Evangelical Christians More Resistant To Vaccine Than Most Other Groups 1

Evangelical Christians More Resistant To Vaccine Than Most Other Groups


Evangelical Christians are more resistant to getting the vaccine than other major religious groups, according to new WSJ reporting.

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Evangelical Christians More Resistant To Vaccine Than Most Other Groups


    1. @Gabe Dudley I think you’re vastly wrong about how bad Jews were slaughtered around WW2. What’s happening now shouldn’t even be compared to that. You just have a victim complex.

    2. Agreed. Trump replaced “Jesus Chist” on the cross at calvary to 75 Million people in this country today. Christians radio station discus Trump far more than Jesus Christ now. I’m serious!

    3. @David Sean Hannity, Fox and Friends, and many other trumpot TV reporters – some come out claiming completed vaccines and some stay in the closets.

  1. I dont get it. Such a selfish act. I guess that makes sense.
    They are owning the Libs by killing each other.

    1. @Vertabreaker My definition of selfish???
      People acting like their “Rights or Liberties” are more important than other peoples rights and liberties.
      Its simple science. If we had a higher number of people getting vaccinated it limits the spread of Covid.
      When people say their rights are being trampled on by having to wear a mask in heavily populated areas (which HELPS to prevent the spread… Key word HELPS) They are being selfish by NOT thinking of others that might be more vulnerable than themselves. There are people with actual disabilities and diseases Like Cancer and HIV etc. that have to be extra careful out there.
      Yet we have religious zealots saying things like “God will protect me from this virus” (yes … Protection in the for of a vaccine)
      If people cant even protect one another by vaccines and mask I dont want to hear one dam word about abortion. That has nothing to do with this conversation and I am sick and tired of people using that as an argument.
      Its complete hogwash and gas lighting.
      There is a reason we dont have measles polio and many other life threatening illnesses anymore.
      Vaccines have come a long way since the 1790s.
      And people have been using mask to prevent the spread of diseases for centuries.
      Yet we have complete SELFISH Aholes saying wearing a mask is taking away their rights.
      Completely SELFISH …

    2. @VertabreakerAre you going to take care of all the babies if you’re so Pro-life. Have at it. Start with the starving children in the world.. chances are you are full of hot air. Pfffft

    1. You’d think after being taught about talking burning bushes, talking serpents, wood that turns into a snake, collecting 2 each of 2.4 million animals, living in a fish for 3 days then walking out, etc. would make them pretty astute….. oh wait, that crap might be what destroys common sense and not builds it?

    2. Is it really a bad thing if a few religious crazies die? They don’t really contribute to a modern day society at all!

  2. I am a CHRISTian, completely sold out and I immediately took my vaccine shots when they were available

    1. @Chris.L
      You also will not answer my question- who are you to not accept the gift of vaccination that God has given you? That’s not very good stewardship of your body…

    2. @Chris.L Did your imaginary god tell you to thumb up each of your comments immediately after posting them? Your god of love and peace – who will burn you for all eternity of you don’t worship him?

    3. God made it so easy just to accept his son Jesus Christ love him and you will have eternal life you have free will brother do what you may please

    4. @ThunderDog97 Jesus Christ loves you too brother he’s just waiting for you to accept him into your life and see how blessed you will be and see how the whole world will change don’t be scared to do it

    5. @Chris.L Too late, he should have done that when I was in Sunday school, or when I was going to church, or when I actually read the bible. I don’t need his “love” or threats of revenge as I don’t believe in dark ages mythology like I did when I was a child.

  3. These are the same folks who were attracted to Trump’s autocratic message: “I alone can fix it.” They’re not critical thinkers; they’re blind followers.

    1. @Wark Mahlberg First …”slaughter”? … no. Choice. You may believe nascent life — a fetus — is a baby but it isn’t until it can be born and survive outside the womb without massive medical intervention.
      Cancerous cells in the human body are alive … until removed. My fingers are alive, unless they’re cut off.
      Until a fetus is born, it is a part of the woman in whose womb it is growing and the choice as to whether or not a fetus should be removed of left grow to become a baby is and should be the woman’s choice.
      IF you want less abortions then support government policy that makes abortion the choice less likely to be taken.

