Conservatives Boo Pence And Cheer Trump At Religious Conference 1

Conservatives Boo Pence And Cheer Trump At Religious Conference


Showing just how much the GOP remains the party of Trump, Mike Pence was booed and called a traitor while speaking at a religious forum where other GOP lawmakers cheered Trump over and over. Bill Kristol and Al Franken discuss.
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    1. Mike “Flyhead” Pence … the guy the insurrectionists wanted to hang. Why don’t these people just make a clean break with the insanity of fascist Trumpism?

    1. @Eldon Janzen There are a lot of prophets in American christianity…. ooops, I mean PROFITS.

    1. @wileycoyotegenius1 why should it be made illegal? That’s the kind of archaic measure a Christian would suggest.
      The problem with Christianity and others is their demand on others to believe. Ya know, the dogma. The onus is therefore on them to stop telling others what to do, not the other way round.

    2. @Donna Brockbank I am hardly alone. Read people like Donald Hoffman, Dean Radin, Rupert Sheldrake, Charles Tart and many, many others. The physicalist paradigm is on its last legs. I need to convince nobody of anything, time will reveal the truth in bits and pieces. It is a fascinating time to be alive if one rids themselves of beliefs and has a truly open mind.

    3. @Paul Weston Thank you, I hope you do well also, whether with your Spinoza god or any other. Your particular god is equal in my eyes to every other god – none of which are real, not yours, not theirs and not anyone else’s either. The whole planet would be a better place if no gods were followed as that has caused more death and destruction on the planet than any other issue ever.

    4. @ThunderDog97 I can see you are not well-read. It is unyielding belief that gets people dead. Atheism is every bit as guilty of murdering people as any fundamentalist regime. I do not care whether or not you are intellectually curious, but we have a problem when you want to shut that down. I would say same exact thing to Daniel Dennett, or to Jerry Falwell Jr.

    5. @Paul Weston I’m retired, a former senior executive and I have travelled much of the world. But do go on…. tell me about what an ill informed fool I am. — or — get your ‘vision’ checked because you clearly don’t “see” clearly. Why the consistency in religious bigots like yourself talking down to people with opposing views? You may think you’re all high and mighty but frankly I am extremely under impressed by what you think is your brilliance. Good day.

  1. America refused to address or even acknowledge its Christian extremist problem.

    Now it no longer has a politically stable government or a functioning election system.

    1. @X Ray why? Because I pointed out some facts that you didn’t like? I love everyone, except those who plot against me and wish to cause me harm.

  2. “If we are going to defeat the woke assault, then all of us need to wake up.” Ted Cruz reaching new heights of linguistic absurdity.

    1. “But you guys can do that, we here in Texas had another major power outage during this once in a century heat wave, so I’m heading for Cancun.”

    2. Imagine if Cruz & the rest wake up – by golly, then they’d be woke too! From his mouth to God’s ear.

    3. He’s urging the flock to be woke to the woke assault. Like fighting woke cancel culture by cancelling woke culture.

    1. “But a short time elapsed after the death of the great reformer of the Jewish religion, before his principles were departed from by those who professed to be his special servants, and perverted into an engine for enslaving mankind, and aggrandizing their oppressors in Church and State.” — Thomas Jefferson

    1. @Thomas Appelby they invented a religious CULT. It’s called Trumpism and it’s Neo-Fascist.

    2. @thatdallascowboysfan 305 CRT is not white=bad. It is a deeper dive into history since it seems a lot of people have twisted views on slavery etc. It is not a religion as it is backed up with historical sources. Religion is not historically accurate, that’s why we don’t call it history.

      If you’re fine with implementing religion in school you’re also fine if that religion is Islam or Mormonism, right?

    3. @thatdallascowboysfan 305 Your religion is for your home and your church. There is no place in school for religion, schooling is about learning facts not myths from the dark ages. You have, and should have, your freedom of religion. You should NOT have the right to indoctrinate children into your beliefs – well except your own children (sadly).

    4. @thatdallascowboysfan 305 “I 100% disagree because if children are taught critical race theory and white children are told they are suppressors and we have the Wright to practice your religion freely that includes schools”

      That’s an asinine take. You obviously don’t understand what CRT is, or what “wrights” you have.

    1. @Chad Plourde the only one who cares about the issues was Bernie Sanders and the people didn’t see it. That’s why all the other politicians hate him especially the elite like Hillary and Trump. best wishes.

    2. @SirMeowcelot the real issues r being swept under the rug and u guys watching this is just stupid why did u guys comment like this because of what they showed u making fun of religion????!! The news divides best wishes to u too

    3. @Chad Plourde he’s proved many times that he doesn’t care about us or our country. Turning American against American is the biggest red flag, and is in no way excusable nor forgivable.

  3. Seriously, what is Pence still doing on the show? He was voted off months ago. I mean, I enjoy the drama, but at some point it gets a little sad.

  4. Let me get this straight. A conferenence of “Christian” republicans boo an actual Christian, and past VP, in favor of a man who who had numerous Christian church leaders forcibly, and aggressively, removed from a Christian church, and then pepper sprayed, so he could do a photo op in front of that church that he’s never set foot in, holding a book he’s never read or heard anyone else read (his “two corinthians” comment was a give away)?

    1. Most do not know the meaning of Christianity
      They hide brhind the label. If Jesus appeared to them, they would tell Him ” Go back where you came from”. Hypocrites.

    2. @marguerite Gastanaga
      I think you’re right. For some reason white American Christians think Jesus was a white man. He undoubtedly had darker skin being from the middle east, and these people would want him arrested and deported if he showed up in their town looking like an immigrant.

    3. The same loser who incited a angry mob to overthrow the U.S. government. The same loser who brags about p-grabbing. the same loser who haven’t spend 20 minutes of his worthless life in a church. This cheater they cheer!

  5. I’m going to change careers and become a comedian. As long as Republicans and the right-wing exists I’ll have material for the rest of my life.

    1. No I meant comedian. The republicans give me so many good jokes to tell and they’ll write themselves.

  6. Jesus didn’t behave like that. “I like your Jesus. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Jesus.” -Ghandi

  7. The vast majority of people who so proudly claim the title of “Christian” show in every way that they are the furthest thing from displaying any Christian qualities. They disgust me.

    1. The Christian belief system has nothing to do with truth or morality, only control.

      And when it comes to America, radicalized Christian extremists want control.

    2. @Macgruber American Christianity is the worst. It’s bastardized to the point of unrecognizable.

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