exchange for eggs.
      eggs are a great source of protein.
      But as you- many do not like eating them by themselves.
      Hard to bake treats without eggs however, so they do come in handy.

      Could not live without my cake and cookies.

  3. I thought Nancy Mace was supposed to be one of the more “normal” ones. And there she is whining about the FBI and Twitter conspiracy.

    1. @Rose Romans I can sit and discuss facts with you all day and effortlessly embarrass you in the process. Your problem is twofold, you don’t have the courage to actually discuss it nor do you even understand what a fact is. I advise you not to bother trying to defend yourself, you have no chance.

  4. The egg industry has a been a disaster created by HUGE corporate producers since the 1980s. They drove smaller farmers into bankruptcy . Let’s put the blame where it belongs.

    1. When you place thousands of chickens in close proximity and then a chick develops Avian Flu- guess what that flu is going to spread like wildfire. And that’s what has happened.

    2. @Sarcasticron I live in Kentucky. I looked at our local numbers. We had 5 counties with confirmed cases but no crisis.We are talking 1 case per county. I talk to farmers. I listen to their podcasts and news. Yes they have an entire thing for just farmers. I also know people in Kansas, Florida, Illinois and Wisconsin. We have Pilgrims Pride a few miles from me and they have had no issues with any avian flu. They are a global company and produce 38 mil chickens every week. I cant speak on their locations outside the U.S.or other parts of the U.S. but here in Kentucky they are doing fine. The only real issue everyone is talking about is how commercial feed has drastically reduced egg production in laying hens so they been going with local feed or going organic and have seen a major uptick in production. So the MSM is claiming all these chickens are dying from the flu and is why we don’t have as many eggs but these farmers are saying that’s not true its the feed.If you look at the CDC chart it shows that the outbreaks ar generally 1 or 2. The most you see is in North dakota where they had 80 outbreaks in one farm but most is very small numbers. Its not a crisis like the MSM is claiming. Plus they removed the data from 2014 and 2015 from the CDC website because that was worse than this one is. In fact youd be hard pressed to find any article from 2014 about the H5N1 outbreak in the U.S. because they are censoring it.

    3. Okay, let’s put the blame where it belongs: non-vegans creating the demand. Humans have no business – nor nutritional need – for consuming the ovulatory secretions of birds. The industry is as cruel and evil as it gets. My breakfast is oatmeal with flax and pumpkin seeds, walnuts, raisins and blueberries – what humans were designed to eat, and I’ll never need a cardiologist or oncologist. Please go vegan.

  5. The problem with this is, there will be people who only see the republicans contribution to the hearing and not the other side. I think there is an assumption that the GOP voter is ‘reasoning’ their way to the ballot box.

  6. These Republican lead hearings should be done at one of Matt Gaetz’s party houses, this looks more like a game of Truth or Dare for Frat Boys then Tax Payer funded Investigation!

  7. “Everyday we must partake in their rituals, salute the flag and worship their idols.” …. is she talking about the left or her own base?

    1. @Mary Knight … My point is that these are attributes of her far-right base — not the left. Their false idol is the Orange Orangutan. (I can only guess that she is talking about the relationship of the environment as Mother Earth. I think she’s misrepresenting honor and respect for idol worship. Just guessing, hard to get into the mindset of such idiocracy.)

    2. @Mary Knight for the record, from a strategic position. Trump’s campaigns were infamous for accussing Democrats for things he and GOP were guilty of doing. This seems like more of the same rhetoric.

    3. @Mitchell Melkin That fat squat golden statue of the Orangey guy certainly looks like a golden idol to me! That’s comedy gold Jerry… That’s Gold!

  8. When you think Trump is the stupidest guy then came Marjorie,  Boebert,  Gosar etc,  still you think they can’t go lower than that came George Santos to brighten and embellished the resume of Republican Party.

  9. “What is old, is new again.”
    It is the House Un-American Activities Committee all over again.
    And how amusing it is, that it, too, is lead by a McCarthy.

  10. “And I went to the Westin Hotel in Charlotte, and walked into the auditorium, or this giant ballroom. Ginni Thomas, the wife of Clarence Thomas, walked by me. Frank Gaffney, you know, the kind of foreign policy hawk who inspired Donald Trump’s Muslim ban brushed shoulders and sat sat nearby. And I was surrounded by basically the vast right-wing conspiracy, about 300 people settling into their chairs to hear Nikki Haley speak at noon.
    They hold these meetings three times a year, in secrecy. The location of the meeting is not told to anyone who isn’t a member of the group. The membership rolls aren’t provided outside of the membership’s inner circle. And these are closed door meetings, press is not allowed”

  11. “In that case,” said Napoleon, “let us wait twenty minutes; when the enemy is making a false movement we must take good care not to interrupt him.” This is leading to a Democratic House majority in 2024. Sadly, The Senate seems to have a stronger push for Republicans, but hopefully not. History often proves that the house or senate flip is very rare for both to go on one side or another.

  12. I have to say, these hearings and the highlighting of Chrissy Teigan’s tweet have been some of my absolute favorites!!! I literally cannot get enough of that tweet being quoted in Congress

  13. This GOP committee is the equivalent of a five-year-old putting mommy on trial, and saying Misses Mommy , did you or did you not, Shadow ban me from having cookies, the mommy says I don’t recall, the five-year-old says the answer is yes Mommy you refused to give me cookies oh, I want my cookies

  14. “It is my understanding that The White House asked for the tweet to be taken down.” Was she asked to provide evidence of this? NO, the Congressman got the answer he wanted and left it at that. Both sides need to provide proof on these things otherwise, what’s the point? And no, the hearing did not “backfire.”

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