1. I have had to work in a grocery store since the beginning of COVID. I am terrified of this happening at my job.

    1. This could happen anywhere. I work n a grocery also so get what u r saying. They just said our security can’t carry guns.

  2. This is my Home Town… The East Side of Buffalo. Please Pray for my City!!! Buffalo is a Great City with Great People (Mostly Family)!!! The citizens of Buffalo don’t deserve this!!!

  3. What ???😭😭😭
    🙏prayers to all the victims and
    families that lost someone in this incident.🥺

    1. @The Joker

      Does that really matter?
      A person who purposefully writes that type of filth is the type of person that is looking for what ever is coming their way.
      You wrote that comment for attention.
      You’ve got it.
      So now, I ask you again, does it really matter?
      Were you or weren’t you serious?
      It’s a simple question.

    1. @Cassandra Murray literally happened on the opposite side of the country

      funny how rent is so expensive in Cali but it lives rent free in your head

  4. The same thing that happen at home, El Paso, Texas. Sad just sad. My thoughts and prayers to the family.

    1. My grandmother used to say “those who are the hardest to love
      Need love the most
      Some people are just lost and they are like little children without direction
      They hold on to hatred and it eventually it manifest
      because we live in a broken lost world that hasn’t accepted God in their life”
      She passed away but I always remember when he said this to us when me and my siblings were children

  5. My prayers and deepest condolences to the families of the victims and the entire community.

  6. So uncalled for to hurt our fellow Americans. God bless the victims and their families. Standing in solidarity with the people of Buffalo.

  7. 10 people who can never eat, sleep, enjoy life anymore… so sad how a grocery run was the end for those people! RIP TO ALL VICTIMS!

    1. Right, I think about this every day when going to a store. Cause I am always there. I think about this when going to a theater, anywhere really, cause this has happened everywhere it seems.

  8. Damn it Im so tired of this. Peoples lives just cut short because of someone else’s problems. Rip.

    1. @N O One must consider the overall bigger picture. Yes it may work on a situational individual level but not the issue as a whole

  9. This is just devastating, I can’t even imagine my loved one popping into the local store and losing their life for it. My prayers are with the families and community. 💔

    1. @Charles Gerety ohh contrar•e my friend, the time is fast approaching where we will ALL live in peace right here on Earth, all races of humans will enjoy endless life with an abundance of peace, but first the “ surgery “ has to be performed to remove the cancer that is the root of all suffering, then, the healing, and rehabilitation will commence, will you be there?

  10. I lived through the Vegas Shooting. These people who survived will need therapy starting now. It’s a living nightmare. My heart breaks for every victim and their families. I pray for their strength

    1. That all you are prepared to do is “pray”, is exactly why this will happen again and again and again.

    2. Wow im in vegas right now a few blocks from the vegas shooting. I can’t even imagine. Please be safe and please pray for me im in rehab lol

  11. Rest In Peace to the victims I’m so sorry for this I hope this coward is let out into the general population in prison and gets his due

  12. Can’t imagine…praying for the affected family, May GOD be with you and ease your pain

  13. Very sad, prayers go to the familes definitely need to lift restrictions everyone has a right to protect themselves and family

  14. I have no words to say. Condolences to the family and friends of the victims. So said, the thing that is called Racial hate is just sickening and sad.

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