1. Russia is more afraid of escalating war with US and NATO so we should not be worrying too much as long as US’s activities are inside Ukraine

    1. @Larry Jonnson we achieved our objectives of getting Bin Ladin and his organization. So how did we lose there? This b isn’t a sports game or a video game. Win lose is not an absolute in war. See Pyrrus of Greece.

    2. @Larry Jonnson Funny, I voted against agent orange both times, and you are the one with an oversimplistic view of war. So with respect, I think your logic is far more flawed.

    3. @Christoper Wallace Lol, with that kind Logic, are you *”sure”* you checked the correct box! βœ”βœ”βœ”

    4. Yes but the thing is things are beginning to heat up a bit
      Over with China as well

  2. 8:27-8:50 this dude is missing important context on what he talking about : The πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ already have stationed troops in Poland πŸ‡΅πŸ‡±, so a attack on Poland would automatically be a attack on united states .

  3. Russia has lost 20% of all of its forces so far, arguably the best 20% in terms of it’s most highly trained/experienced troops and its best maintained equipment (save a small portion for parades). The remainder of Russia’s forces are sub par to what they have already lost. Russia, (and the rest of the world) has had plenty of time now to see just how ill prepared they are to wage war against anyone. To suggest that putin might be pushed into direct conflict with the U.S. is really quite ridiculous at this point. The only means that Russia could muster at this point that could in anyway threaten the U.S. is to start lobbing nukes which would immediately end Russia in any recognizable way. It’s not going to happen. The folks still sounding the alarm on a Russia/U.S. direct conflict war are crying wolf. There is no there, there.

    1. @Jimm Deen US has like 600+ Military bases outside of US LOL so they dont have to “fly across the whole world”

    2. @Jimmie Karlsson Fair enough, but we have a lot of evidence that their troops, even their special forces are not properly trained. We have lots of evidence that their equipment across the board is not properly maintained and in disrepair. I drew inference from those established facts. Do you have evidence that their nuclear weapons and the troops assigned to them are on a different standard? Not should be on a different standard, but are. The 1960s were a long time ago. I know because I was there. : )

  4. Polish Prime Minister said to Russia. “Poland is a big country. We have plenty of room to bury invaders”.
    Russia is a toothless old bear. NATO will wear it as a hat.

    1. @Vlad the Inhaler china is currently planing its own military campaign
      And hints of Maduro wanting to do the same to Columbia and Brazil

  5. We should not rely on Russia for what’s acceptable and what is not acceptable aid to Ukraine. Russia has nukes? NATO countries have nukes too. I think the danger here is that Putin is reportedly sick and might even be dying. If that’s the case, who knows what he’ll do? He wouldn’t be so concerned about an all out nuclear war if that’s the case.

    1. It’s almost like they could have released that health rumor to add force to the nuke threats. We’ll never know probably.

  6. β€œThe world is in more peril from those who tolerate evil or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.” -Dr. Albert Einstein, March 30 1953

    1. Ask all of those middle eastern, latin american and african countries who sympathize with Russia

  7. I totally disagree with this point of view. “Loosing Russia is more dangerous than victorious Russia”. So, what’s the point then? Shall we continue feeding Russian fascists with european contries, one by one? Giving up Poland, Romania, Eastern Germany, etc in fear of “loosing or possibly disintegrating Russia”?

    1. “Losing”, not, “loosing”. Maybe English is not first language, hope I did not offend.

  8. πŸ˜‚ Putin truly is a strategic genius. Threatening a NATO member while continuing to get trashed on in a country they expected to defeat in 72 hours

    1. @CeeTee It is not simple as that. Russia is half of the world and they would probably survive while Europe would be annihilated.

    2. @muhamed J Russia has like 150 million people, most of which live in west Russia around Moscow, st Petersburg, etc. Maybe nomads in the far reaches of Siberia would make it, but that’s it. Any type of civilization would be gone from russia

  9. Sometimes, you don’t need to be loud, rude & powertrip to prove you are a strong president. Sometimes silence is all the enemy needs to know. And NATO.

    1. @J President Zelensky said he is. Top Generals around the world said he is. Fox viewer’s not so. Go figure!

  10. Poland is one of the best prepared countries against an attack from Russia. I don’t see how it could serve Putin’s case to also take on Poland, escalating his already disastrous military campaign in Ukraine.

    1. @Chris Johannsen I know it is. That was my point. Ukraine should have joined before 2014 before it took over Crimea.

  11. Russia, that cannot conquer small Ukraine, threatens to conquer NATO countries πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ Russia is absolutely insane and only together we can stop and punish Russian militaries. I was born in Russia, lived there, but I hate the inhumane Russian army and the Russian imperialism.
    God bless all NATO members and all countries helping Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡³

    1. @Lil W One at a time. Last time I looked China didn’t invade Taiwan, anyway yet ! Common sense tells me , they would of done it sooner if the United States hadn’t of made a commitment to help the Ukraine like they had.

    2. Urkaine is still standing due to united states and other countries sending military equipment . They would have been wiped out if they never had help.

    3. It is dangerous for you to belittle Russia. They can use nukes. Take that seriously bcoz I tell you, they can and will use nukes!

  12. So let Russia win? We’ve seen how great that works out. It’s time to make Russia worry about what the US is going to do.