    2. @not your cat That doesn’t make her stupid it just proves she’s … at best … willfully ignorant.

    3. @not your cat The vaccine doesn’t make you healthy if you’re not otherwise healthy BUT it can help you stay healthier just as the polio vaccine can help keep you healthier and the smallpox vaccine can help keep you healthier . Just as a rabies vaccine can help keep pets healthier.

    4. Not an evangelical but I find it rich the people who believed the Russian troop bounty, Photo op, Wuhan was a conspiracy and Nicolaus Sandmann was mean to a Native American stories cult calling others blind followers!!

    1. @David the BIg Guy is sky daddy, the bearded cat, eye in the sky, the big kahuna
      10% is TITHE
      And they call themselves Xtians lol

    2. and again, as that crowd often does, in a completely hypocritical way. cars run because of gasoline. how did we figure this out? science. cell phones connect to a signal that allows us to connect to each other. what figured this out? science. electricity AT ALL. science is what allows for this. why do they believe that particular science and gladly turn on their lights, drive their cars, and talk on their cell phones, when they are against science vs. god. it’s ridiculous crap. and i wouldn’t mind it, believe what you want, if it wasn’t causing all this illness and death for so many other people. it has gone too far.

    1. The fear of losing donations is an indictment on the church and its priorities. It’s no longer about serving God, it’s about how much money it can milk from large congregations. I am cynical.

  4. Anyone that gets their medical advice from a politician or a religious leader instead of an actual doctor, deserves whatever happens to them.

    1. Maybe the religious leaders should be faulted for failing to protect their parishioners.

      Too many people delude themselves into thinking they know what’s in the mind of God. They pick and choose among different things and claim some things are gifts from God and others are from the Devil.

      Not all religious leaders are like that. The current Pope is opposed to abortion, but says each person should decide for him or herself. He does not presume to know God’s thoughts on this. American Bishops, on the other hand, want to deny communion to Catholic politicians who are pro-choice.

      Me, I’m with the Pope on this one. After all, he is a scientist and I’m sure he has examined the question thoroughly.

      Pax vobiscum.

    1. @mtronix Along with you too my good sir! Apparently the vaccine never really protected you after all!

    2. ….and so far “praying” has a, checks notes, Zero success rate. Think I’m going to stick with science.

    3. It must be hard for you to get up, trying to figure out which foot goes down first. So sorry you’re this dumb. Actually not sorry. Please kiss someone with the delta variant! @Doughnut complain

  5. as an amateur agnotologist…
    and a Baptist preachers kid…
    that left the silliness…
    let me say I’m not surprised in the least…

    1. I read the Bible in it’s entirety during quarantine. I also read the Apocrypha, removed from the Bible in the 1800s. Enoch, Jasher and Jubilees are from the Dead Sea Scrolls. It all makes sense. Please don’t leave God.

    2. I am roman catholic and glad that all my family is vaxxed (south america). The vaccination took part mostly in our churches! Thats another thing 2 be proud of!
      These evangelicals seem to be a strange sort of people, very ignorant, sometimes hatefull against others.
      No love, no modesty, no humility, IMHO some of the piles of christianity.
      But I ve heard, that in the USA, there are also problems with roman catholics (some bishops vs Biden).

  6. They’re also resistant to decency, democracy, science, truth, accountability, basic concern for the well-being of others…

    1. @Meryle W nope….. Your wrong.
      Go look at the CDC own report…
      I’m not able to post the link for some reason.

    2. @Henry Steel Henry what you are saying is not even logical. I heard three newscasters say the same thing within 24 hours. If you are not vaxxed you will show up in a hospital Think man.

    3. @Meryle W Well that’s your problem right there. The media is pure propaganda.
      Like with all variants…. They are more contagious but less deadly.
      They telling you that in your news?

