Congresswoman Says It's 'Critical' We Get People Vaccinated | MSNBC 1

Congresswoman Says It’s ‘Critical’ We Get People Vaccinated | MSNBC


Rep. Mikie Sherrill, D-NJ, joins Morning Joe to discuss new concern over coronavirus infections and hospitalizations around the U.S., troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and the push for infrastructure.

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Congresswoman Says It's 'Critical' We Get People Vaccinated | MSNBC


  1. Just focus on vaccinating Democrats and Independents…. MAGA dont want vaccinations, let the Evangelicals and Darwin take care of the GOP.

    1. @Josef Good. The quicker these anti-vaxxer exercise their choice to succumb to this virus, the better of we’ll be.

    2. @Josef BS. The anti-vaxxers are virtually 100% Trump supporters. They are also 100% of the deaths from COVID. You should research a topic before commenting on it. You’ll flaunt your ignorance less.

    3. @Josef it most certainly is about MAGA and the GOP. They didnt advocate for choice, they ridiculed and undermined science and common sense and spread sickness, death, and misinformation. Who are unvaccinated? Red Hats. Where are the major outbreaks? Red ststes and purple states…. you do not have a right to endanger your fellow citizens. And since when did the GOP ever care about anyones right to choose anything? Pure bs.

    4. @Michael W Migrants at the border are testing positive for Covid and are being released into the country. How many migrants have entered the USA without being tested.

  2. Republicans were so cool with tRump diddling Ivanka I guess they learned that in there churches

    1. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH Is everything racist to you? I’m saying William H is a day old account posing as someone else. You really have a whole deck of race cards geez.

    2. @David M I apologize what I’ve been encountering recently is that people are telling me that I’m not black enough to have my own account and I read your comment too fast forgive me

    3. @David M now you see how I did that I have the courage in my convictions why don’t you learn to do the same instead of having a screwed up attitude?

    4. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH I hear ya. This is not the most friendly environment obviously. I’ve seen your comments before man. I’m on your side. My attitude? C’mon. You went off too.

  3. I retired from the service in ‘05, and I don’t recall any vaccination being “optional’. Flu, anthrax, smallpox, etc., if they were perceived as a threat to readiness you got them, PERIOD.

    1. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH Yes, they were talking about mandatory vaccination on *military bases.* Did you even watch the video?

    2. Those vaccines have been around for +60 plus years. All the covid vaccines were just released months ago. No one knows about the long term side effects of the vaccines just yet.

    3. @Navy Chop actually I’m shoeing my age. First anthrax was 6. About 3 years later it got down to 3.

    4. PSA: “REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH” and “Oppressed speaker of the truth” are bot accounts. Their names are a dead giveaway. Don’t bother engaging them because they are programmed to be obnoxious and spread disinformation and be divisive, and that’s all. Gratitude and respect to our veterans, from Indiana!

    5. @Debra Meyer We are prob about the same age since I turned 25 in boot camp (’94) and attended OCS at 27. I started my series in ’99 and finished up after transferring to San Diego later year. My last shot was sometime in 2000. Not wanting to start over I deliberately asked for them at NMCSD in San DIego.

  4. There are a ton of troll accounts on here lately. If you click on their names you can see that they joined YouTube a few days ago but have a ridiculous amount of comments meant to troll actual people on here.

  5. yes, but sadly because it’s critical, that’s exactly why the GOP leaders will continue to discourage their voters from doing it. They see Biden’s approval rating for the pandemic as a real obstacle. That’s all this is about.

    1. As these more transmissible variants spread and the death count rises, it will have the same withering affect on the GOP that Trump’s year-long lie about the existence and lethality of this virus had on his chances of winning a second term. Because for the unwitting Trump voter, owning the Libs was always an exercise in cutting off the nose to spite the face.

    2. @Ronald Stanley there is a historical reason for this choice. The Tuskegee experiment, as well as other “science” directed against POC, is still in the minds of many.

  6. Please name Fox “News” as the primary source where the lies and misinformation are coming from.

    1. You think MSNBC is telling the truth??? This country is in trouble if people watch and believe any news outlets!

  7. That Omega Variant is gone be a BEAST 10 20 BOOSTERS(with more rare side effects of course rare ) a year..YEEAAAH !.. … That’s if we ain’t in Great Depression 2.0 or Ww3 by then….They really really wanna get that hi tech fluid into everybody

  8. I’ve friends on Facebook who are buying into all the misinformation that Facebook allows to be posted, the goverment needs to step up and hold Facebook accountable.

  9. This is like a war and we are called to serve our country and fellow being get vaccinated

    1. Please tell us you are fully vaccinated. You gotta walk the walk. There are too many of those crazy rational thinkers out there that refuse to take the vaccine.

    2. @Pj Romanov what other alternative is there then self transformation in the world my friend

    3. @Michael Dennis Tooley it’s nice to care about our fellow persons wich is why I dislike the CDC hijacking that lovely sentiment to use as a way to guilt ppl into taking a harmful jab .

    4. @Pj Romanov I’m sorry you feel that way. I definitely think it’s right to get the vaccine however I wouldn’t guilt anyone and would make sure to respect anyone who chose a different path. Have a blessed weekend friend

  10. 2 year old caught covid19, her Grandma told me it took months for baby to recover. Don’t let that happen to your child if they qualify to receive the Free Vaccines.

    1. Please tell me you are not one of those craaaaaaazy anti-vaxers and that you are fully vaccinated.

  11. We have been in Afghanistan for 20 years training their military and others to run their own defense. After 20 years, if this nation cannot or will not defend themselves, the clearly this occupation strategy does not work.

  12. Mandatory vaccinations do not violate anyone’s freedoms. People always have the freedom to work, attend school, shop somewhere else. Those that like to use the old “it’s a free country”, can feel free to leave.

    1. Clearly, they have forgotten they could not enter school without proof of vaccinations. Not worth arguing with them using facts. Their minds are made up.

  13. I am forever grateful to Dr IGUDIA on YouTube who cured me from herpes with his herbal medication, you are so real and trusted.

  14. I drove into the Parking Lot of a Large Supermarket chain in London England today and there was a large NHS ( National Health Service ) Trailer there where you could just park and walk into the Trailer and get Vaccinated for Free, they have them all over London now.

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