  13. 8:40 thinking/suggesting that Putin should attack Poland to challenge Nato and see if the US and other Nato allies will even step up to challenge Putin, is a wishful thinking. Simply bcs, Putin failed campaign in Ukraine has resulted in loss of Putin aura amongst his subordinates. Even if Putin directs his command to do the surprise attack, I am afraid the subordinates are ready and willing to execute on this. I mean if only Hitler had lost early in his campaign, history would have been different. Since Hitler had so many blitzkrieg quick one sided wins, it became increasingly hard to his underlings, to resist his madness. This is a very different story. History this time favored us and avoided us misery of another large scale war. I think it is just a matter of few weeks at most few months before Putin is gone and everyone gets to sit at the table and decide to go home. Winning begets winning. If Alexander from Macedonia lost early in his campaigns he would not have made it all the way to Indus. Putin lost and lost miserably. He has no support amongst his generals/commanders who are happy to wear the uniforms and go home to families in the evening. Life has been good and they seen no reason in chasing false demons of Putin.

    1. Now if only we (we being the human race) can avoid forgetting the lessons we learned in WW2 and are learning again, about assigning too much power to one man, with no checks or balances or capacities to revoke that power without force. Putin changing the russian constitution to allow for a third term as president should have been one gigantic red flag to the russian people… but I guess a few hundred years of forced submission has made them scared to act.

      No one person is perfect, and most individuals are prone to some form of bias or psychological defect, but most of us don’t have carte blanche control over a country so that bias and psychosis doesn’t get amplified into mass murder.

    2. If Hitler had lost his early campaign, the Soviet Union would have taken Europe uncontested

    3. I honestly think the us and uk wouldn’t directly get involved unless they’re directly attacked I think they’d just send Poland aid like they’re doing in Ukraine

  14. When all else fails, you have to fight this bully, even if you wreck the class room in the process.

    1. @Jerry Griffin Who? I don’t follow the pope? Now, i am glad I don’t after what you say. That pope is a total pacivist.

    2. @Shane Smith That was the same thinking of FDR and the Democrats when Hitler was committing genocide…..Sometimes you have to man up.

    3. @Jerry Griffin All Ukraine needed to be told was Ukraine was NOT becoming a part of NATO….this could all been avoided.

  15. I think there’s two mistakes being made here:

    1. Not giving the MIGs is to avoid providing additional equipment to Russia in the (unlikely?) event it wins the war on the ground
    2. If the Ukrainian military is capable to defeat major military targets based on U.S. intelligence, can you imagine how said intelligence would be put to use by the U.S. and NATO in a direct conflict environment? Surely, this must have entered the mind of the strategists in Moscow.

    If anything, those two decisions are perfectly consistent with the objectives of a dissuasion campaign.

    1. @Jerry Griffin Even if I’d agree with you, I hardly see how this impacts the viewpoint I expressed.

  16. FYI, an attack on Poland would have NATO (US included) retaliate using their current technology and military strength. Putin would be digging a larger hole for himself.

    1. @Larry D Ragland Jr. if what the seers saw is true
      Then putin will
      Unite a coalition of Arab and Asian nations that will
      Come to his aid

    2. @Jewel Screaming Chango8387 The Asian nations won’t entangle themselves or their economy with Putin’s miscalculations.

  17. πŸ‰π•Ώπ–π–Š π•­π–‘π–†π–ˆπ– 𝕽𝖆𝖙 π•΄π–“π–“πŸ‰ says:

    Strongly disagree with this columnist. Taking aside Sun Tzu’s quote: “You can not avoid battle, you can only postpone it to the advantage of the enemy”, you can not appease putin any longer, nor allow him to continue this brutal war. Russia has to be confronted decisively. The loss of the war in Ukraine would be as catastrophic as the use of nuclear weapons, why? For 2 reasons. First, Because putin will not stop. he will continue the war until his insane paranoia allows him to. Secondly every single regime in this world will regard putin’s victory as a signal of weakness from the west and NO ONE will take USA or Europe seriously ever again.

    We easily forget that the peace that was established after WW2 is largely due to the global military domination and the benevolence of doctrine from the victors of WW2 and of the collapse of the soviet union. Call it Pax Americana if you will, but this is very similar to Pax Romana, who by establishing a military domination in the Mediterranean, were able to establish peace and tranquility in this region for a long time, because all enemies believed reasonably that challenging Rome (USA) would lead to very bad consequences for them. Now take away this belief, that Rome is invincible, and suddenly you have a chain reaction of global conflicts that will end in a global conflagration and peace will be completely shattered.

    You will suddenly see a rise in nuclear proliferation and a series of wars either from Iran or China and other non-democracies to imitate putin. Putin will be hailed as a hero to all autocrats and faith in democracy and the current world order will completely break-down across the globe. So we have only 2 options in Ukraine. Stop putin by all means necessary, do not back down from this bully and finish him once and for all, or alternatively, see the current global order collapse in a hail of world conflicts, literally WW3 .

    I like Gary Casparov do not worry too much about putins nuclear threats. He is bluffing big time. The generals who have to follow those orders know that this would mean the end of russia and their total death. These people have families, and no one is ready to be a kamikazee for putin. Putin is using these threats because he is desperate to keep NATO from entering the conflict, because he knows NATO would end the war in Ukraine in a matter of days…

    1. I agree with everything you said, but I am here to add one more thing. Nuclear war would not only mean the end of Russia, but the end of the world. I just hope we don’t end up playing chicken with someone who has nothing to lose.

    2. Putin is not bluffing!! Hate to say this but get ready everybody gonna be long ride. Hope I’m wrong. But it’s not looking good.

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