CNN report finds cause that contributed to summer flight delays

New CNN reporting shows that while President Biden's administration criticized airlines for flight delays and cancellations last summer, an understaffed FAA facility was also a large contributing factor. CNN's Pete Muntean reports.
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  1. Air traffic controllers need a huge raise. Can you imagine how much stress that would be! Thousands of lives are depending on them every day.

  2. I believe this reporting as I was working a flight that stopped in MIA to continue on to MSY. Well we got canceled and we were told that controllers at Jacksonville we on a strike. I had issues for the next 3 days at work due to those cancelations that just dominoed.

    1. what else would you cattle do but watch that screen. oh, yea, you also keep a screen in your hands at all times too.

  3. Did Thanos snap his fingers & disappeared half of all air traffic controllers? It’s the same problem with teachers, healthcare workers… *_you’re not paying them._* Record profits for CEOs though.

  4. CNN returning to its true professional beginnings. Anderson Cooper and Chris Wallace pieces have been interesting, informative and provided food for thought, a welcome departure from the last ten years of hard driving partisan reporting.

  5. Why can’t Ai replace air traffic controllers or assist them with their operations to reduce workload ?

  6. Back in the day, air traffic controllers had one if the highest suicide rate of
    all jobs. It’s not unreasonable to understand the shortage. Especially coming out of a national health shut down.

  7. Simple. Equity has been the standard rather than merit and the stressed out boomers they relied on to keep things functional with that have had enough and finally retired.

  8. The United Nations should hold elections in Donbas to see what percentage of people here support Russia, what percentage support Ukraine. Then divide the land to 2 factions according to the results


    By making it the strategy, to take on the role of ‘Safeguard’ for many nations after the WW, and into the Cold war, many nations grew dependent on the USA militarily.

    It’s very unfair from Trump to make a point about that, it was an American plan to prevent nations from creating Nuclear Weapons.
    How would the world have looked today, if the USA didn’t have that 2/3 generations worth of time, to prevent massive strategic armament..!

    It makes Trump a very irrational man.

  10. Planned economy, also known as command economy or command economy, is an economy in which the government makes all decisions about production and distribution. It is a system of pre planning production, resource allocation, and product consumption. In the planned economy, the government owns a considerable part of the means of production (land and capital), as well as most industrial enterprises, and guides their production and operation!

  11. we seem to have the inalienable right to have what we want when we want to spend it. oh, and an unending blame game to cover our choices.

  12. So maybe it’s best to avoid the busiest weekends to take a vacation. Obviously with her. Conditions also caused delays. It’s expensive to fly anywhere and then to have your flight canceled plus not being able to get tickets for another airline without spending a lot more money plus the fact that if you need to stay somewhere once again, it’s expensive at a hotel. Sometimes there are people who cause problems at a ticket counter because they get frustrated. Is it really safe to fly?

  13. Imagine having a competent Transportation secretary, making sure these facilities are well staffed…

  14. I now you’re working hard on *SPINNING* (as opposed to reporting on) this story, but *Bakhmut has officially fallen to Russia!!*

  15. After this those issues those airport workers would develop a drinking problem with all that stress🤔

  16. Why does it seem that all of the bad things that happen in our country are somehow caused by, or related to Florida? very useful information

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