CNN investigation uncovers tailing of Alexey Navalny prior to poisoning 1

CNN investigation uncovers tailing of Alexey Navalny prior to poisoning


CNN joins an investigation by the group Bellingcat that has pieced together how the Russian Security Service followed Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny and his team throughout a trip to Siberia just prior to his poisoning in August 2020. CNN's Clarissa Ward reports.
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    1. @Wserthmar I already told you, as of writing Navalny has yet to Murder anyone yet. If your point is that both are Russian nationalist, point taken. Nevalny is also a nationalist, like I said HES RUSSIAN. Europe and the west have obvious issues with Russian nationalism, but my personal moral issue is that THE PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA VLADIMIR PUTIN MURDERS HIS POLITICAL OPPONENTS. THATS WORSE THAN ANYTHING. You can’t tell a person “ok so he’s murdered a few guys, but I don’t think that disqualifies him as a lead…”

    2. I would advice against trying to engage with anonymous trolls in this thread. “He believes Crimea belongs to Russia” is a year-long smear campaign that is derived from Navalny avoiding direct replies for not to be incarcerated as a “separatist”, as claiming that Crimea, or Kurlis might not part of Russia is punishable by years in prison.
      As for his supposed antisemitism and homophobia, well, perhaps him having a Jewish head of campaign Leonid Volkov is not convincing enough, but him being openly, directly, supported by a variety of Russian ethnicities, and people of LGBT+ spectrum definitely shows otherwise. 
      It’s putin who supports homophobia and signs the homophobic laws, it’s putin who pushes white supremacy, cracks antisemitic jokes and signs the laws against Russian ethnic minorities.

  1. I am grateful for Navalny surviving the assassination attempt and for brave journalists helping solve the murder attempt on Navalny. Putin and his helpers need to be prosecuted ASAP

    1. @Александр Воронков sorry for my ignorant countryman sir. She’s a liberal and unfortunately are abundant in numbers here yet not abundant in intelligence. My country has no quarrels with Russia. China is our enemy.

    1. @Allison Denelsbeck lol!!! I’m not a dr who guy so I had to look it up but COOOOL!!!! I’m the 11th doctor. NEAT.

    1. Navalny is being pushed to the Russian president’s seat. He believes Crimea belongs to Russia and not to Ukraine. He’s a false liberal, he’s still an imperialist and will not be any better.

      Navalny will be a new dictator. Russian society loves dictators only

  2. It’s just scary that he can get away with all of this. Other countries need to do more to hold them to account..

    1. Because they have nukes, Allied to China and they hold veto power at the UN. We give a blank check to Israel and in turn Russia and China covers for Iran, North Korea and others. Just imagine if trump got re-elected how dark the world would become. He would’ve declared martial law on a false pretext then centralize power to become a dictator too.

    2. @Dmitrijs Savvins We’re gonna learn some juicy stuff after trump leaves, Especially if Republicans lose the senate too.

    3. Don’t expect United States to hold them accountable. We have a Russia and China sympathizer who is about to take office. Maybe in 2024, though.

    1. blacksmoke3113, I’m not a bot, I hate Trump, he’s a Putin’s puppet yet that doesn’t mean Navalny isn’t

      Navalny says here “Crimea isn’t just a sandwich, it’s a big island, so we probably shouldn’t give it back”

    2. Navalny never said that it belongs to Russia. He only stated that it’s a complicated problem and if you follow all the international rules it will take years to resolve. You can’t just hand over people and territory to someone.

    3. @Wserthmar most Russians believe that, perhaps they have a point, historically speaking. The way Putin did it wasn’t right, highly illegal actually, but even he had his reasons some of them credible…. but that doesn’t give him the right to poison his enemies as well as innocent bystanders.

    4. @blacksmoke3113 no, he does actually said so. If I remember correctly, when he was asked if he would give Crimea back to Ukraine, he answered – “it’s not a sandwich, you can’t just give it back”

      I do not support Putin, and from Russia myself though

  3. It’s wild how many they’ve poisoned. Last year I read From Russia, With Blood- it goes into quite a lot of detail of several poisonings.

    1. The dude is perhaps more scared now than she and the camera operator could have ever been, as after he’s exposed he might be well… disposed

  4. But seriously did she expect the FSB agent to give her an on camera interview? That would be suicide for himself.

    1. All you can expect in such case is to see the reaction on his face when you ask the question, that could be worth a hundred of interviews.

    1. @Shiva Namagiri A rigged election may look that way, But really Russians have never known real freedom. It’s the same with China, They’ve always had strongmen (dictators/autocrats) and have been so conditioned not to stand up against tyranny.

  5. I am glad he is alive. Personally, I wouldn’t go back to Russia! I think his gift of life is of greater benefit to himself, his family, and for the rest of the world willing to listen. Not to many people have been effective from the grave.

    The CNN reporter was brave! I can only imagine what leaving Russia was like after knocking on that man’s door.

    1. We have to overtake the Putin’s bloody regime here in Russia by ourselves. Nevertheless the support of the whole democratic World is helpfull too, dear Liza.

    2. I have friends in Russia. They are scared of Putin. The USA is back on January 20th. We will do everything to protect our Democracy so we can help the citizens of Russia. I so wish we had a President like Ronald Reagan these past 4 years.

  6. Американцы за дверью: это вы отравили Навального? Жизнь и спец. академия к такому не готовили

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