Could Liz Cheney End Up As The GOP's Obi-Wan Kenobi? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Could Liz Cheney End Up As The GOP’s Obi-Wan Kenobi? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


'Star Wars' character Obi-Wan Kenobi only became more powerful after he was defeated. So if Rep. Liz Cheney is ousted from her leadership role by House Republicans, could she actually become a bigger foil for the party's Trump loyalists backing 'the big lie'? We discuss that with Cornell Belcher and Michael Steele.
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  1. May the 4th be with those who choose to stand against this silliness rather than perpetuate it.

    1. @R Hebner she is not a person we need..we need people who want to put America first..

    2. @Richard Jones Liberals have such a severe case of TDS that they now think that Bush and Cheney really weren’t all that bad. Since the Left apparently supports endless wars now (especially with their temper tantrum over Trump trying to get us out of Syria) this makes sense.

  2. Do you mean specializing in slaying evil sith lords, living a life of exile after being banished to the dessert, or sacrificing herself to become more powerful than her enemies could ever imagine?

    1. @Brandon Angstman Wait, you actually sound like a rational person. How can that be? Your Apology is unexpected and is excepted, thank you. I must also apologize for acting like a b*tch. Sorry.

    2. @NightBloodRayna no problem, political differences shouldn’t be used to excuse proper manners.

    3. @Brandon Angstman I honestly do not know how to respond to that. You are the first person in years to act civil to me, even though you and I are on different sides of the political fence. Kudos to you.

    1. your huckleberry Once more, simple-humans’ greed and hate are destroying this world.

    2. @Black Queen Now we can be friends.
      Some cultures teach their children.
      As horrible as they are..
      I’m a little jealous of the indoctrinated purpose.
      While we struggle with understanding the structure of society, they’re raised to fulfill destiny.

      as an Atheist, pro choice, pro legalization, anti totalitarian,
      I suggest you read a little of the bible, Talmud, Quran, Torah..
      Research the history of geopolitical manipulation.
      Trump was embarrassing.
      Why would he be the image of America first policies?

      Some fun facts to look into.
      Bite off circumcision and child marriage legal in the USA.
      No snakes in Ireland, where did the symbol come from?
      Iran means land of Aryans.
      Hunting of red hair since ancient Egypt.
      There were elongated skull cultures around the world.
      All races traveled and migrated around the world.
      Conspiracy is just business.

    3. @History and ReviewsHow about John Hancock? He cheated on his tea taxes…We celebrate July 4th 1776 when he was “president”… We celebrate July 4th when it was actually July 2…..”signed on the 4th”..
      John adams was concerned about the history of America..
      He died July 4.
      How about Lincoln.. he wanted his green back system.
      In the 1870s when Thanksgiving, Columbus and Christmas..(that Christians didn’t really celebrate that way before)…were being declared national holidays..
      It was decided July 4th should be celebrated also…
      What else happened around that time? Act of 1871.
      Pirates were state sanctioned thieves.
      Pirates became privateers, privateers became corporations.
      Corporate lobbyists, corporate bank. corporation of Washington dc.
      Last one that cared was JFK.

  3. the problem with cheney though is that it’s just going to have to be realized she’s finally woke. oh oh oh sorry sorry sorry meant woke up. yes meant woke up because you know that woke stuff, now that’s the real problem, right?! right?!

    1. @Lloyd Little i wouldnt consider hunter biden a sociopath, sure, he has ties to ukraine, russia, and china, some pursue the cheddar, some smoke parmesan cheese on accident

    2. Everybody thinks they’re woke; but, it’s the right that believes it’s the wokest of all.

    3. @Demetria Karnavas wow now you just explained how kim kardashian became a social justice warrior for the trump admin, kudos!! 🙂

    4. @Lloyd Little Makes sense, doesn’t it? Trump hires only the best people and Trump and Kim are both famous for being famous.

    5. Show me a republican and I’ll show you another politician with a problem or on their way to see a lawyer with their problem.

  4. It’s just theater. They’re all looking for a way to get to the top office in the country.

    1. I’m also inclined to view this cynically. How much of a show of leadership is it to make a stand against someone who isn’t even in power anymore? Calling her an Obi-wan gives her undue credit as someone who can be *consistently* relied on to protect Americans. Jostling for top office makes you the opposite of a jedi.

    2. @Guided Meditation; Working against the will of the people. Would not the people want the truth, you don’t build a foundation on lies.

    3. Referring to so-called republicans, NO, they are not theater. They are anti America cowardly traitors. And, Steel just proved he is still one them, having her back. Never trust any of those republicans… PERIOD!

  5. “Luke, you’re going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.” / “The truth is often what we make of it; you heard what you wanted to hear, believed what you wanted to believe.” , Obi-Wan Kenobi

  6. Lol she’s gonna lose her seat, no matter what the tds “news network” ppl say. You’ve been talking about Cheney for three days straight it’s kinda of weird.

    1. @Tony Padilla She literally has an approval rate in her state lower than McConnell. She’s hovering at about 12-15% approval rate. She has zero chance of re-election.

  7. The new Right will grow yuge quickly after the first “kicking and screaming” win over someone exactly like Cheney. This is why the tag team efforts come forward.

    1. @Julianne B I know its happening. Greater approval rate than the previous dude ever had, agenda being passed without any problems and with overwhelming public support, COVID being brought under control and – stock market strongest in 75 years (to use The Previous Dude’s only metric). Democratic Party controls both houses of Congress and the White House.
      And gQp snowflakes are melting daily, crying over the foiled coup and praying to the golden statue of their failed leader at CPAC. Reality does not care for your little feelings, snowflake.

    2. @LF313 I’ll tell you about reality, mr. LF313! you just come over to my house and I will tell you everything you need to know about reality ! that’s right. I’ll feed you reality in a high chair for liberals !

    3. @Julianne B I don’t want to come to your house. Prostitution is not legal, and you should not be soliciting.

    4. haha yeah that is really funny, “thou shalt not bear witness”, gonna be a hot time when you meet Jesus!

  8. What does that title mean, does she have the high ground? Gonna cut off someone’s legs and make them an evil, brutal enforcer of a shadowy ruler, plunging us into tyranny for years until a princess, a farm boy, and a green dwarf save us? I don’t know who wrote that title but

  9. Did they just try comparing her to obi? I have felt a great disturbance in the force. As if millions people cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced by YT -Obi Wan

  10. Cheney: “These are not the votes you’re looking for”.

    Red Hat Trooper: “These aren’t the votes we’re looking for”.

    Cheney: “Carry on”.

    Red Hat Trooper: “Carry on”.

  11. Citizen Liz deserves a citizenship award for both leadership and bravery in fighting EVIL. Best Wishes.

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