Congresswoman Calls For Reinstating The Federal Ban On Evictions

Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., is calling for the House to return from recess to extend the federal eviction moratorium, and she's protesting the ending of the moratorium by spending the night on the steps of the U.S. Capitol.

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Congresswoman Calls For Reinstating The Federal Ban On Evictions


  1. Imagine a mass eviction during the start of a new pandemic wave. It could be catastrophic for society.

    1. @Duchess Honey, they deposit the money and use cards. Ever been to a bank? Ever deposit money or use a credit/debit card?

    2. @juul cat Am I writing in Chinese? Here, I’ll try slowing it down: A…lot…of…people…cashed…their…stimulus…checks. CASH…not…credit…or…debit. So…how…can…the…government…track…CASH?

    3. @T. R. Campbell Democrats (most of whom are NOT progressive) actually have a slim majority since it’s 50/50 in the Senate. Kamara Harris can cast a one vote tie breaker. But you need much more than the slim majority of one vote to get things passed in Congress. And unlike in the past when Democrats and Republicans sometimes agreed to work together, that rarely happens now. If something like January 6 had happened during the presidency of Nixon or Carter, Dems and Repubs would have agreed on an investigation. And Trump almost certainly would be impeached if he didn’t resign. Why? Because in Nixon’s time you didn’t necessarily get voting on strict party lines. Nixon knew they had the goods on him, and that his Republican Party wouldn’t have backed him up simply because he ws a fellow Republican, or the top leader in his party. Both Dems and Repubs would cross party lines on quite a few issues. Hence less gridlock and sectarian feuds. If the current situation existed in the 1970s, even if there was the same per cent of Dems and Repubs in House and Senate as today, enough and Repubs would work across party lines to get stuff done.

    4. @Duchess all 3 combined checks comes to 4000.00 how do you figure that won’t pay a months rent? If your monthly rent is more than 4000.00 than you should not have a problem paying it!

  2. Rents are getting raised and people on S.S. can’t afford the raises most women only get a little over 800 a month raise the S.S. keep our elderly women off the streets.

    1. You not lying the most they were giving me was $900…you can barely afford electric and water and yes they are going up on the rents during the pandemic- cant get a one bedroom for that! Maybe an efficiency…not many of those available. Smdh.

    2. @Realpeopleneverpost juul cad said “I saw it when I saw his tax bill he signed” – I thought that sounded like juul “saw” President Biden sign it, too. 🙄
      (edit for exact quote)

    3. Vote for progressive Democrats, from the school board to the President. They are the only ones fighting for us ordinary people!

    4. @Richard Landgren We can….send them to their closest relative. Force families to act like families.

      What we can’t do is expect the taxpayer to cover the costs.

  3. Landlords don’t want to except the money they say comes late and it makes Thier mortgages late they would rather evict and move on to the next person.

    1. If I don’t pay my mortgage, the banks become their landlord, and how do you think that will go? You should try to think more than talk.

    1. ​@juul cat, How do you know “Everyone could?” You don’t know every person and household’s financial and living situations. It’s whatever fits the narrative for you. You’re making broad statements, based on assumptions about people you don’t even know personally and are then resorting to name-calling when people happen to disagree with you and say things you don’t like.

    2. ​@Christopher Allen, Way to generalize an entire group of people. What’s it like being able to read everyone’s mind on why they aren’t paying any or all of their rent? How do you know they’re not using their stimulus, savings, and other previous earnings to pay their bills? Not everyone decided to blow their stimulus checks on frivolous, materialistic crap.

    3. @Jaak Savat “Empathy” does not mean begging for people to feel sorry for you when you’re able bodied and misspent your money. Lots of useless adults getting evicted, and tent/camping prices raised. Now THAT’S justice. You snooze, you lose. That’s life, and life isn’t ‘gibb me furr free’. Get used to it.

    4. @Jaak Savat Have compassion for the Americans who were responsible for once, how’s that for empathy? LOL.

