1. Pretty cool of the reporter Patrick to actually get in the water and do it… I really believe in leaving these animals alone but if it’s done right, it can be totally harmless and a great experience for both the people and the sharks since we don’t get to interact much. These interactions pretty much prove sharks are like dogs… it’s sad we treat them like killers. They are too stupid to realize they don’t want to eat us… if they really wanted to harm us, they would do a LOT more than take bites out of people and run away. The more I learn about sharks, the more I’m intrigued.

  2. Bull sharks may be necessary for some things, but is it necessary to be so close to them? Seriously tho, this is absolutely awesome and they’re gorgeous🫢🏾😊

  3. Funny when folks say of certain wildlife “It is NOT dangerous” or is just “misunderstood” as if being the perfect predator is a bad thing.

  4. Has anyone heard anything about that gorgeous female great white, “Big Blue”?! Haven’t seen her in awhile. She is just massive & very beautiful! I hope she is well! πŸ₯°

  5. depends on the circumstances but in general shark diving is pretty safe. the ‘sharks’ are generally pretty shy and need to be baited to come in close. the ‘diving’ is the more dangerous aspect of the experience. we used to see them all the time, but they’ve been decimated so baited dives are the only semi- reliable way to experience them. sharks are our favorite.

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