1. Condolences to all the mothers, fathers and families who their loved ones in Ukraine 🇺🇦.

  2. Something tells me Putin won’t stop with Ukraine, just like Hitler didn’t stop with Czechoslovakia. We watched from the sidelines then, just like we are doing now. Until things got out of control.

    1. @mehtotheworld Which side is the one cancelling Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich? That word is as nonsense of a word as “Anti-Semitic”. It would be a mistake not to recognise the lack of conduciveness of radical hatred has towards diplomatic settlement and world peace.

      The list of 6 demands is quite clear on the Russian side with the exception of “de-Nazification” which should ideally be a matter to be negotiated, such as eradicating neo-Nazi ideology that are (uniquely in the world) represented in Ukrainian military. The Russian demands are far more cogent than the reasoning used to start the 2003 Iraq War.

      All violence should be condemned, but why was this war necessary? As one reason, the Russians are fighting back against being encircled by NATO. As another reason, they are ending a 8 year war in a region that unfortunately do not have the legal norms to accept UN-backed processes to fairly determine the status of Donbas.

    2. @mehtotheworld You have to question who is to blame when a country appears to act in self-defence against being encircled and subjugated by the alliance structure of a rival great power, whose establishment and radicalised populace are actively calling for regime change.

    3. @mehtotheworld Putin has a highly consistent track record of maintaining friendly relations with ex-Soviet states that do not provoke Russia, ethnic Russians and cooperate militarily with the US. The wars in Chechnya were internal conflicts. Georgia and Ukraine cooperated militarily with the US and suffered Russian invasions in response. Putin’s track record suggests his extraterritorial military actions are in response to threats provoked by undesirable US military influence near Russia’s borders.

    4. Russia losing and now we are saying he will not stop in ukraine. Zelensky will ask putin to surrender his troops in the next few days.

    1. @Viclvov Tiger You are correct. I am not disagreeing with you. I have folowed this man on his channel for 2 years. He is never wrong. He has boots on the ground contacts as well. Youtube will censor him so he has to be careful. There are other people that I follow who are former high-ranking military as well and they still have some clearance.

    2. @Leader of the Gelgameks your right about Iraq, and it’s true,but but and the US knowing about 911 is far fetch, including arming the Mexican cartel. All I can say about is that Proof is the truth and 911 why would we do that to her own country, that’s just insane conspiracy , so just because you say and believe those conspiracies,doesn’t make them true, Iraq had proof.

    3. @Leader of the Gelgameks one more thing I have learned about the Ukraine nazis is that there’s about 600 of them, I saw an independent news article that reported, about them , so yeah there’s nazi there, just like in the US , but that doesn’t make the majority of the country nazis ,and I bet the US has more nazis then Ukraine.

    4. If they told you it was Sweeden would you just follow along. Use your brains and do some research on Ukraine.

    1. @Sina Bagheri Sarvestani , what peace talks Russia doesn’t want peace unless it takes over Ukrainian . And really you watch Russian news they only lie to their people and put whatever they like so people can believe what they are doing is normal

    2. @Sina Bagheri Sarvestani how about Russia invade your country next and you are forced to be a part of a country you want know part of. Then we will see how you feel!!

    3. @CoinTender Rarities He’s very obviously a Russian propaganda informant … He’s in every one of these videos, especially the last couple of days, repeating the same thing over and over. Everytime someone clicks his name he gets paid.


  3. Guess you can’t believe ANYTHING a Russian says, right? Just when you thought they were retreating, LOL!


    2. @SNOOPY SNOOP when CNN say the opposite of reality 100% of the time it an accuracy that’s hard to top. 😆🤣😆


  4. Don, they are using water to cool the nearby tanks. Foam could be used on the burning oil but is not of much use with the amount of oil in a storage tank

  5. Very proud of very brave Ukrainians fire fighters and rescue teans taking care of the city and people during war. Its not easy. GOD BLESS THEM AND KEEP THEM SAFE. ALSO KEEP EVERY UKRAINIAN SAFE.

  6. To all the people saying “stop confirming the strike”, they already knew. Trust me, they knew immediately. I was in the Navy (US) and I worked on the FLIR systems that these modern fighters use. The pilots that launched this attack knew immediately that they had success – a fuel depot goes boom in an extraordinary way that’s hard to miss if you’re looking that direction.

    So the Russians already knew, and with quick reporting now so do the rest of us. Russian military might have communication and strategic issues, but the pilots know when they hit a target on an attack like this. Being a civilian now, I appreciate the reporting that lets me know too.

    If only there was a way I could help more… but I’m simply not fit for duty anymore. Too broken and overweight. 🤔 But this reporting to let the rest of the world know what’s going on is one of the only things that will stop Russia- knowing that everyone else sees their crimes and will hold them accountable will be the thing that makes them reign in the campaign (if anything can, anyway).

    1. @Frankie Kronstedt  Shouldn’t the American goverment be working on a solution toward PEACE instead of picking a side and supplying them weapons and further escalating this war.. which they they all knew was about to happen 6 months ago …and sadly in the end .. America along with Ukraine and Russia will be the biggest losers when its all over.. China will be happy

    2. @Frankie Kronstedt  – ummm, I live here and I haven’t seen anything at all about a potato shortage. I’m a truck driver and haul refrigerated, which means food, and I have seen exactly none of what you’re saying. I’m sorry, but I do believe you’re either misinformed or a bot. Either way, you are incorrect.

    3. @mechadoggy  – there’s one major flaw in your logic. If Russia cared so much about the Ukrainians and their country, then why are they bombing it so hard now? In the beginning they had restraint, but at this point they’ve leveled Mariupol (spelling?). They would not be this destructive if they intended to bring Ukraine into the fold – you don’t want the average population to hate you. They’re not just removing a bad regime, they’re trying to conquer another country. The average citizen of Ukraine does not want what Russia is trying to accomplish, so there is now no winning strategy for Russia except to level everything (which is what they’re starting to do), and that doesn’t show any concern for the Ukrainians at all.

    4. Jeezez, Ukrainian army is begging western media not to show photos and footage of recent airstrikes. It’s not just about confirmation , it’s about calibration of attacks and adjusting targets. Next time someone will die because of these interviews. It’s a war, not reality show. In Ukraine putting footage like this online is a crime and collaboration with the enemy.

  7. When i donate monney in my country it is for firefighters these people are best humans , bravest most friendly, kind and extreme hardworking people , they are there for us in anny conditions

    1. When you donate money it is for the continued oppression of the Ukraine people by a government they did not elect. Go back to 2014 and do some research on how we got here.

    1. @Jennifer Coleman im an American. We are going through the same color revolution today as Ukraine has in 2014. Do you see the people in DONESTK and MAROPUL wanting peace? They are Russian citizens being attacked by azov battalion of Ukraine. Ppl want peace not corruption or war.

    2. These are all trolls same comments in almost every thread, “read it thanks” today comment song with the same reply

  8. “There doesn’t appear to be any strategy. It’s the exact opposite of what Russian officials were saying yesterday.”

    Can you say “clueless”. I knew you could!

    1. @Perfectly Imperfect Question where were you when Ukrainians were killing Russian children in Donbas for 8 years. 8 years! Do you know about this? You’re an American hypocrite.

  9. When you walk through a storm
    hold your head up high and dont be afraid of the dark
    at the end of the storm theres a golden sky
    and the sweet silver sound of the lark
    Walk on through the wind
    walk on through the rain
    though your dreams be tossed and blown
    walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart
    and youll never walk alone.
    Youll NEVER walk alone.

    1. I wonder if the citizens of Dresden were humming that tune when the British and Americans indiscriminately dropped more than 3,900 tons of high-explosive bombs and incendiary devices on the city killing around 30,000 civilians. And how did we reward Bomber Harris the man responsible? Put a statue up in his honour which still stands in London today.

  10. The firefighters are not spraying “fire retardant’. They are spraying WATER on the intact tanks in an effort to DISSIPATE the heat so that the tanks don’t fail and the oil inside catch fire. If the tank does fail, they may well be roasted before they can run away.

    1. @Denis Means Russia has made good effort in peace talks but both countries should make rational demands in peace talks , the Russians have made good progress but I think a deal where Russia takes over Ukraine and Ukraine becomes part of Russia is looking increasing unrealistic although its possible , I support any deal that ends the fighting , if Ukraine becomes part of Russia than its fine as long as the war ends , even a deal where Russia agrees to withdraw Russian forces from Ukraine is fine but Ukraine should respect Russia as its former motherland , that is my view of the situation . I was watching Russian tv and it looks like the Russians are treating Ukrainian POW’s with respect , Ukraine must do the same , both sides need to release POW’s when the war ends , Russian delivery of food and water to eastern regions is also a good sign and it should continue

      I don’t blame Russia or Ukraine , I think Russia has made positive steps towards peace and Russia would like to see a peace deal , both Russia and Ukraine should continue peace talks and both have made clear they want peace and both governments have made it clear they support a cease-fire , its up to Ukraine and Russia to end this war , there is nothing we can do here in the US . Russia and Ukraine are meeting for peace talks and hopefully the fighting will end

      There is nothing we can do here in America , we need to worry about our own economy

      if your from Ukraine I have a simple message for you from America , we can’t help you , continue your peace talks with Russia , Russia has already won the war and they are ready to deescalate if Ukraine is willing to do the same , unfortunately Ukraine has not always acted in good faith but peace talks should continue , both nations have made good progress in allowing civilians to leave and Russia has even started delivering food and water to areas in Ukraine and hopefully that continues until the war ends and both sides agree on a cease-fire

      There is nothing we can do at NATO or here in America and we need to start importing oil to save our own economy , most Americans including myself do not support Ukraine and we want both Russia and Ukraine to end the fighting

      I think here in America we should start importing oil from Iran , we would pay 15 cent a gallon instead of 7 dollars a gallon , drilling is not good for the environment and we should continue to impose laws that prevent oil and drilling companies and also the wood industry and logging companies and mining companies from destroying the environment and we should be importing oil from countries like Iran because it is the cheapest option available , drilling should be made illegal and any politician that supports drilling should be forced to work at an oil rig for week with no pay

    2. @Sina Bagheri Sarvestani Baloney. Russia started this mess. Russian soldiers murdered and raped children and you want to argue good faith? What good faith?

  11. “We are told about the world before we see it. We imagine most things before we experience them. And those preconceptions, unless education has made us acutely aware, govern deeply the whole process of perception.”

                                     —Walter Lippmann

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