  4. Well if you people didn’t waste your time on grandstanding kangaroo courts for Republicans, maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess.

  5. Spent the last ‘several’ nights on the capitol porch…
    where was she last month?
    where was she 3 months ago…
    everyone knew this was going to happen… since it started… where was she the last 6 months?

    1. So one person alone is responsible for this? Where was Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer on this? They have the actual power over this, where were they?

    2. @WatchYaMouth even MSNBC said that yesterday. Even this crazy leftist channel said it was insane since we have democrats controlling all three branches.

  6. Fact: The federal eviction moratorium included protection against no-fault evictions, evictions where the tenant has paid all rent and done nothing wrong. So much for getting a job, working, earning income, paying the rent and playing by the rules during a pandemic and a national housing crisis. This is just one of myriad examples of why there is an exploding, widespread collapse of faith and trust in institutions in American society.

    1. So the landlord wants to end the lease. So what ? When you rent a place, you don’t own it. You should be able to leave once the lease is done, and the landlord should be able to force you to leave, when the lease is done.

    2. @Johnny Ringo Not necessarily. That all depends on state, county and city laws. Leases do not legally create, make or confer tenant’s rights, laws and city ordinances do. Tenants don’t own, they have exclusive possession by contract. Cashed rent checks are themselves signed contracts, in addition to leases and month-to-month terms. State, county and city laws can and do also say landlords can’t simply refuse to receive payments of rent. State, county and city laws can and do stipulate how or when the terms of leases end. Even the end of or termination of a leases does not necessarily mean or equal the end of the tenant’s rights or legal exclusive possession. Most of all, what you said is also completely beside the point; the need for the evictions moratorium has been and is due to the pandemic. The pandemic isn’t over.

    3. @YTPartyTonight A lease has an end date. And, after that end date, there are month to month rules. An owner of a property has to have the right to use it as they wish. Whether they wish to rent it at all, or to tenant x or y…it’s Their decision because it is Their private property.

    4. @Johnny Ringo “An owner of a property has to have the right to use it as they wish. Whether they wish to rent it at all, or to tenant x or y” That depends on the relevant state laws and city ordinances where the property in question is.

  7. @Cori Bush. Im so happy to see that we the people have a woman like this fighting for us. SHE SHOULD BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT .

    1. @2tone 2tone A whole essay about my viewership of a station I do not watch. Painful to read. Did your sources lie about Russian collusion? Maybe that Trump said all Mexicans are rapists? Or that Kavanaugh attended drunken college gang rapes? Or that Covid did not originate in Wuhan? Or that Trump did not pay his taxes? Did you media push for lockdowns and a covid response that crippled the economy, lead to more suicides and domestic abuse than covid deaths, and as of this week just kicked off a comically hilarious homeless crisis, of mostly Dem voters?

      The 20’s are off to being a humiliating time for followers of Dem state media. Idk what FOX reports 99% of the time, but i do know most FOX opinion shows were calling Russian collusion a HOAX and they were correct about that.

    2. @P D Trump didn’t bring any vaccine, and he wasted precious time at first even denying that the pandemic was real. the moron!

    3. @JayRo The poorest and least educated states are mostly Republican ruled. And the pandemic seems to be greater there. Florida is leading the nation in the number of infections. Didn’t YOUR media (Fox News) inform you of this?

    4. @SagesseNoir Republican States are doing fine, lower unemployment than Blue and in the next few weeks, when the evictions hit, they will do much better as well. The Demoncrats are collapsing America

    1. @MkII True, but there’s no way to “encourage” people to pay rent without the threat of eviction. And for landlords that can’t even get rent, late fees are out of the question.

  8. Deadbeat nation. We need evictions to move forward, asap.

    If you can’t afford a place, then share.

  9. Well, if the landlords can’t collect rent then it is only fair that the banks can’t collect mortgage.

  10. The congress has given you all months and months or more of freedom. You all had a chance to create a side hustle or create a new job or learn new valuable skills. But what have you all been doing for almost 2 years?

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