Congresswoman Proposes Expanding Payroll Tax Credit | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Congresswoman Proposes Expanding Payroll Tax Credit | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. 40,000,000 unemployed Americans on top of the 100,000 dead Americans & we have only begun! This is all tRumps fault!

    1. Welcome you have arrived to the obama economy
      Obama : this is the new norma get use to it 😉

    1. @Cubs MLB Perfect Inning Gaming Did you receive training from the same theatre arts professor that Hillary Clinton did? Or are you just reading Hillary’s script?

    2. @Cubs MLB Perfect Inning Gaming missed a MLB world series game to accompany Bill Clinton to Russia for Bill’s speech after Bill promised him a few points from Hillary’s Russian Uranium One Deal

    3. @Cubs MLB Perfect Inning Gaming missed a world series game to assist Russian Uranium Czar Hillary Clinton finish up her Uranium One Deal because he is a Russian operative and Hillary promised him a piece of the action

    I love the word “Qualified”. Perfect legal way to Discriminate !

    1. If you don’t have protection against eviction during this time then you need to look at your state’s governor. I’ll bet he/she is republican

    1. He wanted to buy eliminating federal payroll tax. But Nancy Pelosi and all the other Democunts did not want to do that. They had to get money in the bill for people funding their re-election.

  3. I am starting to get the feeling that next year the government is going to screw everyone on their tax returns because they were “forced to help the people”

  4. We are not interested in a payroll tax reduction..that does nothing for us! Does not put food on the table or pay the bills. How can you help us ALL at the same time…we need a few months of cash stimulus.
    Republicans…we are paying attention to who is denying the people of help ( with our own money), you’ll be voted out too! 👍 Stimulus 💯. 👍 Stimulus 💯. 👍Stimulus 💯. 👍Stimulus 💯. 👍 Stimulus 💯

  5. Tax credit? Does this mean all that tax is due April 15… I heard that your tax owed does not change…

  6. Dear America:
    If you want this economic crisis to end faster, then wear a mask, pay attention to the experts and let’s stop giving the corona more food.
    The Other Part of America Who Aren’t Idiots

  7. Proppose term limits. We don’t trust Congress at all. You guys don’t care about anyone but yourselves

  8. This literally only helps big business and does nothing about the 40+ million Americans out of work or underemployed. We are getting real close to the last straw here.

  9. This is BS. the Payroll tax funds both Social Security and Medicare. This is wrong and this Congresswoman should know better

  10. Joe I took a 4 day bteak from the news amd I am so sadden to hear the galse accusations trump has made against you. Keep us the good work. You and relevant and essential for such a time as this.

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