CNN reporter presses DeSantis about Florida evacuation orders

CNN's Nadia Romero speaks to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis about the timing of the evacuation orders in Lee County, as officials are facing mounting questions about why the first mandatory evacuations weren't ordered until a day before Hurricane Ian's landfall. #CNN #News


    1. I agree…but realize how expensive it must be…living in southern California many of us can’t afford earthquake insurance. I’d like to have it but I can’t afford it.

  1. It is Desantis Fault. He did not tell all people from his state, to move to Martha Vineyard, where they would be safe before the Hurricane.

    1. @Kobe2015 They aren’t all the same. I have been through many and they don’t all produce this kind of flooding, many have resulting in much more damage but never wiped out the state . DUH-Santis

  2. Thoughts to all Americans effected by Hurricane Ian – may you be surrounded by good people as so many of you start your lives over again. (New Zealand)

  3. I heard him say that flood insurance is affordable. He is so wrong only 20% of residents have flood insurance others can’t afford it because it’s not available for them as insurers have gone bankrupt.

    1. He is absolutely right… Flood insurance because no insurance company wants to cover it, there’s a Federal Program that is sold thru most insurer… and flood insurance in Florida is about $250 to $300 a year based on your risk…

  4. The storm track Consistently dropped towards the southwest from Saturday evening until it made landfall. Even if ground zero was Tampa the barrier islands were in certain danger of flooding. No excuse for this lack of Common sense.

  5. What does he mean by “get rid of the litigation?” Does that mean an insurance company’s decision is the final word for its insureds? Asking for a friend…

  6. Please interview all the people who complained they didn’t get notice….I really want to hear their story.

    1. @pLayC actually, I’m not. Eggs and milk are going to be the first thing that spoils if a power outage occurs, so that’s the last thing I’m buying. That’s just like throwing away money, which I think is a little ridiculous.

    2. @Dimi they also dont open any shelters until there is an evacuation order for that area so until there is an evacuation order people have nowhere to go .

    3. @Dimi The biggest portion of those deaths are probably disabled people. Especially those who do not have family.
      and at this point in our economy the shelters are the only option for them because they do not have the gas to get out or their cars are not reliable enough to leave. A lot of people in bigger cities also don’t have cars cuz they can just get around and an Uber is going to get expensive. Flights are also not going to be an option by the time you know about it. Pets.

  7. DeSantis was warned from many officials that do not underestimate Ian
    DeSantis started to react 3 days before Ian and took action 2 days (some only 24hrs) for mandatory evacuation.
    He didn’t mention shelters because shelters weren’t prepared until next day.
    These preparations should have been done several days ago

  8. “I saw them become worried that nobody would help them….”
    So, Governor, why didn’t you help them?

    1. @Chat Lerger
      Coastal areas are mostly democrats because they have had enough time to evolve , the rest are mostly Republicans who still needs more time to evolve .
      Time is everything

    2. They should all move to a different state, this is going to happen literally every year. Wet should offer vouchers to anyone who lost their homes or property to move to other states. You know instead of paying year after year to replace homes that get knocked down at least once every 5 years.

    1. ​@Arn Sebs I pray for them too. california knows how it is to accept alot of donated prayers with the wildfires; worse is they tell us “its God’s punishment” lol. if our folks wasnt bold, we would never get federal aid. but then again, florida need help, their politicians cant be the reason why we cant/wont.

  9. Once again, the early European models were correct in that they had the storm moving East into the South West region when the US Weather Service had it going due North to the Panhandle area.
    I distinctly remember DeSantis playing down the need to evacuate very far away, like to another State. I was incredulous that he said that. Now the bodies are being counted and he’s trying to keep the perception of the press away from his conduct in this matter.

    1. I remember he said that people didn’t need to evacuate to another state. And realistically, they didn’t have to. Most people I know (from the St. Pete area – I live in the Orlando area) had evacuation orders (before the storm hit) and they evacuated to Palm Beach, which is on the southeast side of Florida (as opposed to the south west). That area did feel the storm but did not have an impact as it did southwest Florida. So with that said, they didn’t need to leave the state…they would have gone to Palm Beach at the bare minimum.

      But if I lived on the coast and there’s a hurricane coming, I’m not waiting for anyone to tell me when it’s time to evacuate. I’m gone way before that time comes.

    2. @Dimi If I were Governor I would have said that I didn’t have a crystal ball, but all indications were that it looked to be a bad storm, cat 4 to 5, and that it was going to hit Florida. Exactly where remained to be seen, but all evacuation routes maximizing driving lanes North, out of Florida, would be in effect. If one has the means to make a trip to visit friends and family out of Florida it was a good time for that. What’s so hard about that?

    1. Excellent misrepresentation absent of all context. Well done! Do you by any chance work for CNN?

  10. This has been a highly organized and efficient rescue and recovery. This group of Federal agencies are also responsible for Puerto Rico and South Carolina. Each storm is different. The response teams have to regroup sometimes after the storms make landfall . This is going to be a very long haul. Since Florida is one of those places where thousands of new comers arrive daily from other states, not having been through a hurricane before many elected to stay put. Many are in shock. They survived the storm but have not realized there is no car,no gasoline, no grocery stores, minimal roads, that they will have to leave anyway. The rescuers know this and will return to offer assistance in leaving.
    Every American should assist in some way. Everything is appreciated. Walmart ,Amazon, the major banks were in Florida with money in hand prior to Ian making landfall. If you cannot help today six months from today they will still need help. God bless all the responders and volunteers. This is America at it’s best. Stay safe. Get your tetanus shot whether you intend to volunteer or not!

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