CNNi: Food crisis worsens in Cuba as coronavirus spikes 1

CNNi: Food crisis worsens in Cuba as coronavirus spikes


Cuba's tourism industry, a major part of the nation's economy, has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. As it continues to drag on, imports to the nation have dropped and the food crisis seems to be getting worse. CNN's Patrick Oppmann reports.
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    1. I guess the corrupt Cuban dictators should allow freedom. Pay back the US people who’s money they stole. And have free and fair elections.

    2. @Kikeordaz Martinez Cuban dictators can get what eve4 they need from Socialist Venezuela. The problem is Cuban. Only is worthless as well as Venezuelan money.

    3. Obama was slowly opening back up to Cuba and Trump tightened the screws. Biden may follow in Obama’s footsteps and loosen things back up eventually.

    1. @dispmonk . Look I fly for a living and know how the world lives. America is going to change quick. Talk to me in a couple months and if I have to eat crow I will.

  1. These Cubans when they get to Florida they’ll become trump supporters and think they’re better than any other Latinos

    1. I have to correct this. The Cubans in Miami who vote Republican are the rich ones who left as Fidel was repatriating their property. Very few have made their way over since the mass exodus when it became clear that the revolution was going to succeed. I have no doubt that if we normalized relations, future immigrants from Cuba would not be likely to support Trump.

  2. Let’s say the truth. Trump administration put Cuba back on ‘sponsor of terrorism’ blacklist and imposed sanctions on the local industries. They were suffering even before the pandemic.

    1. Truth. A this pdofile in sheets is reason public schools should cancelled all trips visiting the White House for 4 years

    2. Truth: Democrats dgaf about you street level Trump haters or Cuba. You’re fkd

      My advice. You puppets better hide your kids and grow a garden.

      Oh wait!! You want gov handouts maybe Biden will ask China if you can have an eggroll. You should go ask

  3. Jesus H Christ what next so much sanctions and restrictions between the u.s. and Cuba who’s going to help these people now they’re on the brink of suffering

    1. How about ANY other country steps up for once and lends a hand or “free” aid. Wtf does it always have to be America? We’ve got homeless veterans living on the street starving and many other issues that should be attended to that get ignored or pushed to the side.

    2. Cuba is a member of the United Nations, shouldn’t that organization be helping them. The United States is not responsible for the world.

  4. CNN reporting on food insecurity in The Americas is welcome. I only wish more time was dedicated to the history of food insecurity in the Americas. The United States is no stranger to this.

    1. @M Hall me and you stomping these lefties on CNN is like Kyle Rittenhouse taking out a bunch of Nazis

      Quite fun and productive I say

  5. Seriously how are there no modern cars in Cuba? Answer: this is an island that has been punished for decades for refusing to become America’s 51st state, the resort state. Bacardi is largely culpable. The point: this crisis is predictable and avoidable, Cuba is no longer the existential threat hosting Russian nukes, we should normalize relations and reopen regular trade.

    1. @Noneshere Well, I don’t disagree with that, my newest car in decades has been 18 years old when I got it and all stick shift. But the symbolic statement in the background of this video struck me, NO new cars? Why not? I’ll go out on a limb and say sure nobody should ever buy a Cadillac but a Toyota or a Hyundai are a different story, cheap to buy and maintain. And you’re not entirely correct, those older cars are incredibly hard to find parts for, so even if you want to, you can’t always fix them. Much better would be if the island had a fleet of Dodge Caravans.

    2. @Anal Eyes Analyze Anal Lies No. We choose to force them to live in the past by punishing anybody who does business with Cuba.

    1. We will never forget how they almost started ww3 by giving the Soviet access to put nuclear weapon on the island to destroy this country they need to suffered

    2. @where you get that from what about us starting all these wars with other countries over regime change, Iran contra, Guatemala, Venezuela, Philippines, Guam, Panama, or Iran nuclear agreement… maybe you should asses your argument from the point of view of another country. Stop being ignorant but I guess that’s just amerikkka

  6. More and more fear tactics : ” Hospitals EVERYWHERE are overwhelmed. Cases in the world trending downwards… But the numbers are still horribly high.” Uh huh.

  7. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  8. I went to Cuba exactly 4 years ago. It is a beautiful country. It was also a time warp into the 1980s. And now the government is changing the monetary system.

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