  7. Evangelicals are not Christians in my Opinion. They are organized like any garden variety Cult. The whole set-up is Grifting just like Family Dumpus.

    1. @Andrew Stamford It was a joke. Did you ever see the movie called “Lilies of the Field”? With Sidney (I can’t spell his last name). Anyhow he showed up at a German nun convent and built a church for them. He asked a local if he was Catholic and the actor stated “he was born Catholic”. I thought it was funny. So why did my comment become an anti-Catholic slur. I believe in God. But I do not believe in honoring Mary or saints. I believe Jesus is a moral leader for humanity but not the son of God. I do not believe that God intervenes in human affairs. And my sister who claims to be a devout Catholic also believes Q-anon is real. It’s scary.

    2. @may wilson Mennonites and Amish children are not baptized until they decide to follow the faith. No infant baptism. Besides I only believe in God. But I am not Jewish. (Not that there is anything wrong with that).

    3. @Toshiro Arcadia None of the above. Can’t you just be fine with people hating on big pharma, corrupt politicians, and corrupt legacy media? Yeesh, what’s wrong with despising and wanting the worse for those three clearly evil groups of people?

    4. @Toshiro Arcadia You also forgot that people picked Trump purely because they hate career politicians. Biden is just that and at this point, everyone hates career politicians and we all want them out of congress and out of our lives. Give the stance of anti-career politicians a chance.

    1. @Abe Jimenez Hey Abe don’t push your belief to me or anyone else. I think abortion is necessary for some people. If you have five children and can hardly feed them and then pregnant with 6th you should be able to get an abortion if you believe you are doing the right thing. Getting a tubal or any other birth control should be offered. People like you should not be in politics or govt in any way shape or form. No one has the right to tell anyone else what they MUST do.

    2. I didn’t, but I thought about it. Our church staff has worked very hard to keep politics out of our church, and mostly succeeded. I did leave the Republican Party, though.

    3. I left my church when they refused to mask up. I will find a new church when this is over or just watch online.

    4. @Deborah Collins Name one good thing Dementia Joe Kid Touch has done or explain why you are even talking???????

    1. @Kris Bennefield are you referring to me? If so my statement was like opening a cupboard in one of the Kushner luxury appts and roaches scrambling everywhere.

    2. @Mary Ann M on Mitch-
      We can see It [polio] really affected his neck and his allegiance to the country and it’s constitution

  8. What’s sad is jesus taught followers to respect the government… he never taught anti-government sentiments. Give to caesar what is caesars. Give to god what is god’s.

    1. God wants us to use our common sense, or if the government told you to point out ‘anti-vaxers’ in the street so that they can be taken to a camp away from society because they are a danger to it, would you still think the government were justified? Thats how it starts in every dictatorial regime, you are just seeing the beginning of it – demonise your opposition to get the public against them.
      have you ‘rendered unto God that which is God’s’ David – your life, as He bought it on the cross.

      Type in ‘world economic forum – the great reset’ sometime
      God Bless

  9. Christian Right is still trying to jump-start Armageddon so they can be saved immediately. You can’t fix stupid.

    1. Trying to make that rapture happen. They probably think that Covid is caused by one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and to get vaccinated against it is going against God’s will or something.

    2. @Joe Mama Meanwhile, up the holler, we hear… “if it was so bad what uncle donnie is doing momma would stop it, right?”
      So sad

    3. Those fake “christians” are the very people that Christ will turn away and say “Begone, I never knew you.” They are the LEAST Christian according to the word of the Bible than anyone I know, including atheists, who at least have ethics and understand what the words “Love your neighbor as yourself” means.

  10. Christians believe people have a right to decide what happens to their body. Unless of course you’re a woman. (aka baby factory) This is just another examples of their hypocrisy and ignorance.

  11. Imagine calling yourself a Christian, but endorse making money as being more important than human lives.

    1. @Doughnut complain
      Imagine calling yourself smart and voting for a man who claimed injecting disinfectants as the cure for Covid.

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