Ten-Year-Old Model With Down Syndrome, Mom Share Their Message | MSNBC 1

Ten-Year-Old Model With Down Syndrome, Mom Share Their Message | MSNBC


Mia Armstrong, a 10-year-old model with Down syndrome, and her mother, Cara, say that what some would call Mia's disability is actually her superpower. They're working to change how the world sees people with Down syndrome and joined Stephanie Ruhle to share their message. "You have to treat people nicely," Mia says.

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Ten-Year-Old Model With Down Syndrome, Mom Share Their Message | MSNBC


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  1. Child actors and models should be illegal just like child labor laws say… We all know what happens to the children when they grow up…

    1. I do not like you picked this story to chat on but I absolutely love your name and what you are doing…

    1. ​@Real American Well, you are the party that accepted donations from Epstein so child models makes complete sense!

      Why would you predators care about child labor laws?

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