Sprawling Trump Org. Probe Hits DC Hotel: Report | MSNBC 1

Sprawling Trump Org. Probe Hits DC Hotel: Report | MSNBC


New York prosecutors are now eyeing Trump’s DC hotel in their criminal probe, according to new reporting by the Wall Street Journal. Critics allege the infamous property was a hub of grift during Trump’s time in office. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports on the update and the other properties investigators are digging into. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. Blocks of rooms purchased at full price where no-one ever checked in. I’d be curious to see the number of rooms rented vs actually checked into.

    1. Really…lots of organizations (including the US government) frequently purchase blocks of hotel rooms–though I doubt “full price” is usually paid (at least, by the US government–usually, some sort of discount is negotiated, or the hotel-government has an existing contract). But, as you noted, paying full price for unused/never-used rooms is not business-as-usual…

    2. @Ken C Agreed. A Politico story from Oct. 2019 – “A Trump hotel mystery: Giant reservations followed by empty rooms”

    3. @Matt I notice you ignore the politico (and a few other outlets) piece from last week detailing all the misinformation MSMfed you for the last 4 years. Of course you did. I would ignore it to since I would want to keep pretending I wasnt some mediocre menial labor nothing from a flyover, but instead was smart for the first time in my life. “If I repeat the news with all these other mouth-breathers everyone will think im smart.”
      We know better. Ken, we can tell who intelligent people are and who wants to identify with certain groups for the sole purpose of convincing others you are what you clearly arent. It only works on people natural you is smarter than. None of you are democrats beyond filling out the registration. You are all frauds. Wolf in sheeps clothing? Nooooo. substandard IQ, hazy IPA craft tbeer-drinking wastes of space in a democrat uniform.

  2. The emoluments clause (Article 1 section 9) of the Constitution of America. He wasn’t allowed to profit from the office. What.A.Joke.

    1. @forty two Lets put it this way, YOU the people have to decide, HOW you want future POTUS’s to be, HOW you want America’s democracy to be. Everyone has to be educated, engaged in politics, from who you want as the local sheriff, to the local mayor, to the dog catcher, to the governor, and of course, constitutional LAWS have to be changed. You are WITNESS to the thousand cuts, by being bystanders. Everyone’s tax dollars, everyone’s vote, everyone’s voice, everyone’s collective CORE values must be transparent, respected, so that the foundation, equality for all, the rule of law, matters. BE vigilante because, you have seen that if you don’t pay attention, it can be taken away, in a blink of an eye

    2. And what is more, the SCOTUS couldn’t be bothered to apply the law in the emoluments clause case. Sheer dereliction of duty.

    1. New Yorkers have known for years, just how corrupt he has been, google any Annie Liebowitz videos and you will see. Now America and the rest of the world are baring witness to it

    1. @htomerif yes there is justice as his health is not good at all. He is NOT taking CARE of himself. He may not have long to live because of it. I don’t wish anyone harm. KARMA DOES NOT FORGET AN ADDRESS…It has been his choice. No one else’s to mistreat himself with his food choices and how he does not take care of himself. That’s Donalds choices. He is also a very negative person which doesn’t lead to positive out comes. Again, his choices.

    2. @Richard Grier He has a glow about him. He has a new strength that is helping him do good things for our country. Divine Substance is helping him and Kamala. GOD DON’T LIKE UGLY. So it’s up to us to help our country heal or we throw it in the dump with trump. Our choice. So choose wisely everyone PLEASE. No more ugly: conning, stealing, losing, cheating, stop the hate and racist junk. Start caring about what and how we live: People pls listen. We are destroying our planet by NOT recycling and using biodegradable items. Plastics buried under our soil or dumped into the ocean. Give it a little time and there won’t be any where to grow our food. You like to eat to live. Again – our choice to do our part by recycling everything we can.

    3. Would you really notice if you gained another 40 pounds? lol Like noticing another raindrop in a hurricane.

  3. They ought to go back in time and look at the one he brought in New Jersey by some tunnel that the Russians were giving them lots and lots of money. And don’t forget Scotland’s looking into it his golf course over there

    1. He has a hotel in the middle east as well. But no one I mean no one goes there. They hate that building.

    2. I’m praying they find much to stop him in his tracks. He thinks he untouchable like Capone thought, but they found enough to put him away. Find something to put trump away!!!!!

    3. @Bob Earl • I’m still waiting to hear if the Canadians found anything on Ivanka for a deal she worked on there.

  4. I’m sitting here in classic Mr Burns style watching all of this play out. “Ex-celllllent!”

    1. How soon until the surgically enhanced pole-dancer files for divorce? “I really don’t care, do U?”

  5. The busier 45 is with criminal investigations, the less time he has to destroy democracy.

    1. @edward cunha The Bank of China paid Trump $1.9 million a year between 2008 and 2018 for 2 floors of office space at Trump Tower, NY. Then, they cut back to 1 floor. The Chinese Government owns 70% of the Bank of China.

    2. @John Wimmers unknown but in addition the put millions into his acct in China which he didn’t disclose until it was found out. It was his acct not Trump org in china

    3. @Billy Goat Felony tax evasion has been on the books for some time.They arrested Al Capone for that.
      The good news is that the lying, oath breaking GOP Senate will have nothing to do with the outcome of this case. Then there is the matter of Election fraud, committed by Trump when he asked the Georgia Secretary of State to find him 11,800 votes. You can’t trust a Trump supporter.

    4. @Wayne Burton is it? So protesting constitutional rights, same as democrats the past 4 republican won elections, is bad but burning down cities over just as debatable “facts” is cool?? Yep, typical democrap logic. The body count, the cost, and the overall damage isn’t even comparable. The multiple blm insurrections in multiple city’s is a far worse stain on our history than a hundred knuckle heads out of 500k+, one blm “protest” has far more than ever entered the capital. Not to mention blm has shut down dc specifically, has “crashed” floor sessions, performed “sit downs” in offices so spare me the outrage. Multiple democrat senators objected to electoral votes when trump won LEGITIMATELY yet it’s perfectly fine and not censored, actually it was ran daily by every “news” outlet yet NOW even mentioning it gets you banned, deplatformed, and or fired???? it’s a joke you even act like you have these high morals for our leaders yet focus on the guy on the very bottom of the list…. it’s either drunk off the coolaide, ignorance, or not enough experience to understand….. trump wasn’t the most horrible person in the world before 2016…. all you people are in essence saying, the establishment, the media, and big corporations are the good guys??? Trump was the complete opposite, government didn’t grow, didn’t overspend, and let us dictate our on future by low taxes, less stifling business taxes and regulations, and a competitive market. We had the best economy ever, non debatable, until the democrats forced the world shutdown. The only benefiters were the government and big corporations.. everything with the fraud in chief now only helps big business monopolize, government grow and spend, and weakens our country. Coming out of the “worst pandemic” in 100 years he raises gas and energy prices day one, opens the border, and has now 6 trillion in spending in 100 days, how does any of that help?? That’s textbook ways to high inflation, more covid apparently if what they say is true, and higher prices on EVERYTHING.. I’ll take trump, not sorry….

    5. @Michael Harris You need to change your name to Michelle if your going to be that intentionally wrong.

    1. @Red Dwarf Playing with the trolls is all. It is fun once you figure it out. Feel free to ignore what is not intended for you.

    2. @Chauncey Chappelle Right on, LOL. Been there, done that (“do your own research” on a science issue with one commenter was a lot of fun). Happy trolling

    3. He is 74 , overweight and does not take care of himself
      If he had won reelection he would have been

    4. He sure hoped! “I wanna be like Putin when I grow up.” And he never grew up…Thank God!

    5. @elizabeth murphy absolutely best comment in a long time thank-you stay safe and sane from Scotland

    1. @kay sammy you investigate a crime hat has been committed, not investigate to see if there is the possibility of a crime that has been committed.

    2. @kay sammy So you’re saying you should be arrested to investigate you personally; if you committed any crimes. is that the proper logic you believe in?

    3. Trump has been admitting crimes in public for 5 years. If you say “I could shoot somebody on 5th Avenue”, and a body shows up on 5th Avenue, you know who to look for.

  6. Remember, Trump once tried to build a casino, it failed. He tried to make a university, it failed because of fraud, and his latest “blog”? It also failed.

  7. The G7 meeting that trump wanted to hold at his Florida golf course ( Mar-a-lago) is now being held in a small Cornish village here in the UK at a fraction of the cost that he was trying to charge ! Google Carbis Bay, Cornwall to spot the difference.

    1. @Joboygbp EdwardsSo Hunter has a drug problem- there one in every family- have you forgotten Ronald Reagan’s daughter Patti? She was so strung out on drugs she slit her wrist- Betty Ford was on opioid pills and she was an alcoholic- THE BETTY FORD Center- did you see Don Jr at the GOP Convention last year? Hunter smokes his Don Jr snorts his

    2. @Joboygbp Edwards Trump has done himself too many unethical things before and while in office to list here

    3. @Snarick Klash keeping up with the comedy of The Drumpf used to be fun… for a minute. Keeping up with his crimes… not Fun, but it’s funny, knowing that we knew these things… oh… maybe 35 years ago.

    1. And he probably stiffed the company that installed the escalator. He stiffed almost everyone who worked on that 5th Ave. lump of crap (including a hard working guy I knew very well.) He even stiffed the illegal Polish workers who demolished the old building.

    2. @Rashad S You confuse what will happen to trump vs what will happen with more of you people around.

  8. “Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out.”
    -Proverbs 10:9

    1. We all wish this were the case but all too often it isn’t. The first part of the sentence is correct; the second part is debatable.

  9. The problem with this is everyone who had paid any attention already knew all this was illegal.

    1. Yes, and they let him get away with everything. Hopefully the investigation will finally put a stop to it.

    2. If there was something illegal if Would of been in the open a long time ago stop with the ghost chasing bias you guys HATE someone so bad u end up obsessives with them only reason why ya still mentioning his name stop getting played and think critically

  10. A President used taxpayer money to enrich his businesses and line his own pockets…. Nuff said….

    1. Makes me sick how he used his position as president to promote his personal organization. If one single democrat did that, you know they’d be screaming the house down.

  11. This is coming from a man who filed for bankruptcy 7 times. Because he thinks he is so smart.

    1. @o wuvek Semantics! Trump’s filed 7 bankruptcies re his real estate business. Doesn’t matter how it’s worded — he’s a failure.

    2. @Raymond Maldonado Over a period of ten years, this BILLIONAIRE failed to turn a profit. But he is a success when it comes to whistling the tune of hate to millions of fools.

    3. @o wuvek Save yourself time. Ignore the girls. They’re still talking about him because theyre desperate to keep pretending they are smart. Without that its back to everyone knowing they have nothing to offer anybody besides being a toy for random men. Media is still talking about him because all they have left for an audience is women. Those women will stop watching as soon as they cant pretend and have to face the reality of their saggy, swaying, mediocre life.
      If you wanna point and laugh at them, everyone enjoys that; save yourself time and headache though. Treat them like what they are.

  12. For every high priced room they booked, they billed the White House,so in essence “we” the taxpayers paid for it!

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