Colossal Failure: Trump’s New Blog Has Less Traffic Than Petfinder | MSNBC 1

Colossal Failure: Trump’s New Blog Has Less Traffic Than Petfinder | MSNBC


Florida blogger Trump is reportedly very upset after the Washington Post revealed his venture into blogging has been a colossal failure. It has lower traffic than online sites like Delish and Petfinder. MSNBC’s Ari Melber discusses how Trump is less relevant online than ever before and his claims he will unveil a better online platform in the future. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. Petfinder is really good because it helps a living creature. tRumps blog can only be a lie that kills anything in its path.

    1. @Truong Nguyen the issue is its a blog. Which means his followers need to READ it. Reading anything longer than a tweet, may be a struggle for his very special flock.

    2. @The VELT Oh yeah well I’m 100,000,001 strong. I had the Georgia secstate find the vote you stoled TROLL

    3. @The VELT You’re outnumbered by dozens of larger numbers and they’re 110% patrioticer.

    1. @LF313 Defend your argument that an educated person paying their bills is a cult follower.

  2. “Big blocks of text” — yeah, that’s not going to work for the illiterate cultists that worship him. BTW, did Jason Miller ever clear up the whole child support thing?

    1. A US District Judge has ordered Trump flack Jason Miller to pay Gizmodo nearly $42,000 to cover legal expenses from his failed $100 million defamation suit. The judge found Gizmodo accurately reported a court filing alleging Miller slipped an abortion pill into a woman’s smoothie

    2. @mrs mucha Yes. But the woman who filed the report got in trouble for filing a false report.

    3. @mrs mucha An abortion pill? I thought the GOP and its followers are a bunch of anti-abortion people. Hmmm…interesting.

    1. @Notheone Funny how when someone confronts someone else about their rabid devotion to a known narcissistic grifter con artist, they always pull the God argument out in defence. I don’t know if it says more about the person or God, tbh.

    2. The answer is the Republican primary. You want change then go vote in the Republican primary.

    3. @My opinions are secretly facts He can’t argue with logic so he throws out God. And we all know God works in mysterious ways so “don’t come here with your valid points of logic” You’ll just get called a bunch of names and some declaration of where you should go. Understand he is “not-he-one”, logic is no good there. Notheone: It’s God’s country right here. Understand? Loud and proud, son.

    4. @yin shah wasn’t it God who stated “Thou shalt worship no other god before me, for I am a Jealous God!” I wonder how they reconcile their worship of Melania’s Bane with the very first Commandment.

    1. @mateowey You can’t say “If I lose it’s a rigged election” before the election. The whole year before the election his approval rating was the worse among past presidents. I’ve always said “any man or woman who can’t admit when they’re wrong or made a mistake can never lead a company, state, or country during a crisis.” Trump proved that throughout the pandemic !

    2. This just shows why fb, twitter needs to be broken up. They are more powerful than the elected president. Its run by two weirdos none of us would want to spend time with

    3. @Mac Daddy 50 He will always be remembered as the worst president we’ve ever had that killed half a million Americans due to incompetence, and neglect!

  3. “Former” President Trump. Always say “former,” please, since there are some people who remain confused.

    1. @Laura Parks same argument, I think, it is his official title, and will remain so as history. We’ll just have to learn to mentally insert the “Ex” part.

    2. You future. Hes the favorite to win the next election by far. He 100% will be the next president. Remeber no mail in voting next election. Hes is the projected favorite in all but 4 states. He will win by one of the widest margins in history

    3. @Brandon Smith According to which metric? Would love to see the polls making that claim. Can you link them?

    1. The terrible thing about it is that few of his followers are congressmen/ women and senators that are terrified of his followers. They will rather go down in history as cowards and traitors.

    2. @Aggressive Attitude Era who the GOP in the pool party?
      Ha ha have a good day and keep up the good work

    3. Not in power anymore yet they won’t stop talking about him & constantly giving him attention. The only way to make him go away is by ignoring him. Twitter got it right, but nobody else can figure it out.

    4. Except over the republican cowards who don’t dare cross him for fear of having gallows built on their front lawns.

    5. This is the dumbest comment ive ever seen. He had more votes than any republican in history. He also had more minority votes.

    1. And you do know that the GED testing is calculated to the 10th grade level because it is legal for 16 year olds to leave school?

    2. @DC Crusin’ So republicans are electing people with the intellect of a 10th grader into congress? Nice.

    1. We can read, for example the Bill of Rights in the Constitution, there’s no ” …… except during a pandemic. ” Written anywhere.

  4. “Terri-fly-ed of the Blogger”
    Doesn’t get any less funny with repeated listenings/viewings.
    Bless you Mr. Melber! xoxo

  5. Ouch. Burn. I feel like he’s about as scary as a Disney villain. Guaranteed to terrify 5 and under… which is why the GQP look so pathetic these days. I don’t think they got the memo.

    1. Add to that the poor, red states with tenuous access to the internet, as well as those that can’t afford it.

  6. “The hottest ticket in social media; . . .it will totally redefine the game!”

  7. The “Orange Man” should be soooooo frightened of orange jumpsuits as well should his GOP Retrumplicans……..

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