Osterholm: If You're Among Vaccinated People, Party Hard | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Osterholm: If You’re Among Vaccinated People, Party Hard | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Infectious disease expert Michael Osterholm joins MSNBC's Brian Williams to discuss what getting vaccinated for Covid can really mean for you and your family and friends.
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    1. We will surely have a Texas strain, a Florida strain, etc. We should name the first Florida strain the ‘gaetz strain’. It’s truly the walking dead now.

    2. @EL R Absolutely!! These people are insane! I’m no lab rat!! Party time no vax no mask. Free country

    3. @Sarah F 4.0 ” It’s truly the walking dead now”…. if you just believe what msnbc & cnn tells you and not look at data then one might think that but the data does not show that. Dont be a sheep… look at the data yourself

    4. @Petey NY only care about you, thats not american, even our beloved TRump and his family got vacciated,, duh

  1. I’m vaccinated. Many people around me are, too. But I/we still have a duty of care to each other, and to all who aren’t yet vaccinated.

    1. ” But I/we still have a duty of care to each other, and to all who aren’t yet vaccinated.” … no you dont… mind your own business

  2. And remember that after the first vaccination, it will take around 11 days (for pfizer) before it takes effect.

    1. and if you don’t die immediately, it is almost guaranteed within 12 months. anyone taking these vaccines is misinformed. they were created for one purpose,,,, genocide. 40k dead so far in the us alone.

  3. I’m sure he meant to say “Party Hard” ….. when *everyone* in the room has also been vacinated.

    1. These covid vaccines are bioweapons and cause permanent damage. they reprogram the immune system to attack itself CAUSING auto immune responses!!! They were created years ago for genocide, and they are working with over 40k deaths and countless serious and permanent injuries.

    2. @Reg U Paid shill,,, hired by our government to support the deadly vaccines and the AGenda.

  4. i have a billboard sized ”certificate of vaccination” outside my house that i bought on the black market. I’m good.

  5. That is a really stupid thing to say! It wasn’t tested, and there is no proof that it works, or will continue to work!

    1. whats your plan??? Yes vaccines work!! Are you a world class epdedemologist?????? are you in health care? are you an md?? whats your story??

  6. When are you “REPORTERS” going to report of the 7 cases of the NEW India variant found in Nevada today ?
    Next month MAYBE ?

    1. covid is a lie except for those who watch tv. turn the tv off and covid disappears. nobody would even know it existed (and in reality it doesn’t) if it weren’t for the propaganda machines

  7. I got vaccinated, also had 2 differebt strains last year, and went out this weekend for the first time in months. Within 5 minutes some drunk nurse has grabbed my bandana and tried to yank it off while calling me names, and though I explained I just rode a motorcycle to the bar and didn’t want to take off my bandana I use to cover my face from bugs while riding she got even more aggressive and basically choked me with my bandana that was around my neck. Lesson is you can go out and party, but the covidiots are aggressive and will attack you if you do anything they don’t like.

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