1. Donald Trump Best President ever! God Bless President Donald Trump! He will be remembered as one of greatest leaders in the history of the world!

    1. President Trump is the best leader of our time! He’s done so much in so little time! Shows you that the past ones just didn’t care about serving the American people!

    2. @Maria Romero your opinion. In God eyes no he haven’t. No leadership. He did not take this serious when he stated running for president. This is something he wanted to add to his list. He selfish.

  2. Wow, now whenever a corrupt DNC black man dies it is a major event! he is not know for ANYTHING when he was in office and for how may years?!?

    1. This isn’t about politics. This isn’t about color. This about person who fought for voting rights & etc…This isn’t about picking side Republicans or Democrats. This man endured a lot to get where he was today. He fought a good fight. God bless him to see every race live together in a time that wasn’t possible.

  3. Good riddance! This man didn’t even have the decency to attend President Trump’s Inauguration! How disrespectful to the American people who voted for him!

    1. lewis is a racist bigot and a parasite hes the ammasdor of the devil him self hes nothing but a maggot thug

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