WATCH LIVE | People gather at site of Buffalo supermarket shooting

Shocked community members gather at Tops supermarket in Buffalo, NY, where 10 people were killed yesterday in a mass shooting.

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    1. @David Marvy That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve read this year. Twitch isn’t responsible we for what this animal did🤨

  1. Praying you the families who lost Love ones so tragically. These criminals need to be punished put in jail forever and stop having clueless governors allow Bail reform stop closing our jails

  2. Amen to the Pastors Prayer, May God lead the United States of America and its communities to a brighter future.

    1. @Rabo Karabekian I think everyone on this earth is in hell and is here for a reason I think this is hell

  3. Everytime something like this happens here go somebody screaming in the middle of a crowd of people then they disperse and nothing happens enough talking we need action at this point we’ve been yelling for years motivation is temporary dedication is what we need when your dedicated to change you don’t need somebody preaching and yelling about change

    1. Folks when the JEWS were slaves for 400 years in Egypt, God did not tell them to stay in the land of their oppressors and hope to be treated right. He told them to go to the promised land, even though they had built up much of their oppressors land.. Africa is our homeland, we were taking by force to come here and have been treated like dogs everyday for 400 years. What else do they have to do to show us we are not wanted or loved here, no matter what we do, we have fought in this country’s wars only t come home and be lynched, or ride on the back of the bus like my grandfather in ww2.

      Its time for them to pay us 400 years of back pay, give us our real African names back, while they can have their slave masters plantation names back as well. I also say, give all of us DNA test so we can find our real families back in Africa, along with paying for our trip back…
      No one should have to live in a country they are born in with this much hate.

  4. I saw the shootings online. His body cam. 5 mins. of him driving to the store. About 1 1/2 minutes of him shooting. Sparring a young white man after starting to shoot him. “Sorry.”

  5. America and Americans must be well practiced in prayers, condolences, and feelings of sadness by now! This isn’t even newsworthy anymore! You live by your “second amendment, you die by it too”! After all, if your hobby is to keep Cobras, be prepared to die by its poison one day! Aren’t you all getting fed up with prayers and condolences by now? Or is your love of guns stronger than your love for human lives? Until American society joins the rest of the civilised world, and gives up guns, it’s going to be an expert at vigils, prayers and condolences! Shameful really that not one politician in America has the cahonas to deal with this menace! Ah well! Till next headlines then 👋

  6. The next al sharpton hate baiters why can’t someone just talk with sympathy and remorse in stead of a goal of trying to sway someone’s mind anger is not the way to calm the sole..

  7. I hope the thugs and gangs don’t add to this. They cruise around hunting killing robbing. It sucks

  8. My cousin was there she’s safe thank god and a lady I know her son works as butcher at that location thank god he wasn’t at work they should demolish that tops and make it a memorial

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