Parkland victim’s mother pens children’s book ‘Joaquin’s First School Shooting.’ Hear why

The mother of Parkland school shooting victim Joaquin Oliver, Patricia Oliver, found a new way to shine a light on gun violence. She just released a new picture book called “Joaquin’s First School Shooting” and shares with CNN’s Amara Walker why she chose a picture book to try to reach lawmakers. #CNN #News


  1. This book is amazing but the lady seems very sad 5 years in but that’s the point. You never recover from a death of a child. This book is so sad but necessary as this is America.

    1. Not seeing changes in 5 years must make her feel like her son’s memory was not being respected.

    2. Twenty years is not enough time to get over a dear loved one’s death! Seeing nothing done to protect other children is obviously devastating to an amazing woman such as Joachim’s mother ❤️

  2. I respect her message and what she is trying to get across for everyone to understand. Sad I pray everyday I send my kids to school you never know what to expect it can happen anywhere!!!

    1. This woman is angry. As is her right. Don’t like the messages within its pages. Don’t buy it. Don’t read it. Don’t talk about it. The book and its message do not lie.

    2. This is the first time in a long while that I’ve heard of a new book and wanted to go buy it. Joachim’s mother is an amazing woman and hurting so bad that she wants to make sure no other mother ever has to hear that her child was murdered in school. We all have to be aware that with the frequency of mass shootings in the US it will be you or one of your loved ones killed next time!

  3. Its sad that this has to be a real thing, in any other country it would be a stunt, but i find it absolutely poetic that she used a picture book to comunicate with politicians, i think she should be commended for meeting politicians at their level

    1. It also uses small words and bright colors. Best you can do in a book cause you can’t speak to them with your hands or use googoo gaagaa baby talk.

    2. Those teachers have a right to protect themselves and those children yet expect a phone and a call to protect them within a split second? Its time we stand for OUR countries future and stop these random acts of violence! I know I am sick of it as to why I will never have children but are you willing to stand for our….OUR youth and thier future?

  4. BRAVO! Let’s hope this hits home….but I have my doubts only because they are too thick headed to understand, must protect the NRA and those that are fearful of losing their guns. You are an amazing woman and I wish you all the very best in your endeavours. ❤

  5. Yikes. Like the anchor says this isn’t for children, it’s for adults. This is incredibly sad 😢

  6. So sorry for her loss but this is what we need to do . People don’t see the damage until it happens to them .

  7. Just awful what this poor mother is dealing with. I’m so sorry. What a very sad predicament this country has found itself in.
    All politicians are horrible and useless.

  8. Reminds me of Nena’s 1983 song “99 Luftballons”. Such a catchy and preppy song, but it was about how a much of balloons being mistaken for nuclear missiles, thus starting a nuclear war. I’ve always loved how artists make clever analogies to discuss a very serious, real-world topic.

  9. Outfuckingstanding. I hope every politician gets their own special copy very useful information

  10. I cant imagine how she feels so unbelievably sad, only with the care of others will she be able to mend. I pray for this beautiful person 🙏

  11. Hard to believe that there are people who hate this woman because she is devastated by the loss of her son and she is desperately trying to prevent others from suffering from the unimaginable pain and emptiness that she is experiencing and ALWAYS WILL!! People actually hate her because she wants a solution to this madness and they wrongly believe that she is trying to take everyone’s guns!!

  12. This book should be read with a Bull Horn outside their Representative Door… in shifts until these Law makers start to take action and help stop this violence.

  13. I often ask myself, “What will it take to enact the right kind of change?” Well, Congress, are you listening yet? very useful information

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