Conservatives Intensify Attacks On Dr. Fauci 1

Conservatives Intensify Attacks On Dr. Fauci


Attacks on Dr. Fauci escalate, following the release of some of his emails. Dr. Irwin Redlener joins.
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    1. @Wassily Kandinsky you dont have any arguments. You probably wearing your mask over your eyes and ears.

    2. @My opinions are secretly facts okay let’s say the world needs gain of function research to advance our defenses. What happens when a pathogen leaks from a lab? Do you just accept it and forget about everyone that died?

    3. @Loteh Esorp – “Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Swift in bitter feud over love of Bat Boy” – Weekly World News

    1. @Verse Correct. As long as they keep him, they can still claim to be a news organization, even if they’re regarded as the nadir of broadcast media around the western English-speaking world, with even the Murdochs not showing Fox News outside America.

    2. I think it’s a positive thing that his emails were released under a FOIA request. It provides insight into what was actually happening and explains a number of things that went on. Things that where initially said to be misinformation and hyperbole. Now it’s shown not to be the case. So the media have hitched their wagon to specific political figures. They are now obligated to defend them at all costs otherwise it’ll call them and their reporting into question.

    3. Yes, I have noticed that too but on occasion I have seen him sold on a Republican talking point. I don’t blame him. When you are surrounded by BS you sometimes pick it up as fact.

    4. @Ver Coda It’s been awhile since I have seen a post from you. Mine are going away as I am now overwhelmed with other responsibilities and disabilities. Please keep the truth coming. I will be supporting getting the truth out in other ways. Thank You

  1. The country I was once proud of is now filled with so much hate that I don’t see a way out of the darkness.. oh well. Have a great night!

    1. @Rick Simon about 40% of Americans are blind, which would be the same 40% that are trump supporters

    1. @Tristan Bennett I didn’t say anything about who watches what where… you are one delusional person. What are you replying about there? Lol The people I know across the world saw Trump as an outsider to the establishment and are against the CCP and see it for the evil entity it is. Wake up stop being delusional living in a fantasy

    2. @My Pillow Guy ok? You assume because I’m not buying the lefts argument I’m a trump supporter try to think outside the two party system for once and have a better argument and strategy then “when in doubt blame trump” smh

    3. @Bitcoin ok? When did I say rich people didn’t get rich from this? Replied to the wrong comment fool

    4. @EtelorveHc49 yeah it’s pathetic and transparent that there is nothing going on in those lefty cult craniums.

  2. Well of course: cons hate reality, science, competence, public service, hard work, intelligence, duty, etc.

    1. @John Yost there is always a first, GA and MI will duplicate the well running and detailed AZ process. More states to follow.

    1. Yeah. Another day with Trump. On the bright side, he’s really old and morbidly obese, so he won’t be around forever.

    1. @Louis Tully quote the Fauci mask email verbatim, with context and date to prove your point or STFU.

    2. @Sam Lowry Oh so there are NOT 600K Americans dead? And Fauci did NOT lie about wearing masks?? And Fauci did NOT call the lab origin theory a “conspiracy theory” last year?
      FACTS don’t care about your feewings

    3. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson My Feewings have nothing to do with it – but obviously everything to do with your bias projection to distort and misrepresent information.
      Context is a word you should investigate and try to use it to chip away at those prejudices you hold. Once you do that you find you will be able to have a sensible conversation on an adult level and not have to resort to emotive BS and agenda politics.

    4. @The Blade you do realize one of the strongest conservative voices and leader of republicans is Ben Shapiro? Please stop, your hate for Jews is showing through.

    1. They can’t read them… they’re damaging to Fauci. He knew back in Jan about the virus, he knew in Feb it was discovered by others to be man made…and didn’t say a thing to anyone. Fauci helped, funded and knew all about this virus, many scientists are coming forward with information on it. Fauci worked with China at the very lab people are pointing fingers at. People will demand if it accidentally escaped or was it leaked out purposely.

    2. @Roger Wilco the email from the scientists in China thanking Fauci for covering for the leak of an engineered virus. That one!

    3. @Roger Wilco “The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through the material. It might, however, provide some slight benefit in keep[ing] out gross droplets if someone coughs or sneezes on you.” – fauci. How about this one? Or the ones where he’s clearly saying that the lab leak hypothesis is legitimate?

    4. @Tristan Bennett Is your reading level that low that you couldn’t comprehend the content of the emails? Orrrrr

  3. Extremist, anti-democracy movements would have no political traction if a modern voting method were used to elect public offices. Primitive voting methods (plurality rule, top two runoff, Ranked Choice Voting a.k.a Instant Runoff, and proportional representation) count at most one of the majorities. In fact, there’s more than one majority when there are more than two candidates, and any “head to head” poll shows this is true. It’s also shown by the most widely used voting method: the Robert’s Rules method for voting on motions, which works much like a single elimination tournament, with multiple rounds of majority rule voting, where each round is a head-to-head vote between two of the alternatives that eliminates one of the two. With a primitive voting method, the single majority (or plurality) that’s counted can often be a coalition that includes extremists, which is how extremism thrives and why many politicians promote policies that a majority oppose. To count all of the head-to-head majorities, only one round of voting would be needed, in which each voter votes an order of preference.

  4. The biggest question is what the rest of the western world can do to prevent American influence when, not if, they go full authoritarian.
    I guess they have to join forces cut off the US and make sure that at least Europe is self-sufficient in vital sectors.

  5. They don’t know anything about how scientific community work; mostly based on cooperation on a global scale and not confined to national boundaries. They are speaking from their ignorance. Incomplete knowledge only creates confusion – Imam Ali.

  6. I despise Scientology but L Ron Hubbard got at least one thing right: “aberrated people need an enemy.”

  7. It’s been said the media will be the last to be arrested. Not sure if its true think it needs to happen sooner but we’ll see!

    1. Verses a former President with no touch to reality at all… who did get sick from COVID and still denied that a world wide pandemic is real…
      You can pic at Faucci all you want Mr. Pot… calling Mr. Kettle black… Lets put it this way… if I was sick I’d go to Faucci… not Trump…
      If I went to Trump the only thing I might get is a bad case of Stupidity… Faucci could actually save my life…

  8. Brian “get to the choppa” Williams has tons of credibility. Shameless. How does he still report news?

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