Republicans Fear New Voting Restrictions Could Backfire On Their Own Voters | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Republicans Fear New Voting Restrictions Could Backfire On Their Own Voters | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Amy Gardner, national political reporter for the Washington Post, talks with Rachel Maddow about how Florida Republicans, in their zeal to appease irrational Trumpian concerns about election fraud, passed new voting restrictions that include making it harder to vote by mail, which many Republican constituencies do.
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  1. I’m old enough to remember when absentee voting was for rich Republicans and the military. Democrats voted in person. Irony is beautiful.

    1. @Sean Breen trump’s mother in law and father in law are anchor babies……who didn’t go through normal protocols to become citizens.

    2. @sherri burleigh don’t hold your breath …..trump cried about election fraud ……saying it was rigged ……even when he won.

    3. @Grand Wonder makes you wonder how they sleep with such flexibility in the spinal column. Do they ever have back pain ??

    4. @MMO Archives no, it is 50/50, always has been very close. Stop spreading disinformation.

    1. @Logan Hughes “Neo??”… I’m NOT trying to flatter them…, but thanx for the tip.

    2. @NBK Neither has lying to yourself & your friends about the truth. But Republicans try every day to buck that trend without fail.

  2. How deliciously ironic if ReTrumplican voter suppression works to suppress their own voters.

    1. So what’s the outrage on Voter I.D. confirmation. If you don’t have an agenda then this should not be an issue at all by the Democrats right?

    2. they’ll never get a single vote from me ever again. and luckily, since the most ignorant & asinine of them also enjoyed time in the spotlight, I will vote against them no matter what party they join now…

    3. I write here because I care…I have checked out everything…we are ALL in trouble. There are not two parties,please believe me. This is global, lots of real news on RUMBLE…you may try the: X22 REport, peace

    4. @trocarcat that is your right. Every single American Citizen has the right to vote for any reason or no reason. The thing with Democrats is that if you do not agree with them you are bigot, racist, dumb, stupid deplorable and etc.

    1. @Sean Breen absolutely. However never mind convincing people who are not interested in facts or historical figures that they might have to grace a mirror and see themselves. Bravo Sean!

    2. @Upper 90 this coming from a supporter of the Mango Mussolini. The most outward racist president, the USA ever had ?

  3. Let’s pass a bill that will destroy our own voter base and then try to get DeSantis not to sign it. Did I hear that right or am I in the Twilight Zone?

  4. Its called living in the moment … There is NO forward thinking or how it might affect futures, no looking back for lessons learnt from the past… There is only the ‘NOW”…
    … They shouldn’t be voted back into a position where they can speak for everyone again anyway… because they have no vision nor can’t learn from history
    Karma is such a biarch…

  5. You know what the United States is badly in need of? A constitutional amendment explicitly affirming the right to vote. With such an amendment all of these voter restriction bills would be dead on arrival.

  6. The Lesson, as i see it:
    If you want freedom for yourself, you must also support freedom for others.

    1. or the alternative (the GOP way ): if we can’t be in power we will attempt to destroy democracy

    2. YES YES YES my friend….that’s it ! Isn’t that what we all want? Then why are we listening to news given by these 6 corp. who have an agenda? Please dear friends…step out of the box, out of the matrix…there is stuff going on. Honestly….I care about others. Thats why I wish and pray that everyone would check out those who were censored….that in itself scares the heck out of me.

  7. With any luck, the result of this law will become textbook example of stupid to the second power.

    1. I just want to see Republicans in Florida suddenly lose most of their voter base and all get voted out of office. That would be beautiful.

  8. My Mom and I moved to Indiana from Florida and my Mom hadn’t gotten an Indiana ID, so she got a letter from the Florida government that was essentially setting her up for mail in voting without having to do barely anything! I had more trouble getting a mail in ballot here in Indiana than she did, lol!

  9. This is what happens when you go by feelings instead of facts. This is the dunning-Kruger effect writ large.

    1. Replublicans are only able to gain voters with fear tactics rather than facts. They’re on a sinking ship but “feel” they’re still winning…

  10. It’s almost as if they looked at the issue on a national level, listening to Trump crying about mail in fraud, and just went with it, without even taking a look at their own state. It’s mind blowing.

    1. @Hydrocarbon82 There’s only one audit going on which is Arizona Maricopa County. The rest of the States did not even want to listen to any concerns about election fraud. The Democrats might think it was secured but the Republicans 74 million has doubts. This is not to relitigate past election results. It is for the secure of future elections. Georgia already cast their electoral votes to Biden. Don’t even bring that Trump argument on the table.

    2. @Ghost Bear HOA Perhaps the Democrats Biden Adminitration should be more aware of that word. Their in no position to advice let alone criticized China about inhumane treatment to the Uyghur. When America is a racist country even as of today. Flip flop hypocrites won’t stand on their words.

    3. @Nicholas Halsey There’s nothing strict about voter i.D.. How do you stupidly claim restriction on a simple mandate for the most Constitutional Right to vote for every American Citizen. Obviously you have other agenda to hide.

    4. @Greg Bors You think? You are not the only person in this country. You are one party the other party exist. This other party consists of 74 million strong is up and up to your party. You still think we don’t exists.

    1. @Helen Bridges Devil spawns trolling, as usual.
      …and by the way, yo pink arce and yo kind, that are the its on this planet.

    2. @Linda Lewis No! It’s blasphemous.
      The nerve to come for someone bc we choose to believe, in something/someone bigger than ourselves.
      Pink ppl are highly incapable, of that act.
      Btw…You MUST watch out, for these roving, slick arce pink wolves, and what it thinks is slick talk.

  11. This is what it looks like, when you’ve alienated so many Americans, that you have to figure out a way to keep them from voting you out!!!

  12. Exactly they didn’t think about that..too busy trying to stop black people from voting

  13. “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.” – Sir Walter Scott.

  14. That’s why you don’t suppress people’s voices/votes. You should win or lose on your own merit. Everyone should have a say.

  15. Florida has huge retirement communities. They are not going to stand in line for hours.

    1. @Benevolent Florida has always been purple. You best count all the hanging chads over there right

    2. EXACTLY!! those people have to vote by mail especially God forbid this pandemic rages out of control with the variants and older people really can’t vote in person.

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