Democrats Are ‘Burning Precious Time’ With Month-Long Vacation

Rachel Maddow points out that when Republicans wanted to take advantage of their majority and get more done, they cut their August recess short, and argues that Democrats would be wise to do the same considering how much they want to get done and the acute risk of losing their majority control of Congress.
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  1. Yep, just like every other team working to meet a critical deadline. You put up and get the job done. Hit them where it hurts…penalize the slackers, reneg their vacation and put in the overtime.

  2. Taking off an entire month when the country is going down the drain is an embarrassment. Way to represent your constituents.

    1. SERIOUSLY. if it were any different than the last 2 guys, I might have been shocked….

  3. Use Mitch’s words against him when he complains . Rachel you are absolutely right . Quit “debating” & do what needs done .

  4. I don’t understand why any politician would ever get a vacation. Most Americans don’t even get a paid week off in a year let alone a month paid off.

    1. @Will Ulik Miyas Or Republicans when they don’t want to install a democratic judge (Garland during Obama’s term).

    2. Because they are the ones creating laws for all. They take away our paid time off but keep adding to theirs.

  5. I thought of the Democrats’ problem like a three-wish genie. If you have a limited number of wishes, what would you wish on? I’d wish for an unlimited number of wishes. And that’s what I think the voting rights bill is. A chance to keep the majority in both chambers. A way to buy more time and press for all the other issues they want to legislate.

  6. A friggin’ MONTH LONG vacation! lol and they wonder way they poll lower than even our WORST Presidents! 🤣

  7. Get rid of manchin he’s playing like he’s trying to get bipartisan but he’s stalling for the Republicans he’s a trader and a trumper he’s getting dark money and does not care about nobody but his pocket do the vote Tuesday and let the people see who he is a trumper in disguise he thinks he is slick but the people see who manchin is another greedy trumper

    1. Republicans are working to replace him. So I guess the Democrats and Republicans agree. 😁

  8. Dems biggest issue sometimes is the dems. Get it together dems. You lose your own advantages at times and it’s frustrating. We vote for you and you squander it away. Wake up

    1. Don’t worry. The Dems WILL blow it, and Republicans will take back the House in 2022. At that point you can focus your ire at House Speaker McCarthy

  9. Term limits and they don’t need to campaign. Actually work, for a change. Two terms and out.

  10. Ok, sure. One week to go home and prepare. Tell the kids, the sibs, and the neighbours that you’re off to do your job because if you don’t get the job done, you’ll have plenty of time to spend with them, read lots of stuff and maybe even do some gardening … after the next election.

  11. Considering the Republicans standard operational track record, it’s astonishing that the WH cannot, or will not, get done what has to be done post haste; for the sake of all the American people.
    The devious Right is already well on it’s way to successfully blocking most of whats planned by Democrats.
    If Dems miss getting it done by the recess, it’ll be to their detriment, probably forever.
    And i’m only an outsider looking in from Germany!

  12. If voters feel let down by the democrats because of “bipartisanship” Republicans will sweep the 2022 election and create the infrastructure for Emperor Trump.
    This is not the time for a Neville Chamberlain appeasement.

  13. Yes…we are wasting time on Trump and not paying attention to the serious major issues that must be addressed.

  14. Don’t say a majority is “precious”; why is a Democratic majority such a good thing, but a Republican one isn’t? It’s because nobody should have a majority. I thought SJWs only liked minorities, so it’s a double standard if they like the Democratic party right now.

  15. They can take a month off because they care just as much about we the people as the Republicans do. (ZERO)

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