Could electoral reform cause a rift in the Liberal-NDP alliance? | TREND LINE

Could electoral reform cause a rift in the Liberal-NDP alliance? | TREND LINE 1


    1. In Canada citizens vote for the perso in the their riding. We don’t vote for a prime minister.

    1. @ryan radcliffe honestly this goes for all of them. No party loyalties here, although this clown needs to go asap.

  1. We need better seat allocation across the country. You can’t have 3 cities deciding for the whole country.
    Term limits across the board and restriction of lobbying from former seated politicians.

    1. @Sacreligious74 population size is the only way to determine representation and it would make no sense to do it based on land mass

    2. @ryan radcliffe then you have 3 largest cities deciding what is best for rural citizens that grow your food, supply your energy and deciding things that city folk don’t understand. The gun debate is a big one. I have always been a liberal that supported gun rights with hoops to jump through to acquire one. It’s issues like that and the fossil fuel debate.
      What affects do you think will happen to our agriculture sector when you increase fuel by double? It’s easy for city folk to say “take transit” “buy electric” when that is not feasible in rural Canada. Which is MOST of our country. Then on the gun debate, the city say “no one needs guns” and rural citizens use them for protection from wildlife protect crops and cattle.
      That’s where the disconnect from urban and rural living is.

    3. @Sacreligious74 those rural mp are voted in by rural canadians and those mps have to fight for them in the house

    4. @Sacreligious74 and most of the issues you talk about can be taken on at a provincial level

    1. @Henry lhd2 Sure you can.

      For individual positions like mayor in towns and cities, have individual candidates fight via ranked ballots. But for national government legislatures like parliament, use proportional representation

  2. It’s adorable that you think Jagmeet would stand up to Justin who he so obediently serves

  3. This guy never wants to leave, be wary of any type of electoral “reform” whatever the f that means.

  4. Election reform would be devastating for the liberals which is why they wont do it . Popular vote should form government and all the votes are counted out and based on a percentage the seat count is determined. You would see party’s like the Greens and the PPC have more seats in parliament and it wouldn’t matter if you lived in a liberal or conservative riding, your vote would actually count.

  5. See how the ontario election played out??? The Liberal government is barely in existence 🤣

  6. Justin Trudeau ” No I don’t believe in proportional representation … ”

    So Justin Trudeau said he doesn’t believe in Proportional Representation .

    The 2015 Liberal Campaign platform says “We will make every vote count ”

    ” We will convene an all-party Parliamentary committee to review a wide variety
    of reforms, such as ranked ballots, proportional representation, mandatory
    voting, and online voting. ”

    Wonder if Canadians are getting angry about being lied to ?


  7. New Conservatives will leave after a new leader is picked?? Don’t think so Nik. I’d say most paid 15$ to join out of hatred for Trudeau, not love for Conservatives. Most would vote for a Baboon before Trudeau. Don’t hold your breath on that one.

  8. term limits need to be in place for the safety of all Canadians.. JT is a clown, expect a circus

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