VP Harris Holds Third Event This Week On Protecting Voting Rights 1

VP Harris Holds Third Event This Week On Protecting Voting Rights


Texas State Rep. Jessica González, who met VP Harris and Sen. Manchin in DC, said Texas Democrats expressed the need for urgent federal action on voting rights to protect against the “coordinated” attack on democracy by Republicans. Aisha Yaqoob Mahmood said voting rights advocate told VP Harris during her visit to Georgia that “time is of the essence” but adds that Georgia voters are “ready for the fight."
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  1. How come she has to stay ten Paces behind, and to the right of Jim Crow, when they’re on stage together. Voter ID now!

    1. @James Pardue yea. Remember when illegal border crossings were down 73%. They sure did a good job. Then Kid Sniffer Joe came along and told everyone they would be given benefits.

    2. @Jeremy Backup why do democrats always say dumb things and never back up their wack job false claims?

    3. @Jeremy Backup The Cartels have pretty much taken over the Pacific Northwest flooding the area with Fentanyl with President Sippy Cups border policy

  2. She’s failing at doing anything regarding illegal immigration so now time for her to move on to something else.

  3. Of course she is, that’s how she got elected. She would like nothing more than to endorse voter fraud in America so people like her get to continue in positions of power. VP groupie knows a lot about positions, just ask Willie Brown

    1. ​@Eman Rodr Hey man, 3 more years of you whining like this makes me happy. Losing in a landslide hurts, i know you’re butt hurt

    2. @Steve Mausehardt Hey man, 3 more years of you whining like this makes me happy. Losing in a landslide hurts, i know you’re butt hurt

    3. @Joe C whining who whining buddy? I’m laughing. If I recall Democrats were the ones crying their brains out for 4 years straight. & plus, I do count fraudulent elections

    4. @Eman Rodr right, so when Trump said 2016 was rigged you believed that too, so Hillary should’ve been president. Not even trumps own handpicked judges thought the cases had any merit. You lost , whine more

    1. @Skankhunt36 It was LOWEST unemployment rates and best economy for everyone before covid. And it was the DEMOCRAT run states that destroyed their own state economies by extending the lockdowns until just a couple weeks ago. 15 days turned into MORE THAN A YEAR in every single Blue state. South Dakota never locked down, their state economy remained open and on top of the nation the entire time.

      Immigration stopped almost dead under Trump with the “Stay in Mexico” policy and the border wall going up in critical spots. Those people were NOT automatically allowed in like Biden let in more than 175,000 in a single MONTH when he got in. BTW most of the ones Biden let in were actively infected with covid and were released into the USA with NO court dates, they were NOT quarantined.

      The separation of children was signed into law by BILL CLINTON and has been happening in all 50 states since that day. Moral of the story, don’t commit a Felony when your kids are with you or you end up losing them. When Trump found out about that policy HE STOPPED IT at the border, but your MSM never told you that…..

      Also, point of fact, more than 75% of the kids coming to the border with adults were NOT related to those adults, they were being illegally trafficked by those adults, so separating those kids from the human traffickers was a GOOD THING.

      Regarding your “letting people die under his watch” comment, you’re insane if you think the Democrats would have done better when they freely ADMIT to wanting borders to remain open to China the entire time, as well as inviting entire states to their local Chinatowns for the Chinese New Year celebrations claiming it would be perfectly fine without any masks.

    2. @Jeff Patton ok. Obama left office creating 1 million more jobs than trump.
      Trump wanted the Nobel peace prize for bringing peace to the Middle East except it’s worse than ever.
      And gas prices are market driven and a president has very little influence over them
      Keep drinking the koolaid from trump and right wing social media

    3. @Skankhunt36 You don’t even know what Fascist means. It is the political LEFT in the USA right now that is using actual Fascism trying to silence political opposition through threats, physical violence, and digital censorship. It’s YOUR side that is Fascist, and Ted Lieu from California went on CNN and publicly admitted that he wanted to take away free speech for his political opposition.

      The political Right wants EVERYONE to have a voice, they want EVERYONE to be able to say whatever they want, so how is that Fascism??? Answer = It’s NOT.

    4. @Adam Baum Regarding your theory on gas prices, a President can do tons of things to affect those prices, including shutting down pipelines for no logical reason at all which drives those prices through the roof in a matter of HOURS. When Biden shut down the Keystone construction gas prices rose by 30 cents a gallon overnight. When the other east coast pipeline was “hacked” from the inside by an internal employee using a work computer and clicking on an email for “adult material”, gas prices rose by 50 cents a gallon in less than 6 hours and Biden’s response was “they’re a private company”.

      Military actions can also affect gas prices, and ANY conflict in the middle east causes those prices to go UP. Removing that conflict and bringing PEACE to those nations causes gas prices to go DOWN. So yeah, Trump deserved that prize more than the guy who got it for doing literally NOTHING for peace at all.

  4. She couldn’t even get in the democratic primary in her home state because she’s so unpopular and somehow she’s chosen as VP. Another failed decision by the inept Biden administration.

    1. It’s not surprising. Democrats are all about identity politics and her husband works for DLA Piper.

    2. Well maybe it was the Trump administration who elected the last Mannequin available for their worthless, never heard from V P, that Indiana Hoosiers we’re happy to get rid of!

    3. Harris don’t deserve the title of VP, because of how she done people in California (inmates) by sending people to prison and enforce that 3 strikes law 25 to life… for misdemeanor charges!
      And she has the nerve to talk about legalizing marijuana!

  5. “VP Harris Holds Third Event This Week On Protecting Voting Fraud Rights for Democrats”

    There, I fixed it for you! You’re welcome.

    1. The Republican Supreme Court certified your landslide defeat. Nobody cheated, the American people fired you.

  6. You protect Voter Rights by Having actual American Citizens showing an ID to Vote. This is as basic as common sense gets.

    1. @Marcelle Cook it’s about One ID equals One Vote, then you have an exact tabulation on who and how many people voted with less Fraudulent Votes

    2. @Marcelle Cook democrats are trying to push a federal bill banning all voter id so yes it is all about id pretending it’s about anything else is dishonest.

    3. @MotoSota RC refer to Rick Keeton’s comment. It’s not about ID. It’s about making it harder for minorities to vote by taking away locations, drop boxes, and making lines longer in minority areas. Those are the issues…not ID. Read the plethora of anti voting bills and come back.

    4. @Rick Keeton I think you are going a bit over board. You should be concerned about ballot integrity. Don’t you want to make sure that your vote is tallied towards the candidate of your choice?????
      If voting stays status quo, such as the use of mail in ballots, using voting boxes etc. etc. Then elections from here on out lose their integrity because of the high probability of votes being manipulated.
      Do you really believe Joe Biden received 80 million votes??? I don’t. Keep it real.
      Be TRUTHFUL to yourself before lying or spreading misinformation to others.

  7. Maybe if we name Kamala “Vote Tzar”, she’ll immediately lose interest in these meetings..

    1. She actually is the voting czar. She’s also the rural internet. Illegal aliens and something else I forgot

  8. This has NOTHING to do with voting rights and EVERYTHING to do with counting non-citizen votes, multiple votes, votes from the dead, and under-age votes. The pandemic gave perfect cover at the perfect time for all sorts of leftist shenannigans to steal the last election. They will keep pushing for laws that RELAX voting rules so it becomes a one-party rule in perpetuity. We are not Venezuela, but we will soon become Venezuela if these cheats get their way.

    1. @JoeyJoJoJr0 It was the most secure. You have no proof otherwise lol. Only thing you have are lies from the orange turd.

    2. @Mitch K
      Bruce Bartman, 70, pleaded guilty on Friday to a charge of felony perjury and unlawful voting — and blamed his decision to cast the fraudulent ballot for Trump on consuming too many false claims about the election. He used his dead mother’s information. She’s been dead since 2008.

    3. @Mitch K Another Trump voter who committed fraud….after murdering his wife.

      Barry Morphew, the Chaffee County man accused in the disappearance of his wife Suzanne Morphew, also faces charges of forgery after he allegedly submitted a mail ballot in his wife’s name in last year’s election.

      When asked why he did that, he told FBI agents that he “wanted Trump to win” and “I just thought, give him another vote,” according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

    4. @Mitch K You spend the time on Google yet?

      Fraudulent Trump murderer/voter: “I just wanted Trump to win”

  9. Last I checked she is in charge of the border and the States are in charge of voting. up Harris needs to stay in her lane.

  10. You protect our voting rights by protecting the integrity of that vote. It requires voter ID. Without that our elections will slowly be destroyed.

  11. So many people here want to suppress the vote. There are very few cases of voter fraud, but it is proven that restrictive voter ID laws cause less turnout. So if you prevent like, 1 or 2 cases of voter fraud but decrease turnout by hundreds or thousands, you’ve screwed up. This administration and Democrats have to push hard for this